Plastic-sheets, milling parts, adhesives and sealants.

Your advantages - our guarantee

Flexibility and service in deliver from plastic-sheets

Flexibility and service

Thanks to our own production and stock facilities we can offer flexibility and top service



We constantly improve our processes to supply you even faster


We supply top quality products and service so you are fully satisfied

Quality of plastic-sheets

We respect the environment

Over 90% of our waste is recycled in to new plastics, making it environmentally friendly

We respect the environment and recycle our plastic-sheets

Your S-Polytec contact persons:

Sales Germany plastic-sheets

Tel.: 0049-2823-976336-0



Sinja Roelofsen

Sales Germany

plastic milling parts

Tel.: 0049-2823-976336-0


Ing. Andreas Schröder

Sales international and General Manager

Verkoop lijmen en kitten

Tel.: 0049-2823-976336-1



Peter Timan

Sales international

Sales international plastic sheets

Tel.: 0049-2823-976336-3

Jörg Stein

Logistics, technical enquiries regarding CNC miling