About S-Polytec

About S-Polytec GmbH

We are a medium-sized family business and have specialized in the distribution and processing of high-quality plastic sheets.

We not only offer our customers special products in the fields of plastics, glues and sealants, also our extensive service.


Customer satisfaction begins with a well-founded advice from our trained and friendly specialist staff, after all, the large number and variety of plastics requires a good, comprehensive specialist knowledge. This is the only way to make the right and most appropriate choice for and with our customers from a technical, application-related and commercial point of view.


In the rarest cases, the plastic sheets in standard formats can be used directly by our customers and therefore mostly application-specific measures of customers are needed. In order to meet these requirements in the best possible way, we have integrated special, ultramodern CNC-controlled panel saws for horizontal cutting into our production. This enables us to produce plastic sheets reproducibly and with high accuracy according to your dimensions.


We offer you the right flexibility in terms of shapes and contours through the CNC milling of our plastic sheets. Thank our own 3-axis CNC milling machines with state-of-the-art computer control, we are able to fulfill almost all your wishes in relation to plastic parts. It can be easily realized any number of prototypes, small runs from one piece up to large series (for example 10.000 pieces).

Our location in Goch

In the industrial area Goch-West (47574 Goch) at the Niederrhein in the Jurgensstraße 5, are our administration, the warehouse and the production facility.The location with a perfect connection to the motorway (A57), offers sufficient storage capacity, so that we can ensure an extensive stock of our plastic sheets, adhesives and silicones. The fact that both administration, as well as production and warehouse are located in one location, guarantees smooth communication between sales, production and packaging stations.

History of S-Polytec GmbH

March 2011

Founding of the one-man company Schröder polymer technology by polymer chemistry engineer Andreas Schröder.

The focus was on advising customers on the basis of existing, practical and theoretical knowledge about polymers. The supply of the products should take over so far well-known manufacturers or friendly dealers.

It quickly became clear that the advice was very well received, but again and again there were above all time difficulties in the handling of deliveries of plastic sheets.

The decision had been made, an own warehouse had to come, which before was initially set up because of cost reasons in the own garage and in the basement in Kleve.

February 2013

In order to cope with the steadily increasing volume, a warehouse with an area of 250m² was rented in Kleve and a horizontal CNC panel saw for plastic sheet blanks with a maximum format of 4.20 x 4.20 meters was purchased.

December 2013

Schröder-Polymertechnologie was renamed to S-Polytec GmbH.

April 2014

The storage area rented in Kleve provided after a short time not enough space for coping with the constantly increasing customer orders and so it was decided to buy an own, larger commercial property. The favorable interest rate at that time has confirmed the decision.

The choice fell on a property in the industrial area Goch-West - not at least because of its convenient location and good connection to the motorway. The move to the acquired property in Goch, with around 600 m² of storage area and 100 m² of office space, was carried out.

December 2014

In order to cope with the growing orders for plastic sheet blanks, a second horizontal CNC panel saw for plastic sheets with a maximum format of 3.10 x 3.10 meters was purchased.

Mai 2015

Purchase of a modern 3-axis CNC milling machine with a possible milling format of 2.0 x 4.0 meters. With the purchase of this machine, we can fulfill almost all the customer's wishes with regard to cutting contours.

Meanwhile our company has eight highly motivated employees who enjoy the success and the rapid development of the company.

August 2015

Introduction of a specially developed Lean Production System, which standardizes all processes in the production and in the warehouse and thus greatly simplifies and accelerates them.

January 2016

Replacement of the second lying panel saw against a modern panel saw made by Holzma. This has allowed us to significantly increase the manufacturing speed and stability of the machine fleet to ensure even faster delivery times and even better quality.

June 2016

By investing in more modern warehousing technology, the storage capacity of our warehouse has almost been doubled.

As a result, we are in a position to stock other plastic sheets or other strengths, but also that we can serve larger order volumes without waiting.

November 2016

The German and Dutch online shops have been completely overhauled and upgraded with strong and modern background technology, such as a security certificate for the encryption of the data to be transmitted, or the display on mobile devices. At the same time, the English-language online shop was set up.

June 2017

So that a larger customer base can enjoy our product portfolio, the distribution of our plastic sheets, adhesives and sealants has been extended to sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon. For the maintenance of the Amazon shop as well as the eBay shop, an employee was hired.

October 2017

In order to protect our sales staff so that they can concentrate more on advising customers, an office clerk has been hired to take care of the reception of guests and pickups, as well as the telephone exchange, the bookkeeping department and the Shipping preparation.

In addition, at the same time a marketing specialist was hired to maintain and take care of the online shops. This makes it possible for us to keep the online shops up to date and to expand our product portfolio and to improve our further online presence.

Thereby our team increases to 10 motivated and qualified employees to guarantee our customers the best possible service and 100% customer satisfaction.

December 2017

After a long period of planning, we have decided to develop and manufacture our own adhesives.

For this pupose, the pivate label S-Polybond was registered as a word mark at the German Trademark and Patent Office.

March 2018

We started manufacturing the first own adhesives under our own brand S-Polybond, which will be distributed via the online shop in the near future.

May 2018

In order to meet the steadily growing number of orders, another employee has been hired for the production area.

June 2018

Growth requires investment, so we replaced our aging Panhans panel saw with a more modern, powerful, and faster slate saw.

The new Holzma saw is not only able of processing larger board formats, but also allows us to make very precise diagonal cuts.