Professional silicones sealants

Buy your silicones from the specialist dealer and benefit from selected quality products. Our silicones are used by professionals in construction and industry. At S-Polytec we offer premium silicones in popular colours at affordable prices. Simply choose your desired colour and quantity in our online shop and get your silicones delivered to your home.

Your advantages with our silicones sealants

  1. all our silicones are UV and weather resistant and ready for use outdoors as well as indoors
  2. our entire range of silicone sealants is checked for constant quality during the entire manufacturing process
  3. benefit from the scaled pricing on all our adhesives and silicone sealants

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction

When grouting you want to make sure the joints look smooth and professional. Follow the next steps to get the best results when grouting with a silicone sealant.

We supply silicone sealants in cartridges of 310 ml. To apply the sealant just use a standard hand gun which can be found in any DIY store. Cut the nozzle of the cartridge to create an opening wider than the joint width. This is to prevent any soap water used in a later stage to flow between the sealant and the surface, causing bonding problems and creating room for dirt to build up and mould to develop.

Once applied on z´the joint, do not sprinkle any soap water on the sealant yet, as it needs to be scraped of with a special plastic spatula, available in most DIY stores. After scraping off the sealant, spray soap water on the sealant and smoothen it by moving a finger over it, using only little pressure.