PLA filament red 0.75kg coil

High-quality filament in the color red (nearly RAL3028, Pure red) from environment-friendly PLA (Polylactide) for the 3D printing in the strengths 1.75mm as 0.75kg spool - Made in Germany

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PLA filament in red – high quality in full red

Our PLA filament for 3D printing in red has a high pigmentation and a smooth distribution of these pigments over the entire material cross-section. It therefore makes it possible to produce 3D prints in continuous and powerful red and can be used on almost all popular 3D printers at the same time. The red tone of our PLA filament is similar to the color "pure red" of the RAL color chart with the color number RAL3028.

Polylactide, or simply PLA, is completely biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. Based on the regenerative raw materials such as corn starch, potato starch or sugar cane, the plastic PLA is produced by the polymerization of the lactic acid contained in these substances. Our red PLA filaments are characterized by a particularly high roundness and a high accuracy in terms of thickness with deviations of maximum +/- 0,05mm. This ensures the best printing results and meets the highest demands.

Our PLA filament in red is just as easy to process as our other filaments made of PLA and is therefore undoubtedly one of the starter filaments in our range.

Because of their low melting temperature, PLA filaments are well suited for processing without a heated bottom plate or separate, heated pressure bed. Of disadvantageous effect, is the associated low temperature resistance of the filaments made of PLA. This is below the temperature resistance of, for example, ABS filaments at about 85°C because the upper limit of temperature for PLA filaments is around 60°C. We therefore advise against using the objects created with our PLA filaments in red in conjunction with temperatures above 60°C. The strength of PLA decreases with increasing temperature, and in extreme cases, the print object may even soften and lose its shape. The impact resistance, which can be achieved with red PLA filaments, is - similar to the temperature resistance - below the strength of 3D objects made of ABS filaments.

PLA filaments show their strength first in their high environmental compatibility as it is a biodegradable plastic, as well as their ease of processing. The so-called warp effect, that means the warping and shrinkage of the workpiece in the course of the cooling process, is also expected only to a negligible extent with our PLA filaments. For example, polylactide filaments enable us to meet the highest standards in terms of dimensional accuracy and precision in the true-to-scale reproduction of print objects with a 3D printer.

Properties of the PLA filament in red

  • PLA filament in red is lightfast and convinces on the wool scale with a value of 8 (from 1 to 8)
  • When stored properly, PLA Filament does not absorb moisture from the environment in red
  • When printing objects, our PLA filaments in red behave completely odorless
  • The cooling of printed objects made of red PLA filament takes place without the warping effect

Application examples of the PLA filament in red

  • Objects without demands for increased temperature resistance, for example housing components
  • Filigree elements, as well as scale reproductions as 3D printed product in red
  • Printed objects exposed to prolonged or elevated solar radiation or other UV sources
  • Unproblematic production of prototypes for the later series production of 3D objects
  • Items with a short life, which can be residue biodegraded

Processing of PLA filament in red

The use of PLA filament in red is possible in almost all common 3D printers using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). The used filament thickness results from the choice of the device used for printing. Our 1,75mm diameter red PLA filaments are suitable for most of the commonly used FDM printers, while 2,85mm (3,00mm) provides another common strength. Many 3D printers today are even able to use both filament thicknesses without interfering with the technical equipment of the device. As the market offers an increasing number of manufacturers as well as 3D printer models, we recommend checking the compatibility of the respective thickness with the existing printer before purchasing our red PLA filaments. Corresponding information can be found in the instructions for use.

  • melting point: 150°C - 160°C
  • heat resistance: up to 60°C
  • temperature stability: 190°C - 230°C
  • tensile strength: 10 - 60 MPa
  • extruder temperature: 190°C - 225°C
  • heating bed temperature: 0°C - 60°C
  • minimum layer thickness: depending on the nozzle diameter
  • printing speed: depending on the layer thickness

NOTE: When printing with our PLA filaments in red, it is advisable to observe the device settings of the used printer. Because depending on the device may deviate due to deviating accuracies in the temperature measurement, the actual resulting pressure temperatures, so that, if necessary, a corresponding readjustment is required. For starting with our filament in red, we recommend your temperature of about 200°C, depending on the result of readjustments may be necessary. In addition to the 3D printer itself, but also the size of the used heating nozzle, the selected printing speed, as well as the desired print resolution influence the optimal temperature setting.

Postprocessing of PLA filament in red

Objects made of PLA filament can be rework very well after printing by drilling, sawing or milling. With a very fine sandpaper, the steps and grooves created by the layered structure in 3D printing can be easily removed. An alternative to sandpaper is the use of PLA-compatible solvents. The evaporation of the object with the solvent, the surface is dissolved and thus smoothed. Because solvents, such as acetone, tend to turn red in an uncontrolled reaction with our PLA filaments, we recommend using the solvent tetrahydrofuran instead to avoid damaging the print object. When using it we strongly advise you to observe the safety instructions and to ensure adequate ventilation!

When post-processing printed items made from our red PLA filament, a bit of caution should be exercised. Due to the significantly lower impact resistance compared to ABS, a too careless procedure causes damage to the surface or filigree print details. Subsequent varnishing is easily possible with suitable colors and varnishes for objects made of our filament in red. The use of a suitable primer helps to qualitatively improve the result of the paint adhesion. The use of PLA-compatible adhesives to add multiple print objects to a larger object is also easily possible. This makes it easy to create print objects that would not be possible in one piece due to the size of the existing printer. We would like to point out that the selection of filaments in different colors, or also from other materials, may significantly reduce the workload, since post-processing steps can be omitted.

NOTE: Even though our PLA filament in red is largely insensitive to ambient moisture, a dry and light-protected storage should be emphasized.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL3028
Color designationPure red
Tolerance+/- 0.05 mm
Weight filament0.750 kg
Tare weight coil0.215 kg
Coil width53
Diameter spool 200
Diameter spool core53

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