ABS sheets in custom cut

ABS sheets are available in black or white and at large quantities also in other colours. They are highly impact resistant with a very hard surface. ABS is a graft copolymer with tiny butadiene pellets which absorb impact energy and protect the rest of the material matrix. The sheets are covered with a protective film on one side.

Your advantages with our ABS and ASA/ABS sheets

  1. ABS is an impact resistant and tough thermoplast
  2. ABS sheets are resistant against chemicals and non-polar solvents
  3. Our ASA/ABS sheets are UV and weather resistant for outdoor uses as well

Buy custom size high quality ABS sheets in black or white conveniently online.

In our online shop we offer an exclusive range of ABS sheets in thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm. Our ABS sheets come with one-sided protection foil to protect the surface against scratches. For outdoor purposes we also offer weather and UV resistant ASA/ABS sheets in black or grey, textured on one side.

What is ABS?

ABS has a high impact resistance in combination with a high surface hardness. This plastic contains in its matrix butadiene rubber bullets that absorp any local impact to preserve the rest of the matrix.

For this reason impact resistant ABS is not available as a transparant plastic. Incoming light becomes deflected and as a result the material looks milky hazy rather than clear transparant. Non impact resistant ABS can be produced as a transparent material.

ABS sheets are amorphous with typical characteristics such as a wide temperature range and the possibility to dissolve them with acetone. Our ABS sheets can easily be cut, drilled, milled, laser cut, glued, deep-drawn and varnished.

Physical properties of ABS

The density of ABS is 1.06g/cm3. It can be used for applications that require a temperature range of up to +90°C eingesetzt werden. The impact strength is at 13KJ/m2. Mere ABS is not UV- or weather resistant. We do however offer ABS sheets in our online shop that are coextruded with an ASA layer, allowing them to be applied outdoors (the grained ASA surface is UV- and weather resistant).

Our standard range of ABS sheets:

  1. Sheets in standard size 2.0 x 1.0 metre in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mmm
  2. Custom cut up to 2 x 1 metre in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm
  3. ABS sheets in black or white
  4. ABS sheets in black 8mm recycled
  5. UV- and weather resistant ASA/ABS sheets in black or grey, textured on ASA side, in thicknesses 2mm and 4mm

By request we can supply:

  1. ABS sheets in other thicknesses (maximum 12mm)
  2. Standardplatten mit einem Maximalformat bis zu 6,0 x 2,0 Meter
  3. standard sheet sizes of up to 6.0 x 2.0 metres (MOQ required)
  4. ABS sheets up to 10mm thickness in colour (MOQ 500 kg)
  5. ABS Tubes with various diameters
  6. ABS Rods with various diameters

ABS milling parts

With our modern CNC milling machines we can supply you with custom milled parts according to your design. We can deliver any quantity relatively quickly thanks to our stock of ABS sheets.

Please provide us with details such as quantity, colour, thickness and a dimensional drawing to get a competitive quote from us, including freight cost. In case of an order we can handle designs as DXF, DWG, STEP or IGES file (in some cases we can convert AI and EPS files).