ABS recyclate in 8mm black custom cut

ABS Regenerat plates (recycled material) in black in 8mm thickness with one-sided protective film - Made in Germany - buy online on measure at low prices

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High quality black ABS sheets from Regenerat

Our black reclaimed ABS sheets are available in a thickness of 8mm. The black sheets of recycled material are absolutely opaque and colored completely black, so that even at sawing and cutting edges a consistently deep black color is visible. The smooth surface of the impact-resistant material is protected on one side by a protective film against scratches..

What is ABS from regenerat?

ABS regrind is the term for ABS plastics made from recycled material (so-called recycled material). Here, the waste produced by cutting our ABS sheets (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is sorted by us. The recycled material is then ground and extruded back into a plastic ABS sheet. Like our ABS sheets made of virgin material, the recycled sheets are made in Germany and have the typical ABS high impact resistance. Also in terms of material hardness and good chemical resistance, the ABS regenerated sheets are in no way inferior to virgin extruded sheets

Comparison of ABS Regenerat to ABS plates made of virgin material

The only noteworthy difference, aside from the cheap price compared to ABS plates made of virgin material, is that ABS plates made of regenerated material may contain little impurities or foreign substances. Although this is not necessarily the case, but also not to exclude 100%. These impurities, if present, can become visible on the surface.

Buy your ABS sheets from Regenerat at low prices exactly tailored to your desired size. Our cutting calculator calculates your personal conditions depending on format and quantity. Simply enter the required number of pieces and your desired dimensions in millimeters into the input mask. Your ABS plates will then be executed on one of our modern CNC controlled panel saws. The saw tolerance of your blanks is only +/- 1mm.

Application examples of black ABS sheets from regenerates

  • ABS Regenerat as a plate product are ideally suited for the manufacture of housings for electrical appliances
  • The impact-resistant plates made of ABS Regenerat are ideal as a tabletop in the hobby workshop
  • ABS sheets of recycled material can be used to make body parts in vehicle construction
  • As a crash barrier in garages, industrial halls or on agricultural machinery ABS Regenerat in black is equally suitable
  • and many more

Processing of black ABS sheets from regenerates

Like our ABS plates made of virgin material, the ABS plates made of regenerated black can be easily processed by all common cutting methods such as sawing, milling, drilling or grinding. Likewise, ABS can be thermoformed from recycled material and has excellent thermoforming properties that allow it to be molded into almost any shape.

Recycling sheets made of ABS Regenerat are not UV-resistant, therefore we recommend that you do not use these boards for outdoor use, or protect them from film due to foil lamination or painting from direct exposure to UV-radiation. If you need weatherproof panels made of impact-resistant ABS, we recommend our ASA/ABS panels in black made of UV and weather-resistant plastic. These special UV-resistant ABS sheets are not made of reclaimed material but 100% virgin.

NOTE: We recommend to remove the one-sided protective film only after completion of the processing, in order to avoid unwanted scratches on the smooth surface.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length2000
Standard width1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9005
Color designationJet black

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