SDS plus hammer drill Ø 6.0mm

The SDS plus hammer drill bit with 6.0mm diameter and 160mm total length is suitable for rotary and percussion drilling in brick, masonry, concrete and much more and is available at favourable graduated prices in our shop.

✓ SDS plus clamping system
✓ Cutting inserts made of carbide
✓ 4-fold spiral
✓ PGM test mark
✓ With centre point
✓ Made in Germany

As an all-rounder, the masonry and concrete drill is ideal for all fixings with 6mm masonry plugs.

Delivery Time: Dispatch within 2-3 working days

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SDS plus hammer drill Ø 6.0mm - The all-rounder for stone & concrete

Professional craftsman quality ✓ PGM test mark ✓ Made in Germany ✓

The 6mm hammer drill bit with SDS plus holder is one of the most used drill bits, because as a stone and concrete drill bit, it is perfectly suited for drilling into brick, masonry, clinker or concrete and, with its diameter of 6mm, is sufficient for most fastenings that are not subject to high loads. From cable clips and wall hooks for pictures, to our high-quality stainless steel wall spacers, to mounting ceiling or wall lights, the 6mm hammer drill bit is one of the absolute all-rounders and should not be missing from any drill kit. Thanks to the very wide distribution of the SDS plus clamping system from Bosch, the hammer drill bit is suitable for all common impact hammers that have an SDS plus tool holder.

The shaft, typical for SDS plus clamping systems, has a diameter of 10.0mm and a length of 50mm and is characterised by the two characteristic clamping grooves on each side, as well as the two closed tool guides. The drill itself has a diameter of 6mm with a useful length of 100mm, so that even deep holes for long screws or impact dowels can be drilled. The special 4-fold spiral transports the drilling dust quickly and efficiently out of the drill hole, so that the drill holes can be drilled faster and with less effort. Another advantage of the 4 spiral geometry is the lower heat development, which contributes to a considerably longer service life of the drill bit, even if it is used for many directly consecutive drill holes. This makes our 6mm hammer drill perfect for craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers who demand the highest quality.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x SDS plus hammer drill bit in Ø 6.0x160/100mm

NOTE: Please note that the drill bit is not compatible for percussion drills with SDS-Quick or SDS-Max clamping systems.

Technical data of our hammer drill in Ø 6.0mm

  • Ø Bore: 6.0mm
  • Ø Shaft: 10.0mm
  • Take-up: SDS plus
  • Drill: Hammer drill
  • Spiral length: 100mm
  • Overall length: 160mm
  • Material: Carbide head (HM-TCT)
  • Spiral type: 4-fold spiral
  • Cutting edge type: 2-fold HM cutting edge
  • Tip angle: 130°
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Centring point: Yes
  • PGM test mark: Yes

Application examples for the stone & concrete drill bit in Ø 6.0mm

The SDS plus hammer drill bit with a diameter of 6 mm is certainly the most widely used drill bit in crafts and households, because a large number of fastening solutions are implemented with 6 mm dowels and matching screws. With a small dowel and a conventional screw, wall clocks, picture frames or even whiteboards can be mounted in no time at all. Especially if signs or advertising boards are to be mounted with our wall spacers, the 6mm masonry plug is the perfect choice. When using masonry plugs in 6mm diameter, screws with a screw thread of at least 3.5mm up to a maximum of 5.0mm can be used. This screw size is suitable for all of our stainless steel spacers, with the exception of the large 25x25mm spacer, where we recommend screws with a 6mm screw thread and 8mm dowels. The sharp drill bit in professional craftsman quality is excellent for drilling in stone, brick, clinker, masonry and concrete. The hammer drill with tungsten carbide cutting edge can even be used for drilling in reinforced concrete, although care should be taken here to avoid damaging the drill when it comes into contact with the reinforcing steel.

Although the masonry drill is sufficient for most applications with a diameter of 6mm, the size of the hole should always be chosen to match the tensile or load capacity. While wall and ceiling lights, for example, do not usually weigh too much and can therefore be fastened with small screws and 6 mm plugs without any problems, a wall shelf, a kitchen cupboard or a cable platform mounted on the ceiling can be much too heavy, so that masonry drills in 8 mm or even 10 mm are a recommendable alternative here. In principle, the relevant installation instructions should always be consulted before drilling. If drill bits and dowels are supplied, the drill bit size can often be found on the dowel.

PGM test mark for the production of safe dowel connections

As a drill bit for professional use, this is manufactured according to the specifications of the code of practice of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and marked with the PGM Safe test mark on the drill shank. By using masonry drills with this PGM test mark, it is no longer necessary to check the drill hole diameter on the construction site and it also confirms that the drill tolerances of the anchor ETA are complied with, which ensures the production of safe anchor connections using anchors with EA and CE mark. Especially in the commercial use of hammer drills, the use of PGM-certified drills can avoid adhesion problems if used properly.

NOTE: Despite very long service lives, even the highest quality drill bit will reach the end of its service life at some point, so that the hole can become too small and out-of-round due to wear of the drill bit. Such drills should generally no longer be used and a new 6mm hammer drill should be used instead.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialCarbide head (HM-TCT)

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