SDS plus hammer drill Ø 8.0mm

The SDS plus hammer drill bit in 8mm x 100/160mm for stone and concrete is suitable for drilling in masonry of all kinds. As a professional hammer drill for craftsmen, the drill bit has an enormous service life and is PGM Safe certified.

✓ SDS plus clamping system
✓ PGM test mark
✓ Made in Germany
✓ 4 spiral geometry
✓ Solid carbide (TCT) inserts
✓ Self-centring

The 8mm stone and concrete drill is ideal for all installations with higher tensile and bearing loads.

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SDS plus hammer drill Ø 8.0mm - professional drill for craftsmen

For stone & concrete ✓ PGM test mark ✓ Made in Germany ✓

The SDS plus hammer drill bit in 8mm diameter and 160mm length is available in our online shop at particularly favourable prices with attractive quantity discounts. The professional drill bit for stone and concrete is manufactured in Germany and is subject to constant quality controls with regard to the drill hole quality, which is proven by the PGM test mark. This makes the drill bit perfect for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts with high demands on the quality and durability of a drill bit.

Drills with an SDS plus clamping system are characterised by an almost loss-free power transmission and are also very widespread in low-cost impact drills. The system, originally patented by Bosch, is now used by all well-known manufacturers, as well as by simple devices from the DIY store, so that hammer drills with SDS plus shank can be used with almost any commercially available drill. The oval grooves in the 50mm long shaft, which are typical for SDS drills, are used to hold and guide the tool. The two continuous grooves, on the other hand, serve to transmit the torque.

While the drill shank of an SDS plus drill is always the same, the drill length and diameter vary depending on the drill. The diameter of our 8mm stone drill bit is 8mm and is characterised by high precision and roundness. Thanks to the centring tip, drilling even in hard building materials such as clinker or concrete without slipping is no problem. With an overall length of 160mm or a spiral length of 100mm, the drill is ideal even if longer masonry plugs or impact anchors are to be used. The quadruple fluted drill spiral quickly removes the accumulating drill dust and thus reduces the heat development during drilling. This not only has an enormous effect on the service life of the professional drill, but also means that drilling can be carried out with less effort for man and machine.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x SDS plus hammer drill in Ø 8.0x160/100mm

NOTE: The drill is not compatible with percussion drills that have SDS-Quick or SDS-Max clamping systems and cannot be used with these tool holders.

Technical data of our hammer drill in Ø 8.0mm

  • Ø Bore: 8.0mm
  • Ø Shaft: 10.0mm
  • Take-up: SDS plus
  • Drill: Hammer drill
  • Spiral length: 100mm
  • Overall length: 160mm
  • Material: Carbide head (HM-TCT)
  • Spiral type: 4-fold spiral
  • Cutting edge type: 2-fold HM cutting edge
  • Tip angle: 130°
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Centring point: Yes
  • PGM test mark: Yes

Application examples for the stone & concrete drill bit in Ø 8.0mm

The hammer drill with 8mm diameter and 100mm useful length is ideal for drilling holes in facades in order to mount substructures for facade cladding on the wall side. While substructures made of wood are usually screwed to the wall with all-purpose or masonry dowels and wood screws with a thread thickness of 4.5 mm to 6.0 mm, substructures made of aluminium are usually mounted with heavy-duty dowels or wall anchors. For facade claddings with a lower weight, for example for aluminium composite panels with facade approval, wall anchors in the size M8 with 8mm diameter are common. These impact anchors are simply hammered into the drill hole. For heavy HPL panels, on the other hand, impact anchors with a 10mm or even 12mm thread diameter are usually used in order to utilise the maximum load capacity for the heavy cladding panels.

SDS plus drills for stone and concrete are not only suitable for the installation of facade cladding or its substructures, but are always used when a screw connection with a 6mm dowel with matching screw would not withstand the load. Hardly any trade in the construction industry can do without the use of 8mm masonry drills. The long 8mm drill bit is particularly popular in interior fittings for installing pre-wall elements (cisterns), washbasins, shower cubicles or wall cabinets in kitchens. An 8mm SDS plus drill bit is also ideal for installing windows and doors, as it can be used without hesitation for drilling in sand-lime brick, aerated concrete, clinker, concrete and reinforced concrete. For electricians, the 8 mm drill bit is often used to install small cable trays or fuse boxes and meter cabinets.

Best possible safety in the trade thanks to PGM test mark

The PGM test mark, which states that the hammer drill is manufactured and regularly inspected in accordance with the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) code of practice, is very significant, especially for use in the commercial sector by tradesmen. The marking on the drill bit confirms that it complies with the strict tolerances in terms of drill hole quality, roundness and diameter, thus ensuring a secure anchor connection with EA and CE-certified anchors. This also means that adhesion problems can be avoided if the drill and the corresponding anchors are used correctly during installation.

NOTE: The robust percussion drill in 8mm has an enormous service life. Nevertheless, depending on the intensity of use, even the best drill bit will reach the wear limit at some point, which becomes noticeable through reduced hole diameters or even out-of-round holes. In this case, the drill should be replaced with a new one.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialCarbide head (HM-TCT)

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