3/8" Hexagon socket spanner (long, metric)

The hexagon socket spanners made of chrome vanadium steel in long design, have a 3/8" drive and can be used with a standard ratchet to loosen and tighten hexagon bolts and nuts.

✓ Chrome Vanadium Steel
✓ 65mm long version
✓ 3/8" Square drive
✓ For ratchets
✓ Workshop quality
✓ 25 years warranty

The 3/8" sockets with 65mm length are available online in different spanner sizes from 8mm to 21mm.

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Socket with hexagon socket - long version

3/8" drive ✓ chrome vanadium steel ✓ 25-year warranty ✓

The Högert hexagon sockets made of drop-forged chrome vanadium steel in long version are available in different sizes. We offer the professional sockets with a standard 3/8" square drive in metric width across flats from 8mm to 21mm. The sockets are compatible with all ratchets and torque spanners with a 3/8" socket and can also be fitted to 1/2" or 1/4" ratchets with suitable socket adapters. With an overall length of 65mm, the tools are perfect for loosening and tightening cap nuts or nuts on threaded rods and bolt anchors.

Professional hexagon socket spanners in workshop quality with 25-year guarantee at discount prices.

Instead of a complete socket set, in the rarest of cases all sizes are needed regularly, but only one or two sizes in a long version. Why then buy an eight-, ten- or fourteen-piece set. For this reason, we sell the high-quality hexagonal sockets individually at unbeatable prices.

Properties of our long hexagon sockets

Sockets are a useful tool in any workshop or garage and are used to loosen or tighten screws and nuts. There are different types of sockets, which are mainly distinguished by type, drive and length. Our sockets are hexagonal sockets which are used to work with metric hexagonal screws and nuts. The extended design also allows them to be used with cap nuts. In most cases, the internal length of normal length sockets is not sufficient to loosen or tighten them. The size of the sockets is indicated with the width across flats in millimetres and refers to the size specification of an open-end or open-jaw spanner in identical size.

The square drive, which is typical for sockets, has a 3/8" socket (corresponds to approx. 10mm) and can be used with any standard 3/8" ratchet or torque spanner of the appropriate size without an additional adapter. The ball catch groove holds the socket safely and absolutely reliably on the square bolt of the ratchet. For ratchets with the smaller 1/4" square drive, as well as for the larger 1/2" drive, there are matching socket adapters to 3/8", which are inserted between the ratchet and the socket. For hard-to-reach places, an extension rod or universal joint is often used. This is also inserted between the ratchet and the required socket. Whether a socket adapter is used in front of the extension or behind it depends on whether the extension rod has the same drive size as the socket or the ratchet.

The drop-forged sockets are a professional tool for the quality-conscious user in hobby, craft and industry. The high-quality alloy of chrome and vanadium from which the sockets are made gives the tool a high degree of hardness and resistance to deformation. Due to their robust construction and the high quality of the chrome vanadium steel (CrV), the sockets offer excellent grip and enable easy and efficient work. The precise workmanship helps to ensure that they last a long time and have enormous wear resistance, even with difficult screwing work and high tightening torques, as well as regular use. This makes them ideal for use in demanding environments where absolute reliability and high load capacity are essential. With a manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years, a correspondingly very long service life of the sockets is guaranteed.

Technical data of the 3/8" hexagon socket spanner

  • Colour: Chrome, matt
  • Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel (CrV50BV30)
  • Total length: 65mm
  • Outer diameter: Varies
  • Drive: Square socket
  • Drive size: 3/8"
  • Profile type: Hexagonal, metric
  • Width across flats: varies
  • Profile depth: varies
  • Standard: DIN 3124
  • Warranty: 25 years
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialChrome Vanadium Steel (CrV50BV30)
Bit sizeNo
Take-up Shank⅜ inch drive (9.52m)

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