The milling service of S-Polytec

With our services, such as plastic sheet cutting or our milling service, we want to give you maximum flexibility in the use of our plastics, without you having to deal with the cutting or the production of finished plastic parts yourself.

Examples of plastic milled parts

Whenever the plastic sheet you need deviates from rectangular or square formats and thus larger or narrower angles are required, our milling service is the solution. As soon as curves, radii or depressions are necessary, it is no longer possible to cut with our panel saws, so that we can also rely on one of our CNC milling machines to meet your requirements.

Typical examples for the production of plastic milled parts are advertising displays and plastic frames, display covers, individual holders, gears, perforated plates, advertising texts and logos as company signs, technical functional parts, finished parts for model making, plates with clearances and cutouts or even individual seals PTFE.

Fräsköpfe für das Herstellen individueller Frästeile aus Kunststoff von S-Polytec

What options does our milling service offer?

Put simply, with our 3-axis milling centers, all milled parts can be created whose contours can be approached by the so-called coordinate axes. These are the X, Y and Z axes in the Cartesian coordinate system.

This means that we are able to perform custom milling of plastics in length (X-axis), width (Y-axis) and depth (Z-axis). Our state-of-the-art CNC milling machines offer a very low tolerance of +/- 0.3mm on the X and Y axis.

Cutouts with our CNC milling service

Thanks to the CNC milling, it is possible to make cutouts in all imaginable shapes. Long holes, holes for fasteners or perforated plates, circular, oval or triangular cutouts, or even very individual cutouts, e.g. in the form of a company logo or a logo, are no challenge for our computer-controlled CNC milling machines.

Contour milling with our CNC milling service

You are not always well served with rectangular plastic sheets and it is not uncommon for us to carry out individual contour milling with our milling centers. Circular or oval shapes, triangles or more corners, are quite simple examples. But also the rounding off corners or free contours after a drawing is quick and easy to implement with our CNC milling machines.

Three-dimensional milled parts with our CNC milling service

We can also produce milled parts with rounded edges, chamfers or reliefs for you. This can be, for example, lettering in acrylic glass plates, which are highlighted with lighting, or even juice grooves in cutting boards or depressions in plastic moldings. The list of examples of plastic three-dimensional milled parts can be extended almost infinitely.

Prototypes and series production with our CNC milling service

The production of individual prototypes up to mass production (for example, 10.000 pieces as a delivery lot) is easily possible through CNC milling. The repeatability of milling jobs at regular intervals is no challenge for us.

Which plastic sheets can be milled?

All the plastic plates available in our online shop can be used on our computer-controlled milling machines for the production of customized milled parts. For milled plastic parts, which we do not carry as standard in the product range of the online shop, please send us your specific request, with all important information, which we need for your request.

Up to what size can milled parts be created?

Our 3-axis CNC milling machines are all equipped with large vacuum tables that enable us to produce milled parts up to a size of 4.0 x 2.0 meters. The maximum thickness of the plastic plates to be milled is up to 240mm, depending on the used milling tool.

Which information are required?

In order to be able to process your request with regard to individual milled parts, we require not only the specification of the desired plastic, also the desired thickness, as well as the required number of pieces per delivery. Furthermore, a sketch with exact dimensions, or a true-to-scale design drawing, is needed to create a tailor-made quote.

Our knowledgeable staff will contact you as soon as possible to make you a tailor-made offer according to your specifications.

Which file formats can be processed?

Übersicht der Dateiformate für Frästeile aus Kunststoff von S-Polytec

To create your milled parts you need a design drawing that can be read and processed by our milling program.

    The following file formats can be edited by us:
  • DXF and DWG for two-dimensional milled parts
  • STEP and IGES for three-dimensional milled parts

Furthermore, we can convert EPS, AI files (Adobe Illustrator) and vector-based PDF files into a format that can be processed by our CNC milling machine.

NOTE: Please make sure that all paths of your design drawing are closed.

How much does the production of milled parts cost?

The cost of milled plastic parts can not be generalized and are subject to several factors. The calculation for milled parts depends on the material, the milling time and the required quantity.

One-time costs per milling order

In the first step, we will create the CNC milling program based on your template. In connection with the mapping of the milling program on the machine, these steps produce so-called one-off costs, which are converted during the calculation to the number of units to be produced. Therefore, the prices for prototypes are significantly higher than for milled parts which are manufactured in higher quantities.

Required time for milling

The costs for the milling of the plastic sheets depend on the milling time. Here, the pure milling time is charged with a fixed hourly rate.

Material cost of milled parts

The material costs are heavily dependent on the type of material, the thickness of the material and above all the use of the area, because we can not continue to use waste when cutting, so that for example a round recess (cutout) of 300mm diameter, if you do not need them anymore, can no longer be used by us and are collected sorted for recycling. This blend is noticeable in the course of the milling, so that it must be taken into account accordingly in the cost of the material. In order to save costs, it makes sense to look from the outset at the geometry and nestability of the parts in order to achieve the best possible use of the surface.

How long does it take to deliver?

The delivery time for plastic milled parts depends on the current workload of our machines and the size of the milling job (milling time per milled part, number of milled parts). Normally the delivery time is about 2 - 3 weeks from the time of ordering and transmission of the drawing, sketch or design data.