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Buy Plastic sheets in black inexpensively online in cut-to-size or as standard sheets and benefit from the variety of our plastics and sheet thicknesses with weight-dependent quantity discounts.

Your advantages with black plastic sheets from S-Polytec
  1. We offer precision cutting to size for our black plastic sheets
  2. We carry very high quality recycled black reclaimed plastic sheets at extremely competitive prices
  3. We offer the black sheets in many different plastics in many thicknesses
  4. All our black plastic sheets are fully dyed and highly pigmented
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Black plastic sheets

Plastic sheets in black for any application

At S-Polytec, we carry an extremely extensive selection of black sheets made from a wide variety of plastics, which we offer in many different designs and thicknesses. The properties vary depending on the plastic chosen, so that the right sheet in black is available for every project with the most diverse requirements. Starting with plastic sheets with food approval for food processing trades, through sheets with good sliding properties, which are used in conveyor technology or plant construction, to flame-retardant sheets. For outdoor applications, we also have various weatherproof sheets with a wide range of properties. Even for demanding projects such as balcony construction, we offer black sheets made of high-pressure laminate with the necessary ETB balcony approval. These can therefore be used without hesitation for high-quality balcony edgings and are also suitable for wall cladding both indoors and outdoors. For projects where a high stability of the panel is required, we offer a well-assorted selection of black plastic panels with high impact strength and dimensional stability. These are used, among other things, for impact-resistant interior and exterior cladding, bumpers and car body parts or also for robust underlays on work tables.

We also offer plastic sheets with electrically conductive properties and high chemical resistance. In the chemical and electrical industries in particular, they are used to make containers and linings for flammable products. They are also used when electrostatic charges have to be specifically prevented. For this reason, these special sheets are also used quite frequently in the animal feed industry, in refineries and paint factories, for example for the filling and storage of powdery materials. It is very important to us to always have a wide range of products of the highest quality in our shop. It is very important to us to offer our products at fair and reasonable prices.

We have several state-of-the-art CNC panel saws for horizontal cutting, all of which are equipped with an air-jet table so that sawing is absolutely gentle. This enables us to cut the plastic sheets precisely and to the millimetre to your desired size. For cuts that cannot be made with conventional panel saws, we use our CNC portal milling machines, with which we are able to produce even complex shapes, cut-outs or edge processing with the highest precision thanks to the most advanced computer control. If a polished edge or very filigree and detailed shapes are desired for cuttings, our CO2 laser cutting machines of the latest generation are used, depending on the possibility and the plastic. Of course, depending on the plastic, the black sheets can also be selected in the standard format of 2000mmx1000mm, so that they can be further processed by ourselves if required. Even for orders with a high number of pieces and extensive cutting, we can guarantee you prompt processing and short delivery times, thanks to our extensive warehousing.

Our standard delivery programme for plastic sheets in black

  1. Weatherproof HPL sheets with surface decor in deep black on both sides, cut to size up to 1500mm x 1000mm
  2. Bend-resistant aluminium composite panels with top layers (matt/glossy) on both sides in black in cut to size
  3. Impact-resistant ABS sheets as virgin material or as regenerated material in black, cut to size up to 2000mm x 1000mm
  4. Single-sided grained ASA/ABS sheets in black in cut-to-size or standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  5. Open acrylic sheets in black in saw cut or laser cut with polished edges up to 1500mm x 980mm
  6. Polyethylene sheets (PE-HD, PE-HMW, PE-UHMW) in black in cut to size or standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  7. Black PE-HD recycled sheets with one-sided grain in cut-to-size or standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  8. Electrically conductive and UV-stabilised PE sheets (PE-EL) in black in standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  9. Black polypropylene sheets (PP-EL-S) with electrical conductivity in standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  10. Heavily flammable rigid PVC sheets in numerous thicknesses as a standard sheet in the format 2000mm x 1000mm
  11. High-gloss polystyrene sheets (PS) in deep black in exact cut or in the format 2000mm x 1000mm

Our extended delivery programme on request

  1. Weatherproof HPL sheets in deep black up to a maximum format of 3050mm x 1300mm
  2. Black aluminium composite panels up to a maximum format of 3050mm x 1500mm in cut to size or as standard panels
  3. Milled parts in any shape according to your design drawing from our black plastic panels
  4. Various assembly material with black head paint or welding rods for our plastic sheets
  5. and much more

Note: Please note that delivery times and shipping costs may vary with our extended delivery programme. Our ambitious customer advisors are always available to answer any questions you may have about our delivery conditions or our product range.

Typical examples of black plastic sheets

A feature all our plastic sheets in black have in common is that they are all opaque and impermeable to light. Thus, they are often used outdoors for light- and sight-protecting partition walls, balcony parapets and wall cladding. For these applications, we have a large selection of weatherproof and bend-resistant sheets, which have excellent properties in terms of UV and weather resistance. Indoors, our black plastic sheets are sometimes used for the construction of screening walls as well as decorative wall and furniture cladding. For this purpose, we offer an extensive product range of scratch-resistant and bending-resistant plastics. In addition to the excellent robustness, the optical properties are also of significant effect for these purposes. For use in food-processing trades, we also offer a wide selection of food-safe and physiologically harmless sheets with food approval.

Some of our plastic sheets in black have a surface structure on one or both sides with a medium grain, allowing projects to be implemented with an appealing and modern look. In the automotive industry, ABS or ASA/ABS sheets are used to make impact-resistant interior trim or bumpers, among other things. Our sheets with black colouring also find many applications in a wide range of industries. In the chemical and electrical industries, our solid plastic sheets with flame-retardant or chemical-resistant properties find many uses. For example, they are often used for the construction of fire protection equipment and fire-resistant cladding. Due to their very good insulating properties, our plastic sheets are also used as housings for small electrical appliances or large covers for large industrial plants. An exception here are our plastic sheets with electrically dissipative properties. Such special plastics are used, among other things, to prevent static charges on machinery and equipment, thus preventing potentially dangerous situations caused by sparks or explosive substances.

  1. Weatherproof HPL sheets in black are waterproof and perfectly suitable for the interior finishing of sanitary facilities
  2. Exteriorly, acrylic, HPL or aluminium composite panels are very suitable for opaque, opaque privacy screens
  3. In garages and warehouses, PE-HD sheets made of recycled material are ideal as robust wall and impact protection
  4. HPL, acrylic glass or ABS sheets are ideally suited for shelves, partition walls and cladding of furniture in black
  5. In exhibition stand construction, flame-retardant HPL sheets are used for the construction of sophisticated exhibition stands
  6. For the dissipation of electrostatic voltages, our conductive PP-EL-S and PE-EL sheets are perfectly suitable

Properties of black plastic sheets

We carry our solid plastic sheets in black in a wide variety of designs for almost every conceivable area of application. All our sheets are dyed completely black, resulting in a cut or milled edge that exactly matches the colour of the surface. Our HPL and aluminium composite panels are not coloured through due to the manufacturing process. However, as the aluminium composite panels have a black PE core, the colour difference between the surface and the cut or milled edge is hardly noticeable.

The many different uses place different demands on the plastic used. It should be noted that the right choice of material should be made for the planned project in order to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results. For outdoor construction projects, high demands are placed on the UV and weather resistance of the material, but electrostatic conductivity is usually not necessary for such applications. For use in food-processing areas, a plastic with food-safe properties is required; resistance to weathering, on the other hand, is not usually a requirement for the material used in such cases.

Weatherproof plastic sheets in black

For outdoor use, high demands are sometimes made on the UV and weather resistance of the plastic used. A lack of UV resistance can cause the black plastic sheets to become brittle or fade when exposed to continuous and intense sunlight. To prevent this, one of our many sheets in black with weather-resistant properties should be used for outdoor applications.

Weatherproof plastics in black include our opaque acrylic sheets in opaque design. These are excellently suited for outdoor use and are often used for opaque partitions and privacy screens. Due to their extremely noble appearance, the high-gloss PMMA sheets in black are also used for creative decorations and furniture coverings. The high-quality aluminium composite panels also have very good resistance to weathering influences such as frost and strong sunlight and are ideal for large-area cladding in outdoor areas. In addition, our weatherproof composite panels are often used for the production of black window profiles and weatherboards. Thanks to UV-resistant stove enamelling, there is no need to worry about fading of the deep, black surface, even after many years of outdoor use.

Our HPL panels in black are UV-resistant and withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, such as acid rain. This makes the sheets ideal for outdoor applications and, thanks to their enormous rigidity, they are perfect for erecting fencing systems, wall cladding or for building tool sheds by screwing them onto a substructure made of aluminium or wood. The visually appealing panels also meet the strict requirements of the ETB directive, so that decorative privacy screens can be erected from balconies in no time at all with our balcony screws in matching black head paint.

The sheets made of ASA/ABS with a UV-resistant ASA top side on one side do not become brittle even under the strongest weather conditions. ASA/ABS sheets can be excellently processed into moulded parts and find many applications in the automotive industry, among others. For example, UV-resistant car body parts and interior trim are made from it, which retain their strong black colour and do not fade even in the case of permanent and intensive UV radiation. In addition, black polyethylene is UV-stabilised due to its high carbon black content and is often used outdoors for root protection panels or for separating lawn edges.

Hit-resistant plastic sheets in black

One of the particularly impact-resistant plastics is our ABS. Thanks to their excellent impact resistance, ABS sheets in black are ideal for the production of sturdy and impact-sensitive housings for consumer electronics and impact-resistant underlays and tabletops, for example in a workshop. ABS is traditionally not UV-resistant and can tend to become brittle under strong sunlight. For outdoor applications, we recommend our ASA/ABS sheets instead, whose ASA top is UV-resistant. These do not become brittle even with long-term outdoor use and thus guarantee consistent impact strength, even with continuous exposure to UV radiation. In addition, our ASA/ABS is TÜV-tested with regard to its breakage and splintering behaviour, which is particularly relevant for the production of car body parts or interior trim of vehicles. Polyethylene is also one of the very impact-resistant thermoplastics. In road construction, these inexpensive PE blanks are often used as root protection sheets. But the durable sheets made of black PE are also used for very demanding applications, such as in machine and concrete construction or transport and conveyor technology.

Our black HPL decorative panels are also extremely impact-resistant and have a very high inherent rigidity. Stability and impact resistance are very important, especially for components that are intended to protect against falls, as required by the ETB guideline for balcony surrounds. This is why our high-quality HPL sheets are so popular for cladding balconies and roof terraces. When professionally installed, the panels can even withstand heavy blows and impacts without posing a safety risk. In addition, the black HPL sheets are perfectly suited for the construction of robust and decoratively shielding partition walls indoors and outdoors.

Scratch-resistant plastic sheets in black

As a rule, most plastic panels have a rather low surface hardness, which can make them susceptible to scratching. However, there are some plastics that are considered rather scratch-resistant. Our opaque acrylic glass sheets in deep black have a very high surface hardness, which makes them comparatively resistant to scratching. Our grained plastic sheets, such as ABS or polyethylene made from recycled material, are also among the plastics that are considered scratch-resistant thanks to their surface structure. Compared to acrylic glass, they have a lower surface hardness, but slight scratches are visually less noticeable due to the grained surface. In addition, our black HPL sheets have a very hard surface, which makes them unquestionably one of the scratch-resistant plastic sheets that can be used as decorative sheets for sophisticated interior and exterior cladding.

Heavily flammable plastic sheets in black

In special areas of application, heavy flammability of the plastics used may be required. For these applications, we offer various sheets of plastic with fire-resistant properties in precise cuts. The most common plastic that is considered flame retardant is rigid PVC. We stock these plastic sheets in many different designs and colours, in transparent versions and also in deep black. Because of their excellent chemical resistance, they are often used for container construction, for example in the chemical industry. Due to their high rigidity and stability, they are also frequently used in building construction. In addition, because they are excellent thermoplastics, PVC is thermoformed for the production of fire-resistant equipment covers and moulded parts.

HPL is usually considered normally flammable, but our stable sheets made of high-pressure laminate are classified as flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1 and can be used permanently at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C. As UV and weather-resistant decorative panels, they can be used equally well indoors and outdoors. One of many possible applications is the construction of balcony surrounds or wall cladding on public buildings, where the requirements for flame retardancy must generally be guaranteed. Furthermore, kitchen backsplashes in large kitchens or in private households, as well as fire-proof cladding of interior or exterior walls made of our HPL sheets with an attractive surface finish are also erected.

In addition, our electrically conductive plastic panels made of polypropylene (PP-EL-S) also have flame-retardant and permanently heat-resistant properties. Due to its electrostatic dissipative properties, this special version of polypropylene is preferably used in transport and conveyor technology to prevent static charging. Other areas of application are the manufacture of containers in which explosive substances are stored, as well as for filling plants for highly flammable and powdery materials. In terms of flame retardancy, black PP-EL-S sheets are used, for example, for flame-retardant components in apparatus and special machine construction.

Food-safe plastic sheets in black

In areas, trades and industries where food is processed, attention should be paid to their food approval when using plastic sheets. Food-safe plastics include polyethylene and polypropylene, for example. Polyethylene sheets, which are available from us in the different versions PE-HD, PE-HMW (PE-500), PE-UHMW (PE-1000), are, however, preferably used in machine and plant construction due to their excellent sliding properties. Furthermore, polypropylene, which is characterised by a higher surface hardness compared to PE, can be used for contact with food. Thus, among other things, everyday objects for storing or processing food for private households are made of black PP. Even our HPL decorative panels are considered physiologically harmless, but because of their appealing appearance they are more commonly used for cladding façades and balconies.

Leading plastic panels in black

In certain areas of application, especially the chemical and electrical industries, immense demands are placed on the sheets. Among other things, explosive mixtures, for example gases, vapours and acids, are processed here. In these cases, plastic sheets are needed that are highly resistant to chemicals and also have electrically conductive properties. They are thus able to prevent static charges on machines and systems and to dissipate the electrostatic charge. As a result, hazardous situations caused by explosions and sparking are prevented. For such demanding purposes, we have various sheets with electrical discharge capability in our product range.

For one thing, polyethylene (PE-EL) is an electrically conductive plastic. PE-EL sheets are also quite impact-resistant, as well as UV-stabilised and heat-resistant up to +80°C. They can therefore be used equally well indoors and outdoors. They can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, our polypropylene sheets have excellent electrostatic dissipative properties. PP-EL-S has a higher surface hardness than polyethylene and is therefore more resistant to scratches. The conductive PP is also flame retardant, so it can certainly be used in areas that are subject to strict fire protection requirements. Both plastic sheets in black colouring are subject to consistent testing and comply with the EU chemicals regulation REACH, as well as the EU directive RL 2014/34/EU on the intended use of equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Temperature ranges of black plastic sheets

The temperature application ranges sometimes vary significantly depending on the plastic used, so depending on the intended use, care should be taken to ensure that the desired plastic can be used at the prevailing temperatures. HPL, aluminium composite and acrylic glass panels can be used permanently at similar temperatures. These materials are all frost-resistant and can also withstand high temperatures. In addition, they have a good resistance to weather conditions and are thus ideally suited for outdoor use. Polyethylene also shows good resistance to frost and can be used at maximum temperatures up to +80°C. In contrast to the previous three plastics, however, PE is not weather-resistant, depending on the version, so it is also mainly used indoors. For use as a root protection sheet, however, UV resistance is not required, for which the black, inexpensive PE is often used. Polypropylene, on the other hand, is not frost-resistant, but can be used under high heat up to +100°C and is classified as food-safe. The plastics ABS, ASA/ABS and polystyrene, which are very popular in model making, have a temperature application range of -10°C to +90°C (or +70°C for polystyrene) and are exceptionally well suited for the production of moulded parts by thermoforming.