Polystyrene sheets in custom cut

Polystyrene (HIPS, high impact polystyrene) is an affordable and hard thermoplastic which can be be machined and processed very well. The black high-gloss sheets are covered with a protective film on one side. Buy your custom size plastic sheets conveniently in our online shop to very good conditions.

Your advantages with our high impact polystyrene sheets
  1. polystyrene sheets can not only be machined and processed very well, but also printed
  2. polystyrene sheets can be moulded thermally at a relatively low temperature
  3. polystyrene sheets are perfect for use in machine construction but also for model making

High-quality polystyrene panels - Made in Germany

Buy your plastic sheets made of polystyrene inexpensively online cut to size or as standard sheets directly from the specialist dealer.

What is polystyrene?

Polystyrene is an amorphous thermoplastic obtained by polymerising styrene. In its natural form, polystyrene is crystal clear and very brittle. In order to counteract the high brittleness, polystyrene is upgraded with butadiene. Butadiene-finished HI-PS (high-impact polystyrene) is significantly more impact-resistant and can therefore be removed from the mould much better during deep-drawing, for example.

Physical properties of polystyrene

Polystyrene has a density of 1.06g/cm3 and absorbs virtually no water due to its non-polarity. Polystyrene can be used at temperatures up to approx. +65°C and can therefore be deformed at relatively low temperatures of approx. +130°C.

Like most plastics, polystyrene is a non-conductor and can therefore serve as an insulator for electrical equipment.

How is polystyrene processed?

The further processing of polystyrene panels can easily be carried out by machining processes such as sawing, drilling, milling, grinding or filing. Furthermore, PS can be bonded very well with suitable adhesives such as Ruderer L530 and can also be welded.

Further processing into parts using a CO2 laser is also possible. However, the quality of the lasered edge should be assessed for suitability in each individual case depending on the application.

Due to the very low moisture absorption and the low melting point, the polystyrene sheets can be processed very well without pre-drying in the vacuum thermoforming process.

Polystyrene can also be painted, glued, printed and punched without any problems.

Our delivery programme for polystyrene sheets

  1. Polystyrene standard sheets in white matt in 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm
  2. Polystyrene sheets in white matt cut to size up to 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm
  3. Standard polystyrene sheets in black high gloss in 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 2mm to 3mm
  4. Polystyrene sheets in black high-gloss cut to size up to 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 2mm to 3mm

On request we also supply

  1. Polystyrene sheets in half thicknesses e.g. 1.5mm or 2.5mm from a minimum quantity of 500kg
  2. Polystyrene sheets in any RAL or NCS colour from 500kg minimum quantity
  3. Polystyrene sheets in a maximum format of 6.0x2.0 metres from a minimum quantity of 500kg

Our delivery programme also includes polystyrene sheets made from reclaimed materials. We can have PS sheets made from reclaimed material in some cases from as little as 200kg in custom sizes from our partners. This means that there is no waste and you can obtain your sheets at the best prices. Simply send us your specific enquiry by e-mail to info@s-polytec.de or visit our website www.polytec-regenerat.de (German) where you can freely configure your polystyrene sheets made from recycled material and we will extrude your desired configuration based on your specifications directly in the size you need.

Areas of application for polystyrene sheets

Our polystyrene sheets cover a very wide range of applications due to their optimal property profile. For example, in the production of technical milled parts, advertising signs and displays, as walls for various housings, production of deep-drawn parts, as transport protection for sensitive surfaces, and many more.

Polystyrene, like most plastics, is a non-conductor and can serve as an insulator for electrical installations. The electrical insulation values can be found in the data sheet.

Typical examples for the use of polystyrene

  1. Toys such as model kits (from well-known manufacturers) made of plastic
  2. Office equipment such as filing trays, pencil holders, paper baskets, etc.
  3. Cases of technical devices such as remote controls or telephones
  4. and many more

Individual milled parts made of polystyrene

Thanks to our modern CNC milling centres, we can also offer you our polystyrene sheets in contour milling exactly according to your ideas. All we need from you is a design drawing as a DXF or DWG file. Furthermore, we can process the following file formats: STEP or IGES, AI (Adobe Illustrator) and EPS files.

In order to provide you with a customised offer including shipping costs in advance, exactly according to your specifications and requirements, we need a sketch as well as the desired number of pieces per delivery.