Polystyrene sheets in custom cut

Polystyrene (HIPS, high impact polystyrene) is an affordable and hard thermoplastic which can be be machined and processed very well. The black high-gloss sheets are covered with a protective film on one side. Buy your custom size plastic sheets conveniently in our online shop to very good conditions.

Your advantages with our high impact polystyrene sheets

  1. polystyrene sheets can not only be machined and processed very well, but also printed
  2. polystyrene sheets can be moulded thermally at a relatively low temperature
  3. polystyrene sheets are perfect for use in machine construction but also for model making

Technical application of polystyrene sheets

Our polystyrene sheets cover a very wide range of application areas due to the optimum properties profile. The further processing of the plates can be carried out easily by means of exciting machining methods such as sawing, drilling, milling, grinding, or filing. Polystyrene plates can be glued with suitable adhesives such as Ruderer L530 and can also be welded. Further processing in parts by means of CO2 lasers is also possible, but the quality of the soldered edge should be evaluated in individual cases for suitability depending on the application. Due to very low moisture absorption and a low melting point, the polystyrene plates can be processed very well without pre-drying by vacuum-drawing. Polystyrene, like most plastics, is a non-conductor and can serve as an insulator for electrical installations. The electrical insulation values can be found in the data sheet. Our polystyrene boards can also be painted, glued, printed and punched.

Our polystyrene sheets are used for the production of technical parts, advertising signs and displays, as a wall for various housings, production of the low parts, as transport protection for sensitive surfaces ...

Mill parts of polystyrene

On request, we can mill the polystyrene sheets according to your requirements. With our CNC milling centers we can mill your milling parts from polystyrene to a size of 4x2 meters. Reliable and in high quality from the prototype to the large series.