The cutting service of S-Polytec

Plastic sheets in the standard format are rarely needed, so they have to be cut to the required size for actual use.

This is not only time consuming, but also requires a certain amount of craftsmanship, as well as the necessary tools, even if as a rule, tools for woodworking are sufficient.

Your advantages with the cutting service of S-Polytec

  • You save time for cutting your plastic sheets
  • You do not need any tools for cutting your plastic sheets
  • Inaccuracies when cutting the plastic sheets are excluded
  • Blanks made of plastic are cheaper compared to standard plates
  • The shipping costs are usually lower compared to standard plate
  • You do not have to dispose of waste by hand
  • Our blanks are reproducible in size and quality at all times
  • and many more

What options does the cutting service offer?

With our cutting service, we offer you the opportunity to buy your plastic sheets directly in the size you need.

This not only saves you time for cutting, but also money, because custom-made plastic sheets are cheaper than standard-sized plastic sheets because you only pay for what you need. In addition, you do not need any tools or machines for cutting your plastic sheets, because once ordered sheets via the configurator, we cut them to the millimeter.

Which plastic sheets can be cut to size?

For all plastic sheets offered in our online shop, is it possible to cut these to size.

In the respective category of our plastic sheets, all plastic sheets that can be ordered directly in the blank are marked with the designation "custom cut". These articles are equipped with a custom cut configurator, in which you can conveniently configure the blanks online and order them right away.

For all plastic sheets that we do not offer directly in the cut, of course, there is also the possibility to obtain these on request from us.

How does the custom cut configurator work?

Our elaborately programmed cutting configurator allows you to conveniently order your individual plastic sheet blanks.

Simply select your desired type of plastic and color and choose the strength you need. Then enter your desired dimensions for length and width in millimeters. Finally, select the desired quantity of blanks.

Our cutting configurator determines immediately after your input your individual, favorable price and at the same time takes into account possible costs for the waste, which can not be reused, as well as the costs for the cutting (setup costs, working hours, etc.).

Which tolerances apply to plastic sheet blanks?

We guarantee an accuracy of +/- 1mm for blanks of our plastic sheets. Our panel saws work well below this guaranteed tolerance.

FFor smaller tolerance values of +/- 0.2mm, it is also possible to create the blanks using our CNC-controlled 3-axis milling centers.

Note: If you need more accurate tolerances than +/- 1mm, please send us an email with specific information regarding tolerance, dimensions, thickness and type of plastic. Our experienced staff will contact you as soon as possible to meet your needs.

Up to what size can blanks be made?

Our modern panel saws with CNC control are able to saw plastic sheets up to a maximum size of 4.2 x 4.2 meters.

Lying CNC panel saws can not normally realize these plastic sheet blanks with widths below 10mm, as normal panel saws no longer hold these widths and either damage or suck into the chip channel during splitting. Thanks to the complex conversion and modernization of our panel saws, plastic strips with a minimum width of 5mm can also be implemented.

By our blank configurator, you can conveniently configure your blanks in millimeter increments online. The respective minimum and maximum formats of our standard delivery program are listed below.

What if larger blanks are needed?

If you require plastic sheet blanks in larger formats than the blank configurator allows, you can send us an inquiry stating the required plastic, color and thickness, as well as the desired dimensions for length and width in millimeters via our contact form or by email.

In order to be able to process your request, information regarding the desired quantity per delivery is also required. Our qualified customer advisors will take care of your concerns as quickly as possible and provide you with a customized offer including shipping costs.

What happens to the waste material?

Thanks to complex calculation software for cutting optimization and thought-provoking employees who operate our CNC panel saws, we are able to reduce waste to a minimum.

This not only protects the environment, it also means a saving of money for you, because any waste is used by us for further cuts and therefore not charged to you.

If leftovers result in residues that can no longer be used, all of our plastics are sorted by us and ground to produce plastic granules for the production of regenerates and then extruded into recycled plastic sheets.

How much is the cost of cutting plastic sheets?

The cost of trimming plastic sheets is automatically calculated by our trimming configurator, depending on the quantity of blanks. A complex calculation formula developed especially for this purpose helps to keep the cost of cutting as low as possible.

In principle, however, the costs decrease as the number of blanks increases.

How long does it take to deliver?

Thanks to our own stock and the constant stocking of the plastics offered in the online shop in different strengths, we are able to create the plastic sheet blanks in a very short time. As a rule, the blanks you need will be shipped within 48 hours.

The collection by our shipping partners usually takes place on the same day, so that you can count on the delivery after a short time.

If you have opted for the payment method in advance, the production of the blanks will start at the earliest on the day the payment is received.

Note: Express delivery may also be available on request.