Plastic sheets in custom cut - Made in Germany

We offer a wide variety of plastic sheets, cut to order so you only pay for what you get and protect the environment as well! Save money and time buying your plastic sheets online at S-Polytec!

Your advantages with plastic sheets from S-Polytec
  1. plastic sheets accurately cut or milled to order
  2. save on shipping cost with plates cut to order compared to large and bulky standard size sheets
  3. discount defined by order quantity
  4. protection of the environment, as all our plastic waste is passed on for recycling

Plastic sheets: Buy the best materials from online professionals!

Plastic sheets are true all-rounders

They can be shaped and sawed precise. Waterproof, durable, corrosion-resistant, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. They satisfy with their modern colorless transparency or set colors in the product and building design. Despite their resilience, plastic sheets are very light: the mean of choice in vehicle and aircraft construction and wherever weight reduction is important. Plastic panels can be UV-stabilized or bring this property due to their material properties. You do not need to worry about damage from corrosion or water..

Successful projects require dimensional accuracy, selection and quality. Cooperation with us creates the best conditions for success.

As a specialized Online-Shop, we stock most of our offered plastic sheets. With all other products, we get delivered by our suppliers several times a week. Due to this excellent stocking and the in-house cutting, there are no delays in delivery - as a rule, the goods will be delivered to you within a few days. The security of delivery is ensured by strapped five-ply cardboard (we encase sensitive plastic sheets also with bubble wrap for shipping).

Benefit from our expert advice

The trade in plastic sheets is based on expert advice.

The offer of plastics, their applications and ways of working are difficult to understand for laymen. Even the industry expert benefits from information and consultation when it comes to cutting or the right choice of plastic and plastic thickness. In consultation with our experts, you agree exactly with the desired application and choice of material of your desired plastic plate. We also advise you on optimum adhesive systems and sealants - necessary material supplements, which of course we also carry in our range. Plastic sheets are varied, durable and optical beautiful. The only requirement: They must suit best with their purpose. We want to work together with you on this condition.

Exact cut, fast delivery

We deliver each plastic plate in an individual cut. Thanks to intelligent and wide-ranging storage, we care for a wide range of different plastics for you - including cutting to your dimensions and the fastest possible delivery.

Professional cutting creates project security.

Plastic sheet: This is a collective term for a huge variety of material and surface textures. That's why plastic is never a confection product, it is always tailor-made: you choose the best material for your project. Of course, every plastic plate supplied by us complies with the usual standards. But one thing is still missing: the dimensional accuracy. The millimeter-exact cutting of plastic sheets needs experience and high-tech tools. In order to provide our customers with tailor-made and reliable products made to measure, we do our own cutting. With modern CNC-panel-saws, we can handle formats up to 3,1 by 3,1 meters. Our three-axis CNC-milling-machine processes sizes up to 2 x 4 meters. Simply submit a sketch to our professionals - we will create drawings and design data for your milled parts on request. Our large machinery makes a quick order processing possible.

Fields of application of our plastic plates

Plastic is the material of the 21st century. The optimized formulations for the plastic types create universal application possibilities that satisfy aesthetically pleasing and create long-lasting solutions.

Are you looking for a plastic sheet for a new cover of your balcony? Whether transparent, opaque, colored or printed - the material convinces through its customizability and fits perfectly into your exterior design thanks to our professional cut. Do you park your precious youngtimer in the garage in the evening and do you want to prevent his well-kept paint from getting scratches? In our extensive assortment, we produce double-sided grained polyethylene plastic sheets. Good impact resistance and excellent sliding properties make the fear of the scratch a thing of the past. Even outside, plastic sheets are no longer indispensable. With us you can access the entire range of possible applications - tailor-made cutting and fast delivery included. Use plastics as decorative panels, as opaque acrylic panels in opaque glass look, as HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels in the commercial sector or as transparent acrylic glass in conservatory- or greenhouse construction. Polyethylene strips work effectively as root barriers in gardens and on lawns. Thanks to our exact cut, you can easily insert any plastic sheet into the ground. Whether as a modern whiteboard or as a lightweight polystyrene-component in model making, as a splash guard in the kitchen rear wall, as a decorative element in living- or bedroom, as a sealing element made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) - our plastic sheets take in surface texture, color and size exactly the shape you need for your project.

Our delivery program for plastic sheets

High quality and extensive selection - these are good requirements for a successful project.

We offer you high quality plastic plates such as ABS, PVC, aluminum sandwich panels, acrylic glass (also known as Plexiglas®), polycarbonate and many more, for a lot of different applications such as thermoforming, automotive, engineering, construction, modeling, container construction, advertising displays, signs, advertising, bathroom back wall, facade design, wall coverings, and many more...

Our range of plastic plates includes:

    Technical plastics:
  2. PE (polyethylene)
  3. PP (polypropylene)
  4. PVC (polyvinylchloride)
  5. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
  6. and many more..
    Optical plastics:
  1. Alu sandwich panels (Aluminum sandwich sheets)
  2. DecoVitas® (self-adhesive glossy plates)
  3. Acrylic Glass (also known as PMMA or Plexiglas)
  4. Polycarbonate (also known as LEXAN or Makrolon)
  5. PETG (Polyethyleneterephthalate-glycol)
  6. polystyrene
  7. HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

Plastic sheets offered by us, except regenenerates/recyclates, comply with the common standards such as REACH regulation, RoHS or PAK. We are tough in the procurement of colored plastic sheets according to RAL color system. Fine-, medium-, gross- or leathergraining can sometimes be supplied from our warehouse. Through very close cooperation with leading semi-finished product manufacturers, we are able to deliver even smaller quantities at attractive conditions. And of course we saw the plates according to your personal measurements..

Plastic plates: the advantages!

Accents with colored plastic plates

Add your plastic plate aesthetically in any room and living concept. We not only convert the versatile material from transparent to milky-opaque - with solid-colored panels, you can add powerful accents to any design. Our colored plastic sheets are created by the addition of dyes or pigments. They are completely colored. The advantage: scratches or other damage to the surface can be hardly noticed because of the full coloring. We supply plastic sheets in numerous RAL-like colors and in different types of plastic.

Because of the fact that plastics get their color through the addition of dyes or color pigments, we can supply almost all of our plastic plates in any color colored RAL or NCS. This is only possible from a minimum amount. The minimum quantity varies depending on the type of plastic from 500kg to 5,000kg.

We offer the following colors as standard from our warehouse:
white, black, anthracite, red, grey, silver and many more.

The availability of our colored plastic plates differs depending on the type of plastic. This means that not every plastic in every color is available in the standard delivery program.

Weight of plastic plates

Plastic sheets are very light due to their low density. For most plastics, the density is approximately 1 g/cm³, well below the specific gravity of light metals such as magnesium (1,74 g/cm³), aluminum (2,70 g/cm³) or titanium (4,54 g/cm³). For polypropylene and polyethylene, the physical density is even less than one and causes that these plastics can float in the water. Due to the lower weight, plastic panels are used particular in vehicle and aircraft for weight reduction to reduce fuel consumption.

For applications in which a low weight is absolutely necessary, and the weight of solid plastic plates is still too high, we recommend plastic plates with foamed core. In the case of the so-called foam boards, the weight is about 50% compared to the same variety of full-core plates, but the weight advantage is also at the expense of the stability and rigidity of the plastic plates.

Weather resistance of plastics

Most plastics are not UV- and weather-resistant. This means that these plastics are not suitable for outdoor use and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. UV-radiation decomposes most plastics so that they can embrittle, which affects the longevity under dynamic load. The damage is visible, among other things, from the yellowing of white plastic sheets or from color loss (bleaching of colored plastic sheets).

There are also plastics that are naturally UV- and weather-resistant and thus readily suitable for outdoor applications. These plastics include our ASA plastic sheets, PMMA (better known as Plexiglas or acrylic glass), PTFE (better known under the brand name Teflon) and aluminum sandwich sheets.

In addition, there are also plastic plates that are not UV-stable in their actual form, are UV-stabilized due to special manufacturing processes, so that these plastic plates can be used outdoors. These include, for example, our colored polyethylene boards for playground construction, or the UV-stabilized PVC sheets or our polycarbonate sheets with UV stabilization.

Corrosion resistance of plastic sheets

Plastic sheets are corrosion-resistant regardless of which plastic they are made of. This means that plastic sheets neither rust nor oxidize in any other way.

Water-resistance of plastic sheets

Plastic sheets are generally considered waterproof. Depending on the type of plastic and its chemical composition, it may be possible that small amounts of moisture are drawn into the plastic plate, as in the case with ABS plastic. This property is also called hygroscopic. This does not adversely affect the appearance or the nature of the plastic plate or its surface. Depending on the processing method, for example the thermoforming, a previous drying of the plastic plates may be required. Other plastics, like polyethylene, absorb almost no moisture.

Prices for plastic sheets at S-Polytec

Your cut and the order quantity determines the price

We saw plastic sheets precisely to the millimeter to your specifications and you only get your cut. There is no waste for you - as a customer, you only pay for your tailor-made cut. We do not dispose of the waste of our plastic sheets, because we use it to cut smaller sheets. This optimal material utilization benefits for all customers in our attractive price and performance-design. This only works through a clever warehousing, which we have developed in recent years.