S-Polybond sanitary silicone with effective mold inhibition

With our own brand S-Polybond SILIKONprofi we offer premium alkoxy-based silicones. Our silicones are absolutely odorless and 100% MEKO-free. Thanks to the fungicidal finish SILIKONprofi Mold-inhibiting and particularly suitable as a sanitary silicone for long-lasting waterproofing and sealing.

Your advantages with sanitary silicones from S-Polybond
  1. The sanitary silicones of our own brand S-Polybond are 100% MEKO-free
  2. The permanently elastic sealants for bathrooms and toilets are mold-inhibiting
  3. Our alkoxy-based sanitary silicones are neutral-curing and odorless
  4. The silicones adhere excellently to all surfaces in the sanitary sector