ABS sheets in custom cut

ABS sheets are available in black or white and at large quantities also in other colours. They are highly impact resistant with a very hard surface. ABS is a graft copolymer with tiny butadiene pellets which absorb impact energy and protect the rest of the material matrix. The sheets are covered with a protective film on one side.

Your advantages with our ABS and ASA/ABS sheets
  1. ABS is an impact resistant and tough thermoplast
  2. ABS sheets are resistant against chemicals and non-polar solvents
  3. Our ASA/ABS sheets are UV and weather resistant for outdoor uses as well

Buy ABS plastic sheets in black or white online cut to size.

In our online shop for plastic sheets, we exclusively offer ABS sheets in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm. Our ABS sheets are provided with a protective film on one side to protect the surface from scratches. For outdoor use, we also offer weatherproof ASA/ABS sheets with a medium grain on one side in black or grey.

What is ABS?

ABS is a special plastic that is characterised by its high impact strength in combination with a high surface hardness. Tiny rubber beads made of butadiene are embedded in its matrix, which absorb the impact energy and thus protect the rest of the matrix during impact.

For this reason, impact-resistant ABS does not exist as a transparent material. The incident light is refracted (deflected) at the surface of these rubber beads, making the material appear milky and cloudy in its natural form. However, there are special transparent ABS types in which the rubber beads are smaller than the light wave and can no longer refract the light wave due to their small size. However, the reduction in size of the butadiene beads reduces the impact strength enormously.

ABS sheets are amorphous (i.e. no semi-crystalline zones) and have the typical characteristics of amorphous plastics, such as a relatively large thermal processing range, or can be easily dissolved with organic solvents such as acetone. ABS sheets can be glued or painted quite easily. Further processing of ABS sheets can easily be done by milling, CO² lasering, drilling or sawing.

Physical properties of ABS plastic

ABS has a density of 1.06g/cm³ and can be used for applications with temperature requirements up to +90°C. The impact strength is 13KJ/m². Pure ABS is not UV and weather resistant. However, ABS sheets with an ASA surface on one side are available via our online shop, whose special surface is UV-resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor applications.

Our delivery programme for ABS sheets:

  1. Standard panels in 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm
  2. Cut-to-size sheets up to 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm
  3. ABS sheets in black or white
  4. ABS sheets as regenerated material in black
  5. UV and weather resistant ASA/ABS sheets in black grained or grey grained

We also supply on request:

  1. ABS sheets in other thicknesses, as well as half thicknesses, e.g. 1.5 mm
  2. Standard sheets with a maximum format of up to 6.0x2.0 metres
  3. Cut and milled parts up to a size of 2.0x4.0 metres
  4. ABS sheets in thicknesses up to 10mm in any colour according to RAL from 500kg minimum quantity
  5. Tubes with different diameters made of ABS
  6. Solid rods with different thicknesses made of ABS

Milled parts made of ABS plastic:

We can mill ABS sheets exactly to your specifications on our modern CNC milling centres. Due to the stocking of ABS sheets in our own warehouse, we are easily able to deliver smaller but also larger quantities very quickly. To prepare a quotation, we need information on the number of pieces per delivery and a drawing or construction data. We process the following formats: DXF, DWG, STEP or IGES. Furthermore, we are able to convert AI and EPS files.

We will be happy to provide you with a free customised offer including shipping costs for your milled parts made of ABS sheets.