Our adhesive & frame foam - ideal for interior fittings

Our adhesive & frame foams for interior work are true specialists for bonding plasterboard, insulation boards or door frames and achieve their cut resistance after a short time so that painting and drywall work can progress quickly. For a healthy indoor climate, all our PU foams for interior finishing are classified as very low-emission with the top EC1+ rating.

Your advantages for painting & parquet acrylic from S-Polytec
  1. Our 60-second adhesive foam is ideal for gluing insulation boards to the wall indoors
  2. The low-expansion frame foam bonds door frames quickly & securely without deforming the frame
  3. Our 1K PU foams for interior finishing have no or very little post-expansion
  4. Our PU gun foams are considered to be particularly low-emission for a healthy indoor climate