Our painting & parquet acrylic - more than ordinary acrylic

Our acrylic sealants for painting and drywall construction cannot be compared with conventional painter's acrylic. Depending on the version, the white acrylic is UV-resistant, can be painted over immediately and does not cause cracking due to volume shrinkage after curing. The sandable parquet acrylics are also special sealants that are equally suitable for sealing and filling.

Your advantages for painting & parquet acrylic from S-Polytec
  1. All acrylic sealants are free of harmful substances and classified as very low-emission
  2. Depending on the version, our painter's acrylics are non-shrinking and can be painted over immediately
  3. Our sandable parquet acrylics compensate for damage to wood and parquet
  4. Further articles on healthy living space design are already in development