Decore sheets DecoVitas©

Our home brand DecoVitas© offers modern hot decor panels with a high gloss piano lacquer optic. DecoVitas© panels are scratch proof and easy to clean. Thanks to the self adhesive back (not on DecoVitas© Snow-White 3 mm) it is easy and quick to apply. The high gloss surface is covered with a protective film.

Your advantages with DecoVitas© decor panels
  1. scratch resistant surfaces with a high-gloss piano lacquer optic, contains no plasticisers
  2. easy and quick application thanks to the self-adhesive backside (on panels with 1.0mm thickness)
  3. configure your custom size panels easily and quickly online and get them delivered precisely cut

The high-quality and versatile DecoVitas©decor panels - only at S-Polytec!

With the high-gloss DecoVitas©decor panels, S-Polytec has set a new trend in the field of exclusive surfaces.

DecoVitas© decor panels impress with their very high gloss level, as well as radiant white surfaces that do not fade or yellow even in the long term. Both the look and the feel meet the highest standards. In addition, the DecoVitas© decor panels are very versatile and easy to apply even by non-tradesmen.

What are DecoVitas© decorative panels?

DecoVitas© decorative panels are multilayer plastic panels. The carrier is ABS plastic - a very impact-resistant and robust material that has been used in the automotive industry for years. On the surface of our DecoVitas© decor panels is an extremely high-gloss layer of particularly scratch-resistant PMMA, whose high gloss level is comparable to piano lacquer. On the one hand, this layer gives the DecoVitas© their beautiful high gloss and uniqueness, but on the other hand it also protects them from scratching (comparable to a car paint, for example) and offers the highest UV and weather resistance, so that the DecoVitas© decor panels can also be used for outdoor applications without any problems. The glossy side of the panels is protected by a protective film that can be very easily peeled off after the panels have been applied - wow effect guaranteed!

DecoVitas© decor panels are available as self-adhesive panels, in a thickness of 1.0mm, or as standard panels in a thickness of 3mm, in the colour 'Snow-White'. The underside of the DecoVitas© decor panels is corona-treated, which means that the best possible adhesion is achieved when gluing the panels. Even the special double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the self-adhesive version of these panels can hardly be removed from the surface. The non-self-adhesive panels can be attached to almost any surface with a suitable adhesive. As a suitable mounting adhesive, we recommend our Parabond 600 adhesive and sealant, which we stock in various colours.

Our delivery programme for DecoVitas©

  1. Snow-White 1mm with self-adhesion- snow-white surface similar to RAL9016
  2. Snow-White 3mm without self-adhesive- snow-white surface similar to RAL9003

Possible applications of our DecoVitas© decor panels

The wide range of applications of the DecoVitas© allows creative and high-quality solutions in many areas.

Among other things, these decorative panels are perfect for cladding or wrapping individual furniture, showcases or presentation displays. But also, for example, for cladding walls in reception rooms, where a high degree of representativeness is required. Our DecoVitas© decorative panels are also ideal for the catering industry, where visually appealing surfaces and colours, as well as easy cleaning, are required. And also in your home, the DecoVitas© decor panels offer an exclusive solution for covering walls in your kitchen (just not in the area of the cooker) or in your bathroom. The scratch-resistant surface is easy to keep clean with standard cleaning products, so DecoVitas© Decorative Panels offer a beautiful alternative to tiles (or a cover for them if you paste them over). If the joints are sealed with silicone (for example, with our matching silicones from Parasilico), this wall covering is waterproof and can therefore also be used in shower areas, for example, or other damp rooms. You can find some application examples in the video on this website.

As the DecoVitas© decorative panels are not only ideally suited for indoor use, but also for outdoor use, many more application possibilities unfold. The high-gloss side can be printed, so that these plastic sheets can also be used as advertising media, for example.

DecoVitas© buy decorative panels conveniently online

The DecoVitas© decor panels can be cut to any desired size and supplied by us.

The standard size for the self-adhesive decorative panels is 2440mmx1220mm and for the white panels with 3mm thickness 2600x1200 mm. On our computer-controlled panel saws, we can cut the panels exactly to your specifications (tolerance +/- 1 mm). In addition, thanks to our computer-controlled 3-axis CNC milling machines, we can also implement any shape as a contour milling - whether simple circles, ovals or even more complicated shapes according to your design (however, for this we need a DXF file of your drawing).

Mounting our DecoVitas© decor panels

The installation of the DecoVitas© high gloss panels is very easy, thanks to the adhesive layer with strong adhesion. As a rule, you will not need a craftsman to install them. The material can be easily cut, sawn, drilled or routed with the right tools. Bonding is also possible, as is printing or gluing. For industrial applications, this plastic is also excellent for thermoforming or hot bending (remove the protective film beforehand).

An additional advantage of DecoVitas© is that they are environmentally friendly. They are PVC-free and contain no plasticisers or other components or gases that are harmful or hazardous to health. You can simply dispose of leftover pieces of the decorative panels in the yellow bag.

Our competent advisory team will be happy to tell you more about the DecoVitas© gloss decor panels and its versatile application possibilities. You are also welcome to contact us at any time by phone or e-mail for material samples. In our online shop, thanks to our online configurator, you can order our high-quality and attractive DecoVitas© decor panels easily and conveniently made to measure. With the individual articles, you will find a technical data sheet for this plastic, which you can download.

Video with application examples of DecoVitas© on our Youtube channel