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Buy Plastic sheets in grey and anthracite at very favourable prices online in cut-to-size or standard format and benefit from the extensive product variety and our weight-dependent discounts.

Your advantages with grey plastic sheets from S-Polytec
  1. We offer grey sheets in standard format or precisely cut to your specifications
  2. We carry various plastic sheets from light grey to the very popular anthracite grey
  3. We offer the plastic sheets in grey for a wide variety of applications
  4. All grey plastic sheets are evenly pigmented and completely dyed
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Grey plastic panels

Grey plastic sheets made to measure - versatile and value for money

At S-Polytec, we carry an extremely extensive selection of plastic sheets in many different designs, shades and thicknesses. Depending on the plastic, we also offer thin sheets from a material thickness of 3mm. Depending on the respective plastic, the properties can vary greatly, which means that the right plastic sheet in grey is available for every project with the most diverse requirements. Our range includes, among other things, grey sheets with an exceptionally good resistance to UV radiation and weathering, which can be used to implement weatherproof projects outdoors without having to worry about premature embrittlement or fading. In food processing trades and industries, as well as in private households, plastics with food-safe properties are required. For this purpose, we have a well-assorted product range of physiologically harmless sheets that are approved for use in foodstuffs.

We offer grey plastic sheets even for very demanding projects, such as balcony construction. For this purpose, we have HPL sheets with the necessary ETB balcony approval in our range. These can be used without question for high-quality balcony and roof terrace surrounds and are ideally suited for large-area cladding of interior and exterior walls. For building projects where a high stability of the panel is required, we provide you with a large variety of grey panels in our online shop, which have excellent impact strength and dimensional stability. Among other things, these are used for impact-resistant cladding in interior and exterior areas, as well as for the production of robust bumpers, car body parts or worktops on workbenches. Furthermore, we offer transparent plastic sheets with a fine grey tint made of shatterproof polycarbonate or scratch-resistant acrylic glass. In addition to PMMA, we have other polymers in our range that have good scratch resistance.

We also have chemical-resistant plastics in various shades of grey in our diverse product range. Depending on the material, these have excellent resistance to many acids, alkalis and solvents and are preferably used for tank and plant construction in the chemical and electrical industries. For conveyor technology, we offer sheets in grey with excellent sliding properties. In addition, we have flame-retardant plastic sheets in the scope of delivery. These are used for the construction of fire-retardant wall cladding in public buildings, or for the construction of fire protection installations. It is very important to us to offer you a large selection of many different products with the highest possible quality. At the same time, we attach great importance to always offering you our articles at fair and favourable prices.

We cut the panels according to your wishes to the millimetre. To ensure that the cutting is absolutely gentle, we have several CNC panel saws for horizontal cutting, all of which are equipped with air jet tables. Even complex shapes, cut-outs or edge processing, which require the highest precision, can be produced by us. For this we use our CNC portal milling machines with advanced computer control. For detailed cuts, filigree shapes or if a polished edge is desired, our latest generation CO2 laser cutting machines are used, depending on the plastic. A large number of our grey plastics can also be selected in the standard format of 2000mmx1000mm. These can easily be processed further by yourself as required, for which simple woodworking tools are usually sufficient. We always guarantee prompt processing with short delivery times. Thanks to our extensive warehousing, we are able to do this even for large quantities and extensive cutting.

Our standard delivery programme for plastic sheets in grey

  1. Weatherproof HPL sheets with surface decor on both sides in anthracite, light grey, dusty grey and silver grey in cut to size
  2. Aluminium composite panels with stove-enamelled surface finishes on both sides in various shades of grey in cut-to-size
  3. TÜV-approved ASA/ABS sheets with one-sided grain in window grey in cut-to-size or standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  4. Transparent acrylic sheets (PMMA) with grey tint in laser cut up to 1500mmx980mm with polished cut edge
  5. Durable polypropylene sheets (PP-H) in grey in exact saw-cut or as standard format sheet 2000mm x 1000mm
  6. Highly flammable polypropylene sheets (PP-S) in grey in many different thicknesses in standard format 2000mm x 1000mm
  7. Hard PVC sheets of low flammability in various finishes in light or dark grey made to measure or as a standard sheet
  8. Break-proof polycarbonate sheets (UV-resistant) in transparent design with grey tint in precise cut

Our extended delivery programme on request

  1. Grey tinted polycarbonate as standard sheets or large blanks up to a size of 4000mm x 2000mm
  2. HPL sheets in anthracite, light grey, dust grey and silver grey up to a maximum format of 3050mm x 1300mm
  3. Aluminium composite panels in anthracite, dust grey or silver up to a maximum cut-to-size of 3050mm x 1500mm
  4. Milled parts with individual contours, recesses or holes from our grey panels according to your drawing
  5. Various assembly material with grey top coat according to RAL colour matching our HPL panels
  6. and much more

NOTE: With our extended delivery programme, there may be deviations in shipping costs and delivery times. If you have any queries about our product range and delivery conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly service staff.

Grey - Everything between black and white

By definition, the colour grey is a mixture of black and white, but it is rarely a pure combination of these two hues. When mixed with other colours, many undertones are created. Depending on the manufacturer and the chosen mixing ratio, there is an almost infinite colour palette from warm grey tones with a certain yellow component to cold tones with a corresponding blue component, as well as countless shades from light light grey to a popular anthracite grey, which can be very dark depending on the black component. It is quite possible that different manufacturers use the identical colour designation, but do not correspond to the same shade due to a different mixing ratio. For example, a panel in anthracite from a certain supplier may appear significantly darker or cooler than the same material with the same colour designation from another manufacturer.

In order to ensure a consistent colour shade, it is important to use the same colour designation throughout.

To ensure colour consistency throughout, special colour systems are used in which colour tones are precisely defined. This applies to wall paints as well as to lacquers and plastics. In addition to HKS and Pantone, there is also the very widespread RAL colour system, which assigns a unique colour number to each colour tone. Grey colours in the RAL colour system all have a four-digit number starting with a seven. Our high-pressure laminates, HPL for short, are available in the very popular grey shade anthracite grey, for example, this shade has the RAL code RAL7016. On top of that, the exact colour designation allows you to find the matching and optimally colour-coordinated installation material. For example, we offer the matching balcony screws, facade screws or facade rivets with a head lacquer in exactly this RAL colour for the HPL plastic panels mentioned colour shade.

However, the mixing ratio is not the only factor that defines a colour shade; the surface finish of the respective plastic also influences the visual perception. Even if it corresponds exactly to the RAL colour system, it may appear slightly different on a smooth or glossy surface than on a matt or textured surface. Furthermore, the material itself can make the effect of an identical colour shade appear minimally different. For example, our facade screws and rivets have a head lacquer that exactly matches the anthracite grey of the corresponding HPL panels with the colour code RAL7016. Despite the identical colour and the same degree of gloss, the colour shade can differ barely perceptibly depending on the incidence and intensity of light. Our head-painted mounting material can equally be used for our anthracite-coloured aluminium composite panels, even if they do not exactly match the RAL7016 colour. A colour deviation can hardly be perceived here, as the difference between the colour shades is exceedingly small.

Typical examples of grey plastic panels

Grey plastic sheet comes in many different styles and thicknesses, with a variety of uses. Except for the transparent polycarbonate and acrylic sheets with a grey tint, all our grey plastic sheets are opaque and opaque. The transparent sheets are often used when a light visual and light protection is desired and represent a weight-reduced alternative to smoked glass. Among many other applications, they are often used for lighting elements, table decorations or for discreetly screening privacy walls indoors and outdoors. For projects such as balcony construction, the erection of protective walls or cladding for exterior walls, there is a large selection of plastics in grey colouring. These have exceptionally good properties in terms of resistance to UV radiation and even adverse weather conditions. Our panels also have many uses indoors. For example, decorative wall and furniture cladding or robust partition walls are made of rigid panels with a scratch-resistant surface. In addition, the visual appearance is another important aspect for interior design or furniture construction. Grey plastic panels with a grained surface are particularly well suited for such purposes.

In a wide variety of industries and trades, plastics have become indispensable due to their diverse properties and areas of application. In areas where food is processed or prepared, the plastic must be physiologically safe. For these purposes, there is a large selection of food-safe polymers. In the automotive industry, for example, the TÜV-tested and extremely shatter-proof ASA/ABS sheets in grey are preferred for the production of impact-resistant moulded parts, such as bumpers or interior trim. Furthermore, there are various sheets with impact-resistant properties that can also withstand strong blows and impacts. Plastic sheets with chemical-resistant and fireproof properties are used for many applications in the chemical and electrical industries. There, they are used, for example, for the construction of fire protection equipment or flame-retardant cladding of interior and exterior walls. In addition, our plastic sheets have very good insulating properties, which is why housings for electrical appliances are often made of this material.

  1. Transparent plastic sheets with a grey tint are used for translucent and visible partition walls or lighting elements
  2. In outdoor areas, rigid PVC, HPL and aluminium composite panels in grey are ideally suited for privacy screens and wall cladding
  3. For furniture construction, scratch-resistant and dimensionally stable plastic sheets made of acrylic glass and high-pressure laminate are used
  4. In container and plant construction, chemical-resistant and fireproof rigid PVC, HPL and polypropylene sheets are frequently used
  5. In trades and industries where food is processed, polyethylene and polypropylene in grey are the optimal plastics
  6. Flame-retardant HPL panels in grey are used in exhibition stand construction for sophisticated exhibition stands and privacy-protecting partition walls

Properties of grey plastic sheets

Depending on the area of application and the prevailing conditions there, the right plastic should be selected for the respective project. For outdoor applications, for example, UV and weather resistance are the top priorities, but fire-resistant properties are usually not necessary. In building projects where light and visibility are desired, a sheet with a certain transparency is chosen. In industries and trades where foodstuffs are processed, care must be taken to ensure that the plastic is food-safe and physiologically harmless; resistance to weathering is largely not required in such cases. For demanding projects such as balcony construction or wall cladding, plastic sheets with the highest stability and impact resistance are indispensable. For this purpose, for example, there are our HPL sheets with the necessary ETB balcony approval. In furniture construction, it is quite important that the material used does not tend to scratch and appears visually appealing. For these purposes, scratch-resistant plastics with a hard and also attractive surface are chosen; chemical resistance is usually not necessary here.

Our product range is extremely diverse, so we carry a large selection of grey plastic sheets with many different properties. Consequently, one or more sheets can be found in our online shop for almost every conceivable application. These are all completely dyed, so the cut or milled edges have an identical colour to the surface. The materials HPL and aluminium composite are an exception. Due to the manufacturing processes of these materials, through-colouring is not possible. Our transparent panels are not simply provided with a foil coating, they have a high-quality and consistently fine tint with a slightly reduced transparency and translucency due to the addition of grey colour pigments.

Weatherproof plastic sheets in grey

Plastic sheets that are used outdoors should have weatherproof properties. This includes excellent resistance to UV radiation as well as to all weather influences such as acid rain and frost. Plastics without these resistances can fade or become porous over time, which can significantly shorten their lifespan. To prevent this, there is a wide range of weatherproof sheets made of plastic in a grey colour that can be used without hesitation, even in a wide variety of weather conditions.

One of the weatherproof plastics in grey is high-pressure laminate. Our HPL panels are UV-resistant and can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. Due to their enormous rigidity, they are ideally suited for the construction of privacy fences, wall cladding or for the construction of tool sheds. For the latter, the visually appealing panels are screwed to a substructure made of wood or aluminium. In addition, they comply with the ETB guideline for balcony construction, so they are perfect for robust cladding on balcony and terrace surrounds. Our matching assembly material with matching grey head lacquering is the perfect complement to the HPL sheets and allows for a problem-free and time-saving implementation of such projects. Our high-quality aluminium composite panels in various shades of grey are another material with extremely weatherproof properties. The UV-resistant stove enamelling prevents the grey colour from fading, even after many years of outdoor use. In addition, they have a high bending and breaking strength. As a result, window profiles, door leaves and weatherboards are quite often made of this bending-resistant material.

While our ABS sheets are not weatherproof, our ASA/ABS sheets are certainly suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the UV-stable ASA top layer, which is inseparably bonded to the ABS sheet, this extremely impact-resistant plastic can be used outdoors without hesitation. Due to its excellent moulding properties, one of many areas of application is automotive engineering. There they are used for the production of shatter-proof bumpers, interior trim as well as fittings, which do not fade or become brittle even when exposed to intensive and permanent sunlight. Our light grey rigid PVC sheets are also available in a UV-stabilised version. These have a low flammability and have proven themselves in building construction and stadium construction. In addition, this solid material is very well suited for the construction of outdoor exhibition stands.

Our acrylic glass sheets in tinted grey, as well as the grey polycarbonate in transparent version, are among the weather-resistant plastics that we offer in millimetre-precise cuts at favourable prices. These sheets are often used for break-proof and discreetly darkening glazing with light privacy protection. For weatherproof patio roofs and canopies with a discreet protection against light incidence, these sheets are an optimal choice, with a significant weight saving at the same time.

Transparent plastic panels tinted in grey

Our transparent plastic sheets are provided with a fine and continuous tint in grey. The addition of grey colour pigments creates a distinct colouration of the otherwise crystal clear and transparent sheets. This has an effect on the light transmission, which also has an effect on the transparency. The transparency remains, but is reduced to a greater or lesser extent depending on the thickness of the chosen sheet. However, the thermal and technical properties of our transparent sheets in grey are not affected by the pigmentation.

Our transparent plastic sheets in tinted grey include, on the one hand, our scratch-resistant acrylic sheets. Tinted acrylic glass, which is better known to most under the brand name Plexiglas®, are translucent and visible with a slight darkening function and have eight to ten times the impact resistance of glass. In addition, these sheets are characterised by weatherproof and UV-resistant properties, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor projects without fear of fading the grey tint. As such, they are often used as a shatterproof glass replacement. Beyond this, these decorative panels can be used for countless indoor projects. Among many other things, they are used to make table tops, shelves in shelving units and display cabinets, as well as modern partition walls with integrated lighting. Due to the high surface hardness, they are less susceptible to scratching. In advertising technology, grey-tinted PMMA sheets are a popular material, for example for advertising signs with filigree laser engravings. Cutting with a laser produces smooth, polished edges. Even fine details are possible by laser engraving tinted PMMA. Furthermore, illuminated letters, also in large format, for shops or company buildings are made from our transparent acrylic glass panels.

Our grey polycarbonate sheets are also transparent and have a fine, continuous tint that is reminiscent of the look of smoked glass. Tinted polycarbonate sheets have a darkening effect and, depending on their thickness, have a light transmission of between 40% and 55%. Thus, they are often used in areas with strong incidence of light to provide a discreetly darkening and always visually permeable solar control glazing for indoor and outdoor use. This UV-stabilised variant of polycarbonate is extremely weather-resistant and, thanks to its high impact resistance, extremely hail-proof. For this reason, it is used to make shatterproof patio roofs and glazing with a light privacy screen, among other things. Indoors, these decorative panels are a good choice for many projects. For example, impact-resistant partition wall systems and many other interior designs, also often with integrated light sources, are made of grey PC. Our PC sheets are also used in mechanical engineering for break-proof covers and bonnets in visible areas.

Impact-resistant plastic sheets in grey

Our impact-resistant plastic sheets include our ABS and ASA/ABS sheets, which we offer as UV-resistant ASA/ABS variants in the colour shade window grey (RAL 7040). Due to the UV resistance and weatherproof properties of the ASA top side, they do not tend to fade or become brittle even under strong and long-lasting sunlight. As a result, the sheets retain their enormous impact strength even in adverse outdoor conditions. In addition, our ASA/ABS sheets have been tested by TÜV for their resistance to shattering. In the automotive industry, for example, shatterproof bumpers or interior trim and fittings are made from this robust material. Grey ASA/ABS also has many applications in the interior, for example as impact-resistant underlays or table tops for workbenches. This material is also extremely well suited for the production of impact-resistant housing parts of all kinds. Another plastic with enormous impact resistance is our transparent polycarbonate with a grey tint. With the same material thickness, PC is many times stronger than glass and can withstand even strong hailstorms. In addition, these sheets are UV-stabilised and weatherproof. Thus, among other things, slightly darkening and break-proof glazings with light privacy protection are made of this robust polymer, both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, polyethylene is one of the plastics with enormous impact resistance. With a density of only 0.92 g/cm³, grey PE-HD is definitely one of the very light plastic sheets. However, the weight per square metre increases with increasing material thickness. The UV-stabilised sheets have a medium coarse grain on both sides and are used just as much indoors as outdoors. For example, they are used in playground construction or as impact protection on walls in warehouses or garages.

Our rigid PVC sheets have high rigidity and dimensional stability and are quite impact resistant. The grey PVC sheets are made of solid core material without a foamed core and, depending on the version, are available with UV stabilisation, which is also suitable for outdoor projects. OVC is suitable for a wide range of applications and is used in electrical and plant engineering, for example, for robust housings for electrical appliances, where fire-resistant properties are also required. Furthermore, these dimensionally stable plastic sheets are often used in the trade fair and advertising sector as a robust carrier plate for advertising prints with excellent colour brilliance and print quality. In addition, our grey high-pressure laminate is impact resistant and extremely rigid. The robust plastic is also weatherproof and UV-resistant, which means that it can be used outdoors without hesitation. Since our HPL sheets have ETB balcony approval, they are frequently used to make impact-resistant and durable cladding for balconies and patios, as well as for large-scale wall cladding. These plastic sheets are also extremely suitable for the construction of sturdy privacy fences and garden sheds. In interior design, they are also used for room dividers or decorative wall cladding and screens walls.

Scratch-resistant plastic panels in grey

For applications where a visually appealing surface is desired, the use of scratch-resistant plastic sheets is very important. For such purposes, our robust HPL boards in grey can be used. HPL is a high-pressure laminate and consists of several layers of kraft paper at its core. The surface consists of layers of decorative paper that define the colour tone of the surface. Our HPL boards are available in various shades of grey, which are manufactured according to the RAL colour system. The individual layers are soaked in resins and pressed under high pressure to form a solid board. Due to their very hard surface finish, the decorative panels are highly resistant to scratching and are used for sophisticated cladding in interior and exterior applications.

Due to their high surface hardness, our acrylic sheets with grey tint are also among the plastics that are insensitive to scratching. They are often used as glass substitutes outdoors to reduce strong light incidence or in furniture construction for transparent shelves and showcases. In interior design, the transparent tinted PMMA sheets are used for decorative partition walls or light installations. Furthermore, our grained sheets such as ASA/ABS or polyethylene are among the plastics that are considered less scratch-sensitive thanks to their surface structure. Although these plastics have a lower surface hardness than high-pressure laminate or acrylic glass, minor scratches are hardly noticeable due to the grained surface.

Heavily flammable plastic panels in grey

In some special areas of application, high demands are placed on fire protection. There, it is essential that the material to be processed has flame-retardant properties. In our scope of delivery, we have several grey plastic sheets with low flammability. Rigid PVC is one of the most common plastics when it comes to this demanding task and is classified as flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1. This resistant material is self-extinguishing once the flame has been removed. In addition, our rigid PVC in light grey is also available as a weatherproof and UV-stabilised version, so that it is equally well suited for outdoor applications as it is for indoor use. Furthermore, this material is electrically insulating, which is why fire-resistant moulded parts and housings for electrical appliances or covers in plant construction are often made from this versatile plastic. Since PVC also has excellent resistance to chemicals, rigid PVC in grey is often used for container construction in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, these sheets have an extremely good stability and rigidity, so they are often used in building construction, for example, for formwork of concrete components.

Our solid high-pressure laminate panels in anthracite (RAL7016), dusty grey (RAL7037) and light grey (RAL7035) are considered flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1 and have very good temperature resistance. HPL can be used permanently at temperatures from -30°C to +80°C. In addition, the decorative panels are UV and weather resistant and can therefore be used outdoors without any problems. One of the many areas of application for these versatile panels is interior finishing in accordance with the relevant fire protection regulations. In public buildings, the requirements for heavy flammability must usually be guaranteed, so our grey HPL panels are often used for the construction of wall cladding on exterior walls. The ETB balcony approval is another vorteil of this material, which guarantees the use of the sheets as balcony cladding by craftsmen. In addition, fire-safe cladding of interior and exterior walls with an attractive surface, as well as kitchen backsplashes in private households and large kitchens are made of our HPL decorative panels.

As a special variant of polypropylene, our PP-S in dark grey is also one of the flame-retardant plastics. The solid sheets made of PP-S are permanently heat-stable with continuous operating temperatures of up to 100°C and can thus also be used long-term under high temperatures. Another aspect that should not be ignored is the extremely good resistance to chemicals. This technical plastic is resistant to many acids, alkalis as well as solvents and is therefore ideally suited for the construction of containers and covers in the chemical industry, especially for contact with flammable substances. Other positive aspects of this durable material are its high surface hardness and impact resistance, which makes this flame-retardant polypropylene perfect for applications in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Food-safe plastic sheets in grey

In industries and trades where food is processed or prepared, attention must be paid to the food approval of the plastic used. The food-safe plastic sheets in grey include polyethylene and polypropylene, which we offer either cut to size or as a whole sheet in 2x1 metre format. Polypropylene sheets have a higher surface hardness than polyethylene and are ideal for everyday items that may come into contact with food. This material is used, among other things, to make everyday items for processing and storing food. Polyethylene is also frequently used for food packaging, but due to its excellent sliding properties, it is preferred in materials handling technology as well as in machine and plant construction used for the production of food. Our robust HPL sheets in grey are also considered physiologically safe. High-pressure laminate, however, is more commonly used for cladding balconies and walls outdoors or in interior design because of its exceptionally good properties in terms of bending stiffness and appealing appearance.

Temperature application ranges of grey plastic panels

Depending on the plastic, the temperature application range can vary significantly. Depending on the intended use, it is therefore essential to ensure that the desired plastic sheet can be used at the prevailing temperatures. For outdoor applications, UV resistance alone is not always sufficient, so depending on the region, attention should also be paid to the temperature resistance of the material. Especially in countries where temperatures can drop below zero degrees, it should be considered that a plastic is suitable for sub-zero temperatures. Grey polycarbonate has quite a wide temperature application range from -40°C up to 120°C. Consequently, PC is extremely frost-resistant and can be used permanently at considerably high temperatures. Acrylic glass, aluminium composite panels and high-pressure laminate have similar resistance to temperatures. They are all frost-resistant to at least -30°C and can withstand a maximum temperature of +80°C permanently. Therefore, these plastics are suitable for permanent outdoor use without hesitation. The grained ASA/ABS is also suitable for indoor and outdoor projects and can be used at temperatures from -10°C up to +90°C.

Polyethylene can be used at temperatures from -50°C up to +80°C. However, PE is not weatherproof compared to the previous plastics and is therefore mainly used in areas where the UV resistance of a plastic plays a subordinate role, for example in mechanical engineering or the food industry. Polypropylene is quite comparable to polyethylene (PE-HD) in its essential properties, but it cannot tolerate sub-zero temperatures. The temperature range of polypropylene is from 0°C to +100°C, and thus it is not frost-resistant, but it can be used permanently at quite high temperatures, which is why kitchen utensils are often made of this plastic. Rigid PVC, with a temperature range of 0°C to +60°C, is not frost-resistant and cannot be used permanently at too high temperatures. However, the temperature range is perfectly adequate for indoor fire protection equipment, which is why PVC sheets are chosen less on the basis of their temperature resistance and are usually used because of their flame-retardant properties. It is different with the UV-stabilised variant of PVC, because this can be used permanently even at sub-zero temperatures of up to -20°C.