Tools & Tool accessories for plastics processing

For the processing of our plastic sheets, we offer you the necessary tools and furthermore also suitable drills, bits and other consumables at fair prices.

Your advantages when buying tools from S-Polytec
  1. We offer tools and accessories without minimum quantities - Also for drills and bits
  2. Benefit from professional quality tools for the highest demands
  3. Professional cordless tools, batteries and chargers for trade and industry

Everything for drilling, sawing and deburring our plastic sheets

Screwing, gluing, drilling - tools and tool accessories from a single source

As a specialist dealer for cut-to-size plastic sheets, we offer you a wide variety of plastics for many more possible applications. In order for you to be able to further process or use these plastic sheet blanks, we would also like to provide you with the appropriate tools and the matching consumables, so that you receive everything you need for plastic processing, such as drilling, sawing, fastening or edge processing, from a single source.

We rely exclusively on high-quality materials and selected manufacturers who stand for the highest manufacturing quality, so that we can be sure that you are always completely satisfied with the selection of our range. Starting with tools for assembling our plastic sheets, through practical hand tools for further processing of our plastics and adhesives, to special tools for welding plastics, we have carefully selected each product for you. For example, all our drills from the standard delivery programme are made of high-quality HSS alloys in profile-ground design. We also always make sure that our tools and equipment meet all your requirements in professional quality.

Our tools for plastics processing at a glance

  • Countless drill bits for plastic, metal and concrete as well as bits & professional complete sets
  • Tools for deburring cut edges and drill holes for plastic, wood & metal
  • Welding equipment & Hot air blowers for welding plastics with our welding rods
  • Application guns & accessories for our silicones, MS polymers and 2-component adhesives
  • and much more

NOTE: We are constantly working on expanding our product range so that you can find everything you need to process our plastic sheet blanks in our online shop.

Handy tools for edge processing

Sawing, milling or drilling plastics is very easy to implement, depending on the plastic, but such machining techniques usually produce fine burrs on the cut edges. However, these can be removed very easily with simple hand deburrers. In our online shop we offer various deburring tools for edge processing, from profile scrapers with straight blades in various sizes to round deburrers for hole drilling and smaller cut-outs. The matching replacement blades can be ordered at the same time if required.

NOTE: Our deburrers are not only suitable for plastics, but can also be used to optimise cutting edges on blanks made of wood or metal.

Tool accessories for cordless screwdrivers & drills

Drilling of plastic sheets is one of the most common processing techniques that are carried out after cutting. In our shop, we have the right drill bits for this, from simple HSS-G drill bits, HK drill bits especially for drilling brittle plastics such as acrylic glass or PVC, or even HPL drill bits made of solid carbide, which we have developed especially for drilling hard HPL sheets. Thus, we offer the right drill for each of our plastics.

In addition, holes must be drilled in substructures or walls for mounting the panels. For this, too, we offer all the drill bits needed for drilling stone, concrete or metal, in a wide range of designs and sizes, from individual drill bits to complete sets in the practical MultiPack or the robust industrial cassette. For screwing, we not only have the right screwdriver bits, but also a comprehensive single-cut tap set for screwing threaded screws directly into plastic, hardwood or metal.

Our drills & bits at a glance

  • Solid carbide facade panel drill for HPL and hardwood
  • Individual HSS-G drills in many different sizes
  • SDS plus hammer drill bit for stone and concrete with PGM test mark
  • Professional bit sets and individual bit inserts for our screws
  • HSS-G and HSS-Co5 drill bit sets in robust industrial case
  • HSS countersink as set in robust industrial case
  • HSS single-cut tap set with core hole drill
  • and many more

Tools for plastic welding

Plastic welding is an extremely popular method of joining plastic sheet blanks and is used, among other things, in industrial container construction. In addition, plastic welding is a very good alternative to gluing plastics. Plastics that are difficult to bond, such as PE-HD or PP, are very often welded. Adhesives on a two-component basis are also available for these plastics, but they are not suitable for foodstuffs, so that food-processing industries often resort to welding these plastics.

In our online shop, we also offer you suitable welding rods in various colours and designs in your desired length to match our cut-to-size plastic sheets. In addition, you will find a selection of high-quality hot-air welding equipment for plastic welding in the welding equipment & accessories category, as well as the matching attachments for the welding equipment and welding pistons. For preparatory work steps, for example, removing the plastic surface for an optimised weld seam, this category also lists useful hand tools, for example, gouging tools or weld seam slides.

Everything you need for gluing

In the adhesives & sealants category, we carry a whole range of adhesives. From universal plastic adhesives, cold welding adhesives for acrylic glass, ABS or polycarbonate, to very special adhesives for hard-to-bond plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Especially for our adhesives, where two components are mixed together, but also for our MS polymers, application guns are needed. A cartridge gun is also required for our silicones, which we carry in many different colours in our online shop.

So that you can start gluing, sealing or caulking straight away, we offer you selected glue guns in professional craftsman quality at a fair price. In addition, you will also find consumables such as adhesive mixers for our two-component adhesives for single use in the category Application guns & accessories.