Tools and assembly material for our plastic sheets

For processing our plastic sheets, we offer you the necessary tools and, moreover, the the right assembly material for fastening palstic sheets at low graduated prices.

Your advantages with plastic sheets from S-Polytec
  1. We offer high-quality screws for the assembly of our plastic plates.
  2. We stock a variety of different spacers for signs and acrylic glass plates.
  3. Benefit from selected tools in professional quality for highest demands.

Everything For the Processing and Assembly Of Our Plastic Panels

Screwing, gluing, drilling – everything from one source

As a specialist dealer for cut-to-size plastic sheets, we offer you a wide range of plastics for many more applications. To enable you to further process or use these plastic sheet blanks, we would also like to provide you with the appropriate tools or assembly material so that you can obtain everything you need from a single source.

We only use high-quality materials and selected manufacturers, so that we can be sure that you are always completely satisfied with the quality of our range. Starting with the assembly material for our plastic sheets, tools for the further processing of our plastics and adhesives, up to special tools for welding plastics, we have carefully selected each product. For example, all our screws from the standard delivery programme are made of high-quality stainless steel alloys. We also always make sure that the tools and equipment are of professional quality and meet all your requirements.

  • Head-coated façade screws for wooden substructures made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Stainless steel balcony screws in many different designs with painted screw head
  • Spacer & clamp for wall signs, pictures and information boards made of solid stainless steel
  • Rivets and riveting tools for mounting our aluminium composite panels in various designs
  • welding equipment & -pistons for welding plastics with our welding wires
  • application guns & accessories for our silicones, MS-polymers and 2-component adhesives
  • and much more

TIP: We are constantly working on expanding our product range so that you can find everything you need for processing and assembling our plastic sheet blanks in our online shop.

Stainless Steel Facade Screws

For the installation of facade cladding with our HPL panels, we offer high-quality facade screws made of stainless steel. These are optionally available with or without scratch-resistant head coating at very favourable graduated prices, and that already from one screw. The lacquered screws have been matched exactly to our HPL panels in RAL, so that colour and gloss match the corresponding facade panel. The weatherproof screws are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can also be used in damp rooms.

The screws with a coarse thread of 5,5x35mm are suitable for a wooden substructure, but can also be used for screwing façade panels directly onto the wall, provided that a suitable dowel is used. However, the wood screws cannot be used for a tubular steel frame or a metal construction. For this purpose we offer in the category balcony screws the suitable screws with metric thread and self-locking cap nut in colour or blank.

Balcony Screws With Metric Thread

Balcony screws are mainly used for mounting balcony cladding with HPL panels. The screws owe their designation to this application and this is also the reason why our head-coated screws are exactly matched to our HPL board in RAL in terms of colour and gloss level.

However, the term balcony screws may be a little misleading, because the screws can be used in many different ways, so that their use is not limited to the installation of balcony privacy screens. Similar to the façade screws, the usability of the balcony screws depends on the type of substructure. For a construction made of wood, façade screws are very suitable, but not for substructures made of metal, so that here our balcony screws with metric thread are the better choice. We offer these not only in different colours, but also with different clamping ranges, which are based on the thickness of the cladding panel and the thickness of the supporting structure.

High Quality Wall Brackets For Signs

Spacers for mounting pictures, signs, information boards and company signs, are a visually attractive alternative to mounting our plastic plate blanks with conventional screws on the wall. In our category spacers & clamp-on brackets, you will find a selection of high-quality wall brackets made of stainless steel with a very finely brushed surface and faceted cover cap in various designs. We offer you the solidly manufactured wall brackets in various diameters and with different wall distances. In addition, we also offer the most common sizes with a flatter cover cap and locking screw, which makes it more difficult to steal the holders and signs.

All spacers in our online shop can already be ordered from one piece and can be delivered at short notice at any time thanks to extensive stock keeping as a standard range. Should you require spacers in other designs, for example with a greater distance from the wall, we are able to call them up from the manufacturer within a few days. The same applies to spacers in polished or satin finish, or wall spacers made of other materials such as brass or aluminium.

Other fastening systems such as clamp holders for signs, rope fastenings for hanging signs and signposts can also be obtained from the manufacturer at short notice on request.

Everything You Need for Gluing

In the category adhesives & sealants we carry a whole range of adhesives. From universal plastic adhesives, cold welding adhesives for acrylic glass, ABS or polycarbonate, to very special adhesives for plastics that are difficult to bond such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Especially for our adhesives where two components are mixed together, but also for our MS-polymers, application guns are needed. A cartridge press is also required for our silicones, which we stock in our online shop in a wide range of colours.

So that you can start gluing, sealing or sealing directly, we offer you selected glue guns in professional craftsman quality at a fair price. In addition, in the category application guns & accessories you will also find consumables, such as glue mixers for our adhesives on a two-component basis for single use.

Expansion of Our Product Range

As a specialist dealer for plastic sheets cut to size with millimetre precision, it is very important to us that we can supply you with everything you need for the further processing of our products. We are always looking for further products in the best possible quality at reasonable prices. This also means that we are constantly improving our range in terms of tools, assembly materials and accessories. Should you miss something that you think should not be missing in an online shop for plastic sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always do our best to satisfy you 100% and are always open to suggestions.