Adhesives and sealants

At S-Polytec we run a variety of adhesives and sealants for almost all areas of application in professional quality, just as they are used by companies in industry and trade. Buy your glue and silicone comfortable online. Thanks to our own warehousing, short delivery times are guaranteed.

Your advantages of our adhesives & sealants
  1. We offer only high-quality adhesives and silicones in professional quality
  2. We offer you an extensive range of different colors of silicone sealants
  3. We also offer the right adhesives for materials that are difficult to bond
  4. Benefit from our low graduated prices and fast delivery times

Bonding and sealing with S-Polytec

Buy silicone in excellent quality

Our silicones are produced exactly according to the RAL colour system and are suitable as neutral-cross-linking sealants for almost all substrates. Even on sensitive substrates such as natural stone or marble, the silicones offered in the shop can be used, as they are not acetic-curing and therefore do not attack the sensitive surfaces. Our silicones in the standard cartridge are easy to use and can be applied with any standard silicone gun, such as our S-Polybond professional silicone gun.

Buy your silicones from the online stockist and benefit from our generous quantity discounts!

  1. High-quality, neutral-curing silicones from Parasilico with excellent viscosity
  2. Also suitable for sealing sensitive substrates such as natural stone or marble
  3. Attractive graduated prices when buying several silicones of the same colour
  4. Extensive colour selection of our silicones with production according to the RAL colour system

NOTE: Other colours and finishes of our silicones available on request with a minimum order of 25 cartridges.

Adhesives of our own brand S-Polybond

Buy adhesives directly from the manufacturer - Best quality - Made in Germany!

With our own brand S-Polybond, we have made it our business to be able to offer a suitable special adhesive for every material.

There are countless adhesives, but not all adhesives are the same and not every adhesive can be used for every material. With our own developments, we already offer you a whole range of special adhesives that are intended for industrial, commercial use as well as for private users. Our main focus is on the development and distribution of inexpensive, professional adhesives for plastics that are difficult to bond, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, but also special cold welding adhesives for certain plastics that guarantee a permanent and secure bond.

Several other products are already in the development and test phase, so that our product range for S-Polybond adhesives can be further expanded in the future.

Our product range for S-Polybond special adhesives

  1. S-Polybond ABSprofi for cold bonding especially for ABS, ASA/ABS and many more
  2. S-Polybond PMMAprofi for cold bonding especially for acrylic glass, Plexiglas®, Perspex® and many more
  3. S-Polybond POLYCARBONATEprofi for cold welding bonding especially for polycarbonate, Lexan®, Markolon® and many more
  4. S-Polybond PEprofi for bonding by cold welding especially for polyethylene (PE-HD, PE-HMW, PE-UHMW) and many more
  5. S-Polybond PPprofi for cold bonding especially for polypropylene (PP-H, PP-C, PP-EL, PP-S) and many more

NOTE: For our own brand S-Polybond we offer attractive conditions for resellers and wholesalers.

Selected adhesives in best quality

For this reason, in addition to our own brand adhesives and sealants, we also stock selected adhesives from well-known manufacturers in order to be able to offer you the right adhesive for every type of bonding.

Our delivery programme for adhesives from specific manufacturers

  1. Various plastic adhesives from Ruderer and Technicoll
  2. Special two-component adhesives for plastics and metal from Plexus
  3. MS polymers as powerful assembly adhesives for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen
  4. Primer as a bonding agent for our Plexus adhesives
  5. Application tools and accessories for perfect bonding
  6. and much more

NOTE: Please note our favourable graduated prices when purchasing adhesives in larger quantities.