The product range of S-Polytec

Plastic sheets

As a specialist dealer for plastic sheets, we not only have plastic sheets in a certain size, we are thanks state-of-the-art machinery also able to cut your plastic sheets to the millimeter exactly to your specifications.

Plastic sheets in custom cut online via our configurator from S-Polytec

Blanks via our configurator

For blanks up to a maximum size of 2.0 x 1.0 meters, we have specially created a blank configurator, in which you can enter the desired thickness, the desired length and the desired width. Our configurator determines your price for your individual plastic sheets immediately depending on the entered dimensions and the desired quantity, as well as the desired plastic. Our trained specialist staff cuts the plastic sheets on one of our modern, lying panel saws to exactly the size you ordered.

NOTE: The saw tolerances of our panel saws are +/- 1mm.

Oversized blanks

If you need plastic sheets in blanks that are larger than the maximum size possible in the blank configurator, this is quite possible depending on the type of plastic. Our panel saws can handle formats up to 4.2 x 4.2 meters.

The easiest way is to send us the desired dimensions, the required board thickness and the desired material by email to Our qualified staff will process your request immediately and send you an individual offer including shipping costs.

Milled plastic parts

You need plastic plates in a specific shape, which differ from the rectangular blanks on our panel saws? You need rounded corners, cutouts, holes or complex contour milling? Then just use our milling service.

Milled plastic parts with our modern 3-axis CNC milling machines online from S-Polytec

Individual contour milling

Thanks to our modern 3-axis CNC milling machines, we are able to produce plastic party with a milling format of up to 4.0 x 2.0 meters. Using advanced CAM solutions, we are able to create optimal and fast milling programs that allow us to produce cost-effectively, whether it's a single milled part, a prototype (for mass production) or a large-scale, consistently high production Quality acts.

Due to the complexity of individual specifications regarding shapes, cut-outs and holes, the creation of plastic milled parts is currently only possible on request.

Just send us an E-Mail with information about the desired material, the desired thickness and the required quantity per delivery. Furthermore, we need a sketch with dimensioning for the creation of an individual offer, which clearly shows what the contour milling should look like. Our experienced staff will then send you an individual offer incl. shipping costs as soon as possible, or contact you for any further questions.

For the production of milled parts, a true-to-scale design drawing is needed. The following file formats can be edited by us: DXF and DWG for two-dimensional milled parts or STEP and IGES for three-dimensional milled parts. Furthermore, we can convert EPS, AI files (Adobe Illustrator) and vector-based PDF files into a format that can be processed by our CNC router.

Standard plastic sheets

In addition to our services to deliver the plastic sheets to the millimeter to your specifications, or to create special milled parts according to the design drawing, we also offer you the opportunity to supply almost all of our plastic sheets as standard plates, so that you can process them yourself.

Standard formats

Our standard range of plastic sheets, which you can conveniently order online through our shop, refers to sheets in the format 2.0 x 1.0 meters.

On request, depending on the type of plastic, we can also supply larger sheets, for example in a format of 3.0 x 1.5 meters or 4.0 x 2.0 meters, in some cases even up to a size of 6.20 x 2.01 meters.

Standard colors

In our online shop, you always get the most popular colors that are available for the respective plastic sheets. From sheets in their natural color to full-surface colored plastic sheets in black, gray or white to colored sheets in yellow, blue, green or red.

From a minimum quantity of between 500kg and 5,000kg, depending on the type of plastic, it is also possible to produce plastic panels in your desired color according to the RAL color system or NCS color system.

Even surfaces with fine, medium, coarse graining or leather graining can partly be delivered from our warehouse.

Transparent plastic plates

In our online shop, we offer you a comprehensive selection of transparent plastic plates, which have different characteristics depending on the type of plastic, such as a high impact resistance, UV and weather resistance or high light transmission, so that the right plastic plate is available for every application.

Even semi-transparent - so opal, milky cloudy plastic plates are available in our standard delivery program via the online shop.

On request, considering to the minimum purchase quantity of 5,000kg, it is also possible to produce transparent plastic plates with a coloring.

Weatherproof plastic plates

Some of our plastic sheets are naturally resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use. Details on the weather resistance can be found in the respective product description.

Welding wire, pipes and rods made of plastic

In addition to our standard delivery program for plastic sheets, we can also supply you with a large number of other products made of high-quality plastics.

Welding wire made of plastic

We offer you in our online shop suitable to the respective plastics, the right welding wire in different thicknesses and colors as by the meter. On request, we can also offer you welding wire in further thicknesses, colors and plastics as roll goods.

Solid rods made of plastic

If you want plastic rods, we can supply you with rods in different lengths, colors, materials and diameters on request.

Pipes made of plastic

Plastic pipes in different lengths, colors and diameters can be supplied by S-Polytec on request.

High quality sealants & professional silicones

Buy high quality sealants & professional silicones online from S-Polytec

Our silicones are professional products used by sealers and subject to continuous and strict quality control during manufacture, such as Constant viscosity, constant color, exact adherence to the recipe or bubble-free filling. These silicones are not only suitable for sealing or gluing of most of our plastics. Due to their outstanding quality they are also suitable for sealing joints in the sanitary area (tiles, bathtub, toilet, etc.) Also for the sealing of expansion joints in the construction sector, our silicones are ideally suited.

In our online shop, we offer you high quality silicones in the most common colors as well as transparent silicones in 310ml cartridges, which can be applied with any commercial dispensing gun. On request we can supply you with a variety of other colors for silicones. It is also possible to deliver the silicones in the 600ml bag.

From an edition of 600 cartridges we are able to produce silicones in the desired color according to the RAL color system.