Acrylic glass white (opaque) laser cut

Order individual laser parts made of non-transparent acrylic glass in white online with our versatile laser part configurator at unbeatable prices. The white acrylic glass is available in 3mm thickness up to a maximum format of 1500mm length and 980mm width in laser cut. The opaque PMMA sheets are opaque and, unlike opal acrylic glass, opaque.

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Acrylic glass white laser cut

Opaque design ✓ Weatherproof ✓ Easy to configure ✓

Our white acrylic glass plates in opaque design can be easily configured online up to a maximum format of 1500mmx980mm and can be ordered as laser cuts at very reasonable prices. The sheets are opaque and, in contrast to the opal acrylic glass, are basically not translucent. For highest demands on quality and optics of the laser parts we exclusively use cast PMMA for laser cutting, because compared to extruded sheets acrylic glass GS is characterised by a clearly improved cutting edge. The laser edges show no burr and almost reach the shiny, white surfaces in terms of evenness and gloss.

The acrylic glass sheets are completely white and opaque thanks to the very high pigment density. This means that the cut edges and surfaces are identical in terms of white, which is similar to the RAL colour pure white (RAL9010).

TIP: To prevent damage to the glossy surfaces during transport or further processing, the white acrylic glass sheets are provided on both sides with an easily removable protective film.

Characteristics of white acrylic glass

Our acrylic sheets are extremely versatile in their use, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is due to the weatherproof properties of the plastic. PMMA, as the chemical abbreviation of acrylic glass is called, is frost-resistant down to -40°C and, with a temperature upper limit of +80°C, is also heat-stable, so that it can be used outdoors without any problems even in winter or on hot summer days. Acrylic glass is also naturally UV-resistant. There is therefore no risk of yellowing of the white sheets due to sunlight, as is often the case with plastics that are not UV-resistant.

The opaque acrylic glass can be used very well as a privacy screen, e.g. as balcony cladding, and in combination with transparent acrylic glass, a high-quality and consistent look is created in terms of material and surface finish. The biggest advantage is the low weight compared to conventional glass. With a physical density of approx. 1.19g/cm3, acrylic glass weighs only about half as much as a glass pane with identical dimensions. Opaque means opaque and opaque. Due to the low thickness of 3mm, it cannot be excluded that a slight shining through is noticeable, especially with strong light sources.

  • The white acrylic sheets are UV-resistant and do not yellow due to the effect of UV rays
  • Due to its hard surfaces, PMMA is considered to be insensitive to scratches compared to other plastics
  • Our acrylic glass is more break-resistant than real glass and has 8 to 10 times higher impact resistance
  • Acrylic glass is frost-resistant and heat-resistant with a temperature application range of -40°C to +80°C
  • The opaque acrylic glass in white is pigmented throughout and absolutely opaque and not translucent
  • Acrylic glass in white, opaque is considered normally flammable according to the standards DIN 4102 B2 or UL94 HB

Advantages of laser cutting the white, opaque acrylic glass

We offer acrylic glass in transparent or opal also in conventional cut on our horizontal panel saws, but we are limited to straight cuts in rectangular format. The cast acrylic glass plates in white in opaque design, however, we offer exclusively in laser cutting. With laser cutting, however, we can make any desired contour possible, so that our laser part configurator offers you an extensive selection of the most common basic shapes, which we laser cut exactly to your specifications. Choose your desired shape from one of the many basic shapes and, if necessary, adapt it to your ideas. You can also add drill holes, for example for wall mounting with our attractive stainless steel wall spacers with just a few clicks.

Laser cutting not only offers maximum flexibility with regard to the shape of your acrylic sheets, but also has other decisive advantages. Due to the contact-free cutting, the sheets cannot slip, which enables us to achieve extremely low manufacturing tolerances, which are very difficult to achieve with a panel saw. In addition, the cut is usually slightly clouded and often slightly sharp-edged. This is also referred to as a saw-rough cut edge. With laser cutting, on the other hand, the cut edges are smooth and have a polished, even surface that is free of sharp burrs.

  • Thanks to cast acrylic glass, the quality of the laser edge is comparable to the smooth surface
  • We manufacture laser parts in highest precision with very low tolerances thanks to contactless cutting
  • Sawing plastics sometimes produces sharp edges that do not occur with CO2 lasers
  • With our panel saws, only straight cuts are possible, whereas with laser cutting almost any shape can be realised.
  • The laser part configurator is very easy to use for simple creation of your individual laser parts

TIP: The size of acrylic glass cut by laser is limited to a maximum of 1500mmx980mm.

Finishing of laser cut acrylic glass sheets in white

Acrylic glass can be processed very well. For this purpose, all common processing techniques are available, which are also used when processing wood. The necessary tools are also comparable. You can make cuts and cut-outs, for example by sawing or milling, even if this should no longer be necessary thanks to our high-precision laser cutting. For drilling holes, drills of type HSS-G are most suitable. These are drills for metals with a ground head, which are generally more precise than the cheaper drills of type HSS-R (roll-rolled). Regardless of which processing method you choose, the plate should always be firmly fixed. An even, smooth base effectively prevents chipping and cracks. Basically, when processing plastics by machining, the speed of rotation should always be significantly reduced when sawing, milling or drilling, so that neither the panel nor the saw blades (or drill and milling head) heat up too much. This prevents the chips produced from fusing with the board.

In order to create objects, containers or the like from the laser parts by bonding, we offer our acrylic glass adhesive PMMAprofi of our own brand S-Polybond, an adhesive that has been specially developed for bonding by cold welding. However, this is only suitable for laser parts if they are made of cast acrylic glass (Acrylic GS), as the sheets do not have any internal stresses due to the special manufacturing process. If extruded acrylic glass (acrylic glass XT) is lasered, stresses are released which, when in contact with solvents, can lead to unsightly, clearly visible stress cracks. However, there is no danger of this with our laser parts, as we only use cast material for laser cutting.

For deep-drawing acrylic glass, a temperature between 150°C and 190°C is required. The heating time varies depending on the selected temperature and sheet thickness. Thermoforming is a widespread method for the production of finished plastic parts and is also very suitable for our laser cuts. The protective foils on the two surfaces, however, cannot be deep-drawn and must therefore be removed beforehand.

  • Laser parts made of white acrylic glass can be further processed with simple tools
  • Laser parts made of white acrylic glass can be laminated, glued and pasted without problems
  • Laser parts made of white acrylic glass are thermoformable between 150°C and 190°C as thermoplastic material
  • Laser parts made of white acrylic glass are ideal as whiteboards for wall mounting

WARNING: Do not clean laser cuts in acrylic glass with cleaning agents containing alcohol, scouring agents or microfibre cloths to give the surfaces their wonderful appearance.

Series production and engravings according to specification on request

Particularly in the case of very complex shapes or cut-outs, our online configurator may not be sufficient, so that we are also happy to laser your laser parts in vector format according to a design drawing on request. The same applies to perforated plates or engravings. Many other colours are also possible on request. Our product range extends from transparent, tinted, opal or satinised acrylic glass plates to other opaque, opaque plates. Our friendly and experienced team will be happy to inform you about delivery times and prices. Simply send us your enquiry by e-mail with all necessary details or call us during our business hours.

    Further possibilities on request with our CO2 lasers:
  1. From your vector drawing to the finished laser part made of PMMA
  2. Manufacture of complete kits from acrylic glass by laser cutting
  3. Individual type inscriptions or sign engravings
  4. From prototyping to series production with highest precision
  5. and much more

Plexiglas® is a registered brand name of Röhm GmbH.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length1520
Standard width1010
Delivery TimeDispatch within 7 working days
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9010
Color designationPure white

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