Aluminium U-profile 8mm

Our 8mm aluminium U-profiles are suitable as edge profiles for panels of corresponding thickness. The corrosion-resistant aluminium in an anodised finish of the U-profiles is perfect for HPL panels as facade cladding or balcony edging.

✓ Anodised surfaces
✓ Corrosion resistant
✓ 8mm clamping range
✓ Ideal for HPL panels
✓ Suitable for outdoor applications

The 8mm end profiles are available in 1 metre and 2 metre lengths at reasonable prices.

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Aluminium U-profiles for panels with 8mm thickness

For indoors & outdoors ✓ Perfect for HPL ✓ Corrosion resistant ✓

Our aluminium U-profiles with 8mm clamping range can be used as edge profiles for panels with a thickness of 8mm. In order to be able to use panels with a greater tolerance in terms of thickness, the actual clamping range is a maximum of 8.5mm. Especially for panels with high thermal expansion, or panels whose thickness tolerances are subject to production-related fluctuations, the minimally larger clamping range is useful so that the profiles can be used without problems. With a profile thickness of only 1 mm, a homogeneous transition from profile to panel is guaranteed. To ensure sufficient stability of the profiles, we use a robust, high-quality aluminium alloy. The solid construction also contributes to a very high inherent rigidity. The width of the profile on the front and back differ. While the visible front has a width of 12mm, the width of the back is 20mm. After subtracting the profile thickness, 19mm remain as the mounting surface, which was deliberately chosen wider to allow gluing or screwing without having to place the screws too close to the edge of the panel. Our aluminium U-profiles are available in 1000mm or 2000mm as standard lengths at favourable graduated prices. Quantity discounts are automatically taken into account by our online shop.

The cross-section of aluminium U-profiles resembles the letter U. In contrast to simple L-profiles, these profiles have a higher stability, so that the stability can be increased, especially with panels that are less resistant to bending. Another significant advantage of U-profiles compared to simple angle profiles is that the profiles fully enclose the cut edges. This not only ensures a perfect hold of the profile, but also means that cut edges are completely covered on all sides, so that even ambient moisture does not cause the panel material to swell. Especially with panels made of solid wood or pressed chipboard, this can extend the longevity of the panels. Because the U-profiles are used on the outer edges of the construction, they are also often referred to as edge profiles or end profiles.

NOTE: We recommend gluing or screwing the end profiles to ensure a permanently secure hold.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x aluminium U-profile 8mm in 1000mm or 2000mm length

TIP: In the event that the aluminium profiles are to be shortened to the required dimension, this can be done very easily with a hand saw with a metal saw blade. However, for more precise saw cuts, a mitre saw is the better choice.

Properties of the aluminium end profile in 8mm

Corrosion resistance is a very important issue for aluminium profiles that are to be used for outdoor applications. To ensure the best possible corrosion protection, we have all our aluminium profiles anodised. In this process, an oxidic protective layer is applied to the surfaces through anodic oxidation, which protects against environmental influences, even in the most adverse weather conditions. Above all, if the end profiles are to be used for facade cladding to protect the cut edges, care should be taken to ensure that profiles in an anodised finish are used. This not only preserves the attractive appearance of the aluminium-silver surfaces, but also reduces the costs for maintenance and servicing to a minimum.

Another advantage of our optical aluminium profiles is their low thickness of just one millimetre. The thin-walled aluminium is very easy to process and yet has a high level of stability. In addition, the low profile thickness ensures a very small transition from the surface of the panels to the surface of the end profile. This is an aspect worth mentioning, especially when used for optical purposes.

Technical data of the 8mm aluminium U-profile

  • Material: Aluminium anodised
  • Alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 according to EN-573-3
  • Surface: Silver anodised
  • Colour: Aluminium silver
  • Profile shape: U-profile
  • Clamping range (max): 8.5mm
  • Profile thickness: 1.0mm
  • Viewing width: 12.0mm
  • Profile width: 20.0mm
  • Mounting surface: 19.0mm
  • UV resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent

Application and assembly of the aluminium U-profiles in 8mm

We offer our aluminium U-profiles optionally in 6mm and 8mm. This is due to the great popularity in the visual enhancement of balcony surrounds and facade cladding, which are very often constructed with HPL panels in the corresponding thickness. HPL sheets are sensitive to cutting if this is not carried out professionally, so that if the saw blade is too coarse or the saw blade projection is too small, chipping can occur on the decorative surfaces. On the one hand, the chipping does not look nice and, on the other hand, causes the cut edge to be very sharp and can therefore pose a risk of injury. With our end profiles, such unclean saw cuts can be concealed very well. In addition, the dark core is concealed, which is particularly noticeable with lighter-coloured HPL panels.

Apart from their outstanding usability outdoors, the attractive aluminium U-profiles are also equally suitable for interior applications. The smooth, silver surfaces of the aluminium profiles can be combined as desired with coloured panels or panels in wood and concrete look. The profiles are also suitable for damp rooms, for example, to achieve a visually successful finish on wall tiles or free-standing glass walls of shower cubicles. The U-profiles are also excellent for covering cut edges on furniture and office furnishings, as well as on partition walls and room dividers, effectively covering edge chips and saw cuts with non-veneered edges.

NOTE: To complement the aluminium U-profiles with 8mm clamping range, we also stock matching external corner profiles and H-profiles in 1000mm and 2000mm In addition, the profiles are also available for panels with a thickness of 6mm in aluminium silver.

    Application examples:
  • The aluminium U-profiles are ideal as end profiles for HPL facade panels in outdoor areas
  • The end profiles can also be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms, WCs or for shower cubicles
  • For partition walls as privacy screens from balconies, U-profiles are perfect for visual enhancement
  • The 8mm edge profiles are suitable for patio enclosures with transparent panels in 8mm
  • U-profiles can be used to create individual framings for murals and advertising signs

Our 8mm end profiles can be used with panels up to 8mm thick. Depending on the material and manufacturer, the thickness tolerances vary so that the clamping range is a maximum of 8.5mm. For a secure hold, we therefore recommend gluing the edge profiles with an elastic adhesive. An MS polymer is not only characterised by permanently elastic properties, but also adheres very well to all surfaces that are common in the building trade. These include aluminium, wood, HPL and many plastics. This makes this assembly adhesive perfect for attaching the profiles. The U-profiles are provided with a guide groove. This enables easy, straight application of the mounting adhesive and also improves the quality of the bond, so that the profiles have a permanently secure hold after application.

In most cases, bonding is more than sufficient for mounting the aluminium U-profiles. Nevertheless, there are also areas of application where the profiles serve the purpose of achieving a higher degree of stiffness in the construction. In such cases, it can make sense to additionally fasten the profiles on the back with suitable screws. Screws should be used whose thread length does not exceed the panel thickness. In order to make screwing possible, however, the profiles must be drilled through at the desired fastening points, because our U-profiles are not pre-drilled. However, a standard cordless screwdriver with an HSS drill suitable for the thread size of the screw is sufficient for this. Here, too, the guide groove can be helpful in placing the holes, because it is placed in such a way that sufficient edge distance for the panel is ensured.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length1000 mm
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialAluminium anodised
Profile typeU-Profile
Profile lengthNo
Clamping range8mm
Color accuracyNo
RAL color codeN/A
Color designationAluminium silver

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