Aluminium composite panels dusty grey 3mm

Aluminium composite panel dusty grey (RAL 7037) in 3mm thickness made to measure with one-sided matt, one-sided glossy surface, conveniently cut to size at best prices.

✓ Scratch-resistant stove enamelling
✓ UV & weather resistant
✓ Glossy on one side
✓ Matt on one side
✓ Protective film on both sides

The dark grey aluminium composite panels are available in sizes up to 1500mm x 1000mm.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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Aluminium composite panels in dusty grey (RAL 7037) made to measure

Our aluminium composite panels in dusty grey in RAL7037 are manufactured exactly according to the RAL colour system and are available in a thickness of 3mm. The composite panels consist of a black core made of polyethylene, as well as approx. 0.3mm thick cover layers made of aluminium with UV-resistant, scratch-resistant stove enamelling on both sides. These three layers are inseparably joined in a sandwich process to form a stable panel. As a result, aluminium composite panels are highly stable and at the same time highly resistant to bending and breaking. The core of black PE is only visible at the milled and cut edges.

Our dusty grey aluminium composite panels are provided with a protective film on both sides to protect the high-quality lacquer finishes of the surfaces from scratches that could possibly occur during processing of the panels. The protective films can be easily removed after processing or before bonding. The panels have a low dead weight compared to panels made of solid aluminium.

Our surfaces of the grey aluminium composite panels are glossy on one side and matt on the other. The matt side has a gloss level of approx. 30% and the glossy side a gloss level of approx. 80%, so that you can freely choose whether you prefer a matt or glossy surface for your purposes.

NOTE: The difference between the matt and glossy finishes can hardly be seen through the protective film on both sides, so we recommend loosening it a little at one corner beforehand to make sure you are using the right finish for your purposes.

Standards of the dusty grey aluminium composite panels

  • ISO 9001:2000 Requirements for the certification of quality management systems
  • ISO 14000:2004 Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use
  • Manufacturing according to ASTM (international standardisation organisation)
  • Manufacturing according to DIN (German Institute for Standardisation)
  • REACH (EU Chemicals Regulation)
  • RoHS (Ordinance on the Prohibition of Hazardous Substances in the Electrical Industry)

Like all our aluminium composite panels, our composite panels in dust grey can also be ordered directly to size via our cut-to-size configurator.

Cutting is carried out with millimetre precision on one of our CNC-controlled panel saws, so that you will receive your grey aluminium composite panels in your desired size within a short time. Thanks to our own extensive warehousing, orders can always be processed very quickly.

For special contour milling, for example circular cut-outs, rounded corners or even completely individual shapes, we have several state-of-the-art 3-axis CNC milling machines with which we can mill the grey aluminium composite panels into almost any conceivable shape.
Learn more about our milling service.

Application examples for aluminium composite panels in dusty grey

  • Dusty grey aluminium composite panels are ideal for inconspicuous, large-area cladding
  • Concealing balconies and stair railings is easy with our aluminium composite panels
  • Kitchen backsplashes made of our aluminium composite panels in muted, dark grey are trendy and timelessly elegant
  • Roller shutter boxes, window sills, or outdoor boxing can be easily implemented with composite panels
  • Create accents by combining grey aluminium composite panels with wood decor on furniture, doors or walls
  • and many more

Processing of the aluminium composite panels in dusty grey

Our grey aluminium composite panels can be easily processed with standard tools and machines from the DIY store. For example, sawing can be carried out with any conventional jigsaw or circular saw. Milling of individual shapes and contours is also possible without the need for a special 3-axis CNC milling machine such as those used in our company for milled parts. For drilling, all you need is a normal cordless screwdriver with a metal drill bit, for example our ground HSS drill bits, in the desired size.

Printing on the dark grey aluminium composite panels is certainly feasible, but not very useful due to the dark stove enamelling on both sides. For direct printing on aluminium composite panels, we therefore advise you to use our aluminium composite panels painted white on both sides. Digital prints on a self-adhesive foil, however, can be laminated onto the evenly smooth surfaces without any problems. Likewise, lettering in foil plotting is possible without any problems and is often used in particular for advertising boards and large company signs.

Our dusty grey aluminium composite panels are stove enamelled and have weatherproof properties. Aluminium does not rust and therefore the high-quality panels are UV and weather resistant. Fading of the strong grey colour is not to be feared and thus use in outdoor areas does not pose any problems in the long term.

Aluminium composite panels can be excellently bonded to almost all substrates with silicones or our extra strong adhesive and sealant Parabond 600 in grey. The enormous initial adhesion of the MS polymer is a great advantage, especially when bonding to walls and ceilings, but care should be taken to ensure sufficient fixation until the permanently elastic assembly adhesive has fully cured.

As an alternative to bonding, we offer a whole range of different fastening solutions in the tools & mounting material category. Balcony screws with self-locking cap nuts in various lengths, facade screws and facade rivets are also available. We offer these either unpainted or with a dusty grey head finish to match the aluminium composite panels. In this category, you will also find suitable tools and HSS drills for processing the stiff panels with aluminium cover layers.

TIP: In order to ensure protection against scratching before and during processing, we recommend that the protective films of the dust grey surfaces are not removed until processing is complete.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length3050
Standard width1500
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
PlasticAlu sandwich
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7037
Color designationDusty grey

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