Balcony screw-set with threaded sleeve dusty grey (RAL 7037)

The balcony screws in dusty grey (RAL7037) made of stainless steel as a set with threaded sleeve are used for mounting cladding panels on balconies and stair railings made of square profiles and consist of a painted balcony screw, a threaded sleeve and a vibration-damping spacer sleeve made of LLD-PE.

✓ A2 Stainless steel
✓ UV-resistant head varnish
✓ Various lengths to choose from
✓ With spacer sleeve made of LLD-PE
✓ Modern Torx drive
✓ Already from 1 piece

The threaded sleeves of the set are available with head lacquering in dust grey as well as without lacquering.

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Balcony screws with threaded sleeve in dust grey

Ideal for square profiles ✓ Stainless A2 steel ✓ From 1 piece ✓

The balcony screw set with threaded sleeve made of stainless steel is provided with a UV- and weather-resistant head lacquer in dusty grey, so that the screws can be used without hesitation outdoors for the construction of balcony cladding and stair guardrails. The balcony screw is available in four different lengths with M5 thread. The threaded sleeve is also available in either a painted or unpainted version. Also included in the balcony screw set is a spacer sleeve made of polyethylene (LLD-PE) in light grey, which serves as a sliding base for panel mounting and at the same time has excellent shock- and vibration-absorbing properties. The screw head, which has a diameter of 12mm for the screw and 14mm for the threaded sleeve, is flat, slightly lenticular and equipped with a hexagon socket drive. This modern drive in the size ISR20 (Torx T20) allows perfect power transmission without slipping out of the drive or turning the drive round. This makes assembly a little easier, because the cladding panels are usually heavy enough anyway.

NOTE: We offer the balcony screw sets in dust grey in the thread sizes M5x20mm, M5x25mm, M5x30mm and M5x35mm. The size of the set refers to the thread size of the screw. The clamping range increases by 1mm-5mm due to the threaded sleeve.

Balcony screws with threaded sleeves are ideal for square profiles with a greater profile depth and have two advantages. On the one hand, a colour-matched installation is possible if the substructure profile is painted or powder-coated in dust grey. Secondly, the screw head of the threaded sleeve is very flat at approx. 2 mm compared to a cap nut and therefore does not protrude as much. Since both the threaded screw and the sleeve have a hexagon socket drive in the size ISR20 (Torx-20), two screwdrivers in the corresponding size are also required for working with the screws.

Features of the Balcony Screw Set with Threaded Sleeve in Dust Grey

The dust-grey balcony screws are ideal for use as fasteners for balcony surrounds on square profiles outdoors. We make no compromises and use only high-quality stainless steel in an A2 alloy, which is characterised by very good corrosion resistance. Even in versions with unpainted threaded sleeves, UV and weather influences cannot harm the balcony screw set. To ensure that the screw connection between the balcony screw and the threaded sleeve is durable and does not loosen over time due to vibration or impact, a special thread adhesive consisting of a special 2-component adhesive is applied to the internal thread of the sleeve. When the screw is screwed into the M5 thread, the small glass beads burst, which contain the activator and thus initiate the chemical hardening of the adhesive. After curing, the screw connection can no longer be loosened without a great deal of force, but it also has the disadvantage that the threaded sleeve has to be replaced with a new one if this screw connection still has to be loosened once, because the chemical reaction of the two adhesive components can only be triggered once.

In most cases, balcony screws are used outdoors, so it is not only important that the material of the screw is suitable for this purpose, but also that the lacquering of the screw and threaded sleeve is resistant to UV radiation and weathering. We use a high-quality powder coating for the head lacquer to ensure that the intense colour of the dusty grey lacquer does not fade or discolour. The colour tone, as well as the gloss level, is precisely matched to the surface decor of our dusty grey HPL panels in RAL 7037.

Balcony surrounds should be durable and low-maintenance. To this end, it is necessary to rely on proper securing against self-loosening. But the contact surface between the railing and the panel made of HPL plastic or aluminium composite panels should also be taken into account. On the one hand, the panel should be able to slide easily over the contact surface to facilitate expansion. In addition, shocks, jolts and vibrations from the panel or railing should be softened to prevent loosening of the fastening as well as fatigue at the panel hole or the railing itself. For this purpose, the balcony screw set with threaded sleeve contains an inconspicuous grey spacer washer. This is made of polyethylene. A plastic that unites all requirements and combines excellent sliding properties and very good vibration-inhibiting properties with good impact resistance. In addition, the insertion sleeve, which is inserted between the square profile and the cladding panel in the hole of the profile, provides optimum guidance for the balcony screw, so that the installation of the usually heavy panels is also significantly simplified.

NOTE: Stainless steel balcony screws are a perfect choice for stainless steel balcony railings. However, if these are made of aluminium, the screws are only suitable to a limited extent because the different metal alloys can lead to contact corrosion, even if both metals are corrosion-resistant in themselves.

Use of balcony screws with threaded sleeve

Dusty grey is particularly popular for porch balconies these days. It is not quite as dark as an anthracite grey and is also less dazzling than a white balcony. For this reason, dusty grey balcony screws are also among the most ordered screws in the shop. In the version with threaded sleeve, which is available either painted dusty grey or in unpainted stainless steel, we offer the four most common sizes for fastening cladding panels made of square profiles, from M5-20mm to M5x35mm. The set consisting of screw, threaded sleeve and spacer sleeve is perfect for simple, quick and low-maintenance installation of HPL or aluminium composite material. The PE spacer sleeve is pressed into the profile hole on the side where the panel is to be fitted later. The threaded sleeve is inserted into the profile on the opposite hole. The screw, which is guided through the panel hole and the spacer, can then be screwed into the thread of the threaded sleeve without tilting. However, two Torx spanners size T20 are required. One to turn the screw and the other to counter the threaded sleeve, because due to the thread adhesive, which prevents unintentional loosening through vibration, the screw can only be screwed in if the sleeve is prevented from turning.

In order to be able to use the set, consisting of dust grey balcony screw, spacer washer and threaded sleeve, optionally painted dust grey or blank, the substructure must fulfil certain requirements. In the best case, it should be a square profile with at least 22mm width so that the spacer washer is completely concealed. The profile depth should also not be less than 18mm, because both the threaded sleeve and the spacer sleeve are inserted into the hole provided in the profile. In certain cases, the spacer sleeve can be dispensed with, resulting in a minimum profile depth of 12mm, but then an alternative solution for vibration damping with good sliding properties must be created, which can be implemented very easily with our self-adhesive poly washers. It should be noted, however, that instead of drilling both holes in the profile with 8.5mm, the profile drilling towards the panel side must be done with a smaller drill diameter. For the screws with M5 thread, an HSS drill with 5.5mm is the perfect choice.

An 8.5mm drill hole is required for inserting the threaded steel sleeve and the PE spacer sleeve. Since the profiles of balconies and stair railings are usually made of stainless steel alloy, a metal drill, such as our ground HSS-G drill, is required for these holes. This drill is also perfectly suitable in terms of diameter if you choose dust-grey aluminium composite panels as the cladding material. However, this only applies to the sliding point holes of the fixings and not to the one fixed point to be selected, which is very important for a constraint-free installation. Instead, this one hole of each panel must be drilled with a diameter of 5.5mm. If a panel made of high-pressure laminate - HPL for short - is used for the cladding of the balcony, solid carbide drills for HPL with a special cutting head are recommended, because here the risk of edge chipping of the decorative surface is significantly reduced. Two different drill bit sizes are also required for HPL. A 6mm drill bit, which is used for drilling the fixed point of a panel and an 8mm drill bit, which is required for drilling all sliding points for fixing the panel.

Any commercially available screw with a metric M5 thread can be screwed into the threaded sleeve. Conversely, the balcony screw can be fastened with any nut or cap nut with an M5 internal thread. As a set, the balcony screws with threaded sleeve in dusty grey are extremely versatile and are also suitable for erecting fencing, separating rubbish containers or, as already described several times, for connecting individual cabinet elements. With the dust grey head finish, the screws are most suitable as fasteners for elements in dust grey, so that the screw connection remains as inconspicuous as possible.

General data of the balcony screw set

  • Material: A2 Stainless steel
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • Ø Thread: M5
  • Tightening torque: 2 - 4 Nm
  • Uv-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Sufficient

Technical data of the balcony screw

  • Colour: RAL7037 (Dusty grey)
  • Length thread: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 35mm
  • Ø Screw head: 16mm

Technical data of the threaded sleeve

  • Colour: RAL7037 (Dusty grey) or unlacquered
  • Depth internal thread: approx. 12mm
  • Ø Sleeve head: 14mm
  • Ø Sleeve: 8mm
  • Depth Sleeve: 12mm
  • Ø Drill 8,5mm

Technical data of the spacer

  • Colour: Light grey
  • Material: LLD-PE (Linear low density polyethylene)
  • Ø Outer 21,0mm
  • Ø Inner 5,5mm
  • Ø Slat clamping 8,8mm
  • Thickness spacer: 2,0mm
  • Thickness slat clamping: 5,0mm
  • Ø Drill 8,5mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A2
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadround
Ø Screwhead16mm (Sleeve 14mm)
Type of threadMetric thread
Ø ThreadM5
Length screw threadvaries
Clamping rangevaries
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7037
Color designationDusty Grey

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