Poly washer for balcony screws (self-adhesive)

The poly discs made of high-quality polyurethane are used for vibration damping and impact damping between cladding panels and substructure for balcony and stair railings and have a self-adhesive side for easier processing.

✓ High quality polyurethane
✓ Self-adhesive version
✓ Ideal for balcony cladding
✓ Good vibration damping
✓ Favourable graduated prices
✓ Already from 1 piece

The self-adhesive poly discs adhere very well to HPL panels or aluminium composite panels.

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Self-adhesive poly washer for balcony screws

Good vibration damping ✓ No minimum quantity ✓ From 1 piece ✓

The rubber-like poly washers made of high-quality polyurethane are used in the installation of balcony surrounds with balcony screws and cap nuts for vibration damping and impact absorption between the cladding panel and substructure of the balcony railing and stair railings. For easier processing without the elastic washers slipping, these are equipped with a reliable self-adhesive. This allows the poly washers to be precisely attached to the panel or railing via the hole and remain in place.

NOTE: The vibration-damping PUR washer is always included in the balcony screw set with cap nut. In addition to the screw and self-locking cap nut, the balcony screw set also includes a washer and a stainless steel spring washer. For the sets with threaded sleeve, a spacer sleeve made of LLDPE is used instead of a polyurethane washer.

The poly discs are required for balcony cladding with HPL panels, aluminium composite panels or other plastic panels suitable for fall protection and are used between the cladding panel and the attachment to the balcony or stair railing. Thanks to the self-adhesion on one side, these always remain in place and do not slip when the panels are attached, which significantly simplifies the installation work. Even shocks, vibrations or thermal expansion, which require a constraint-free installation of plastic panels, do not cause the plastic panel to slip.

Properties of the self-adhesive poly discs

With an outer diameter of 16mm and a hole diameter of 8.5mm, the poly discs have a circumferential contact surface of almost 4mm. This high surface area ensures optimum damping of vibrations caused by wind, shocks or movement of the panels. The hole diameter of 8.5mm is perfectly matched to the drill hole size for sliding point fixings of HPL panels and fibre cement panels. Thanks to the self-adhesion, precise positioning over the holes in the panels is possible without the poly discs slipping when the panels are mounted on the balcony or stair railing.

Use of poly panes for balcony surrounds

The self-adhesive poly disc is stuck exactly over the hole on the railing of the balcony surround or on the façade panel. Due to its elastic properties, the small, inconspicuous plastic disc ensures that the panels are not damaged by vibrations and impacts caused by direct contact with the railing and contributes to an optimised expansion capacity of HPL or aluminium composite panels. It is important that the washer, which acts as a vibration dampener and impact absorber, is attached to the side, that it is positioned between the substructure and the cladding panel and not between the screw head and the panel, or balcony railing and stainless steel washer.

However, the small poly discs are not only necessary for balcony surrounds, but can be used in an extremely wide variety of useful ways. If they are placed under table legs or on chair feet, for example, the plastic prevents more sensitive floor coverings such as laminate or designer vinyl flooring from being scratched. The self-adhesive plastic rings also provide efficient protection for floor coverings under cupboard furniture. As stop stops on cupboard doors and drawers, the rubber-like rings have a noise-dampening effect so that wood does not bang on wood when cupboard doors are closed. The self-adhesive poly discs were not developed for these applications, but if they still work well, they can certainly be used for other purposes.

Technical data of the polyurethane rubber ring

  • Colour: Yellow-Orange
  • Material: PUR (Polyurethane) D44
  • Outer diameter: 16,0mm
  • Inner diameter: 8,5mm
  • Strength: 1,8mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialPUR (Polyurethane) D44

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