Rubber mallet with wooden handle 450g (two-coloured)

The Högert rubber mallet with ash wood handle and 450g head weight has a robust black and an abrasion-free white side and is therefore suitable for countless indoor and outdoor applications.

✓ Different degrees of hardness
✓ Soft, non-abrasive side (white)
✓ Robust, powerful side (black)
✓ Large impact tracks with Ø 55mm
✓ Cylindrical head shape
✓ Ash wood handle

The two-coloured rubber mallet with ash wood handle is available from us at reasonable prices.

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Two-coloured rubber mallet with wooden handle 450g - The all-rounder

No colour abrasion ✓ For light-coloured surfaces ✓ Ideal for outdoor use ✓

With the two-coloured rubber mallet from Högert with a high-quality ash wood handle and a head weight of 450 grams, we offer a high-quality laying hammer for countless indoor and outdoor applications. The white side is perfect for gentle furniture assembly, tile laying or in car body construction and leaves no abrasion on light-coloured and sensitive surfaces. The black striking surface is perfect for powerful blows without damage and is ideal for outdoor paving work. The high-quality workmanship guarantees a long service life, even with intensive use, as the rubber mallet is designed to withstand the constant stresses of the trade.

The ash wood hammer handle is ergonomically shaped and protected from external influences by a protective wood varnish. The length and diameter are optimally matched to the weight of the cylindrical head of the rubber mallet. This ensures a perfect balance between precision, impact force and fatigue-free working.

Features of the 450g rubber mallet in black/white

With the two-coloured rubber mallet from Högert with a high-quality ash wood handle and a head weight of 450 grams, we offer a high-quality laying hammer for countless indoor and outdoor applications. The 450 g rubber mallet offers maximum application flexibility thanks to its black and white sides. The rubber surfaces with different degrees of hardness minimise the risk of damage to sensitive materials. It has been carefully crafted to meet the highest demands in professional trades and is equally suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

The rubber surfaces of the cylindrical hammer head have different degrees of hardness and can therefore be adapted to the respective material and its surface quality with just one turn of the hammer, depending on requirements and the area of application. This guarantees precise and gentle alignment of panels, tiles, door leaves and window frames or furniture elements. The large impact paths, each with a diameter of 55mm, optimally distribute the impact force over the entire surface of the material to be aligned, levelled, knocked together or bent with the hammer. The head weight of 450 grams is equally suitable for very delicate light blows for the precise setting of tiles, as well as for powerful blows to level paving slabs made of exposed aggregate concrete.

The long handle of the rubber mallet is made from solid ash wood. This is a hardwood that is superior even to oak in terms of tensile strength and bending strength. The long, dense wood fibres ensure very good stability and absorb the impact energy when the hammer hits the ground. Although a Rubber mallet with fibreglass handle have significantly higher absorption capacities, but this is usually accompanied by a higher price. As befits a high-quality tool, the oval moulded handle is ergonomically shaped and can be used with the left or right hand without hesitation. The handle length of approx. 28 cm is perfectly matched to the head weight of 450 g. For maximum durability and protection from the elements, the handle is finished with a robust protective coating against UV radiation and moisture.

Advantages of the Högert rubber mallet with ash wood handle

  • The rubber mallet offers maximum flexibility thanks to its black and white sides
  • The rubber surfaces reduce the risk of damage to sensitive materials
  • The round impact paths with a diameter of 55mm optimally distribute the impact energy
  • The white side is ideal for surfaces where protection is a top priority
  • The black side is perfect for powerful blows without damaging surfaces
  • The high-quality handle made of dried ash wood is hard and extremely robust
  • A special protective lacquer protects the ash wood handle from moisture and UV rays
  • The head weight combined with the long handle ensures optimum impact force
  • The hammer handle is ergonomically shaped for fatigue-free, comfortable handling

Use and handling of a rubber mallet

The two-coloured rubber mallet, which has a black and a white side, offers a variety of advantages for different applications. By combining the black and white rubber sides in one tool, you can use it flexibly for different applications. The black side is suitable for tasks that require a stronger impact force. It offers a harder striking surface and enables effective power transmission. The white rubber compound of the hammer is slightly softer and therefore offers greater protection for sensitive surfaces, making it perfect for finer work. It enables precise blows that are required in various craft applications. The ability to switch between the black and white sides ensures that the right amount of force and protection can be applied for the material in question. This helps to minimise potential damage to surfaces.

The black side - robust and powerful
The black side of our rubber mallet impresses with its hardness and robustness. Perfect for situations where powerful blows are required without damaging surfaces. For outdoor construction and renovation work, such as aligning paving slabs and paving stones, setting posts or building fences, the black rubber mallet enables powerful blows to securely fix materials without damaging the surfaces. The harder side is also extremely useful for carpentry work, especially when joining wooden elements or setting wooden nails, the black rubber mallet is often used. It provides the necessary impact force to work on wood safely without leaving marks. The black rubber mallet is also ideal for fitting pipes and pipe connections. The firmer rubber compound of the black striking surface enables powerful blows to bend, align or securely fix pipes without scratching the metal surfaces.

The white side - Gentle and precise
On the white side, you will encounter the softer side of power. This softer rubber surface is ideal for finer work where precision and protection of material surfaces are the top priority. The softer white rubber compound is ideal for more delicate surfaces without scratching or damaging them. The white side of the laying hammer also leaves no signs of abrasion, making it ideal for installation and laying work on light-coloured materials. This includes, for example, the precise alignment of wall and floor tiles indoors. The white side is also perfect for assembling pieces of furniture such as shelves, cabinets or tables, as it minimises the risk of scratches or dents on sensitive surfaces while providing sufficient force for effective assembly. When assembling pictures, hooks or other decorative elements on walls, the white rubber mallet provides the precision required to hammer in fastenings securely without soiling or even damaging the wall through abrasion.

TIP: If the black side is used by mistake and visible abrasion marks are left behind, the visible abrasion can be easily removed with a standard eraser.

Soft-face mallet or rubber mallet?
A rubber mallet usually has a striking surface made of rubber, which is available in different degrees of hardness. The striking surface of a soft-face mallet is usually made of plastic. Polyamide (nylon) is usually used for this. Here too, the degrees of hardness vary depending on the manufacturer and specific areas of application. Rubber mallets are often used in situations where force is required but surfaces need to be protected at the same time. This is the case, for example, when setting tiles, building furniture or working with fragile materials. Soft-face mallets are primarily used in situations where particularly gentle processing of materials is required. A typical example is the processing of painted surfaces, for example the dent removal from car body parts. The main difference therefore lies primarily in the material of the striking surface and the specific applications for which they are best suited. While rubber mallets are often more versatile in terms of hardness levels and applications, soft-face mallets are specially designed to work particularly gently.

Technical data of the Högert rubber mallet

  • Product type: Hammer
  • Material (Head): Rubber
  • Material (Handle): Ash wood
  • Head shape: Cylindrical, spherical
  • Weight (Head): 450g
  • Head width: 95mm
  • Shaope face: Round
  • Surface face: Ø 55mm
  • Length (Shaft): 28cm
  • Weight (Shaft): 150g
  • Length (Total): 34cm
  • Weight (Total): 600g
  • DIN Norm: Not applicable
  • Commercial use: Permissible

Storage and care of the two-coloured rubber mallet

Maintaining a rubber mallet with a wooden handle is important to prolong the life of the tool and ensure efficient use. In particular, build-up should be thoroughly removed to prevent damage from tile adhesive residue or similar on sensitive surfaces during further use. Therefore, after each use, the rubber mallet should be cleaned of dust, dirt or residues of materials that may adhere to the mallet using a brush or cloth. The striking surfaces should also be checked regularly for adhesions and damage before use. The ash wood handle is protected from UV radiation and moisture by a protective coating. Nevertheless, the rubber mallet should not be permanently exposed to high humidity or moisture, as this can affect the structural integrity of the handle, especially if the varnish is damaged. In such cases, treatment with a wood oil can protect the wood and prevent it from cracking due to drying out.

WARNING: The rubber mallet is not suitable for driving pointed or sharp-edged objects, such as nails, into a material.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialRubber / Ash wood
PropertyHeadweight 450g

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