Superglue S-Polybond STRONGfix 20g (gap-filling)

Our S-Polybond STRONGfix is a powerful special adhesive based on modified cyanoacrylates and bonds a wide variety of materials safely and reliably within a few seconds.

✓ Short functional strength
✓ Very high final strength
✓ Gap-filling adjustment
✓ For gluing and repairing
✓ Solvent-free

The gap-filling superglue in the one-hand dispensing bottle is also suitable for metals such as aluminium, copper or brass.

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Superglue especially for gap-filling bonding in seconds

Gap-filling ✓ Also for aluminium, brass and copper ✓ Solvent-free ✓

S-Polybond STRONGfix is an extremely powerful one-component instant adhesive that is equally suitable for various metals such as aluminium, brass or copper, as well as for gaskets made of rubber, EPDM and APTK, and for plastic housings and components made of e.g. ABS, PS, PVC etc. The high-strength, gap-filling instant adhesive is also well suited for bonding leather and imitation leather and can be used both for materials of the same type and for substrates of different materials.

S-Polybond STRONGfix was specially developed for bonding where high strengths are to be achieved in a very short time. For example, for bonding and repairing cracks and fractures, as well as for fixing components that are later to be joined together by screwing or riveting. The instant adhesive is suitable for non-absorbent, up to slightly porous surfaces made of metal, plastic, rubber, leather, ceramics, as well as for APTK/EPDM seals of windows, caravans and caravans, round and profile seals of door seals, painted surfaces and many more. The adhesive is solvent-free and does not dissolve the surfaces of solvent-sensitive substrates.

Properties of superglue STRONGfix

S-Polybond STRONGfix has very good adhesion properties to various surfaces and materials and is used for bonding, repairing and fixing in countless areas of application. The cyanoacrylate-based adhesive mixture is suitable for countless areas of application in which a reliable, powerful bond with a very short fixing time is required. These include, for example, repair bonding of cracks and breaks in household appliances, playground equipment, shoes and much more. In addition, our fast-curing superglue is also used to reliably secure screw connections in plant construction, as well as in shipbuilding and vehicle construction. STRONGfix is UV and weather resistant after complete curing and therefore also very suitable for outdoor applications. The hard adhesive joint is also characterised by a high resistance to cold and heat. The special formula of the modified cyanoacrylates does not contain any solvents and can therefore also be used on painted or solvent-sensitive surfaces.

S-Polybond STRONGfix, compared to most other instant adhesives, including ours, the MULTIfix, has improved gap-filling properties and thus compensates for small irregularities within the bonding surfaces of the joined parts, resulting in a more powerful bond with significantly higher final strength. This is made possible on the basis of modified cyanoacrylates with a viscosity that is more than 4 times higher. Another difference to the highly reactive MULTIfix is the slightly delayed functional strength, which, however, still turns out to be quite short, so that the gap-filling superglue also lives up to its name.

  • S-Polybond STRONGfix bonds within seconds and ensures very high strengths
  • S-Polybond STRONGfix fills even small substrate irregularities thanks to increased viscosity
  • S-Polybond STRONGfix with special dosing closure allows opening and closing with one hand
  • S-Polybond STRONGfix is cured UV and weather resistant and suitable for outdoor applications
  • S-Polybond STRONGfix is solvent-free and does not attack solvent-resistant surfaces
  • S-Polybond STRONGfix is also suitable for bonding metals such as aluminium, brass or copper

Processing of superglue STRONGfix

Before application, all substrates and auxiliary materials (fixing tools, cleaning cloths, etc.) should be laid out ready to hand to ensure a smooth, speedy bonding process. The bonding surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the instant adhesive. They must be dry and free of dust and grease before applying the adhesive. When bonding silicone, TPE profiles or polyolefins (PE, PP, etc.), pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces with an adhesion promoter can improve the adhesion properties.

To apply the instant adhesive, open the dispensing cap by turning it with your thumb and forefinger until the desired amount of adhesive comes out and apply it quickly and evenly to the area to be bonded. Close the dispensing cap again immediately to avoid curing at the dispensing opening. Immediately afterwards, bring the parts to be bonded together under the required pressure and fix them with the previously provided aids until the functional strength is reached.

Immediately remove any excess adhesive with a lint-free cloth or spatula before the adhesive starts to set. Otherwise, the adhesive can only be removed mechanically. When bonding metals such as aluminium, copper or brass, please note that a permanently age-resistant bond cannot be achieved if the bonding surfaces have not been prepared by appropriate pre-treatment. The same applies to anodised surfaces or surfaces treated with waxes and oils.

Due to the multitude of possible applications of the instant adhesive, as well as the respective special conditions (e.g. processing parameters and properties of the substrates), the respective specific application must be tested by the user. Furthermore, it is recommended to check the technical data sheets of the materials to be bonded for suitability and compatibility before use. Surface coatings, for example anodised aluminium, as well as corrosion can impair the desired bond strength.

WARNING: STRONGfix is not suitable for applications in connection with drinking water and foodstuffs.

Processing properties of the STRONGfix

  • Odour formation: piercing, characteristic
  • Colour: clear, colourless
  • Viscosity: approx. 90 mPa.s
  • Gap bridging: max. 0,1 mm
  • Processing temperature: +5 °C up to +30 °C
  • Functional strength: approx. 4 Seconds (EPDM / EPDM - Profile seal)
  • Functional strength: approx. 10 Seconds (PVC-U / PVC-U - Hard-PVC)
  • Functional strength: approx. 15 Seconds (Aluminium / Aluminium)
  • Functional strength: approx. 2 Seconds (Leather)
  • Curing time: 16 hours (at approx. +20 °C)
  • Storage temperature: +15 °C to +25 °C
  • Storage capacity: 12 months (unopened)

TIP: Higher storage temperatures, as well as temperatures below +2 °C, can reduce the shelf life. Storage for the superglue STRONGfix must be stored in a dry, frost-free place. Direct sunlight should also be avoided at the storage location. The optimum storage temperature is between +2°C and +8°C. The viscosity of the adhesive increases with increasing storage time, which reduces reactivity.

Safety instructions for the application of superglue STRONGfix

It is extremely important that the safety data sheet, as well as the technical data sheet, are read before using the superglue. STRONGfix. In particular, the instructions for safe handling as well as the information on personal protective equipment must be followed urgently in order to avoid hazards to your own health. Always wear suitable protective goggles and gloves when using the adhesive. When using the adhesive, ensure an unobstructed supply of fresh air and avoid contact with the skin or eyes at all costs. Adhesives should always be stored in an airtight container in a safe place. When choosing a storage location, make sure that it is absolutely inaccessible to children so that the adhesive cannot get into their hands.

Hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

  1. H315 - Causes skin irritation.
  2. H319 - Causes severe eye irritation.
  3. H335 - May irritate the respiratory tract.

Additional information

  1. EUH202-Cyanacrylate Hazard. Adheres to skin and eyelids within seconds.
    Keep out of the reach of children.

The full text of the safety and hazard statements, as well as all other relevant information on safe handling, transport and disposal, can be found in the Safety Data Sheet for S-Polybond STRONGfix Superglue.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
Adhesive typeSuperglue
MaterialModified cyanoacrylates
filling quantity in ml21
Color designationtransparent
Color accuracyNo information available
RAL color codeNot specified

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