Tape measure 3 metre (double-sided, metric)

The tape measure in 3 metre length has an automatic tape return with tape lock, as well as a measuring scale that can be read on both sides. The curved tape measure with a width of 16 mm and excellent horizontal stability is completely nylon-coated for maximum abrasion resistance of the high-contrast scale.

✓ Automatic tape rewind
✓ Incl. belt lock
✓ Metric measuring scale on both sides
✓ Sliding end hook
✓ With removable belt clip
✓ EC accuracy class II

At just 110 grams, the 3 metre tape measure is one of the lightest on the market with automatic tape return.

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3 metre tape measure With nylon coating and tape return

Double-sided scale ✓ With non-slip rubber coating ✓ EC accuracy class II ✓

The Högert 3 metre tape measure is a compact, precise measuring tool with automatic tape return and double-sided measuring scale for length measurements of all kinds. The dimensionally stable measuring tape is 16mm wider than the standard 3 metre measuring tapes, which usually contain a 13mm wide steel tape. In addition, the tape measure has a nylon coating that protects the scales and numbers on both sides from abrasion. The very high contrast between the yellow background and the black scale ensures good readability even in poor lighting conditions.

Even though the tape measure is enormously inexpensive with a length of 3 metres, quality does not have to be sacrificed. The screwed housing made of impact-resistant plastic is not only ergonomically shaped, but also largely equipped with a non-slip rubber coating so that it does not slip out of the hand during tight measurements. The large button for locking the automatic tape rewind can be easily operated with either the left or the right hand. A loop for hanging on the workshop wall or on a ladder hook and a removable metal belt clip complete the features, which are extremely untypical for a tape measure in this size and price range.

Features of the compact tape measure with 3 metre length

The handy measuring tool should not be missing in any household and is also an excellent choice for craftsmen such as electricians, heating and ventilation engineers, carpenters or roofers, because with a length of 3 metres, the tape measure is sufficient for most measurements. In order for the tape measure to be used in the trades, it is important to keep the tolerances as low as possible in terms of dimensional accuracy. The small tape measure is manufactured in accordance with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and corresponds to EC accuracy class II with a maximum deviation of +/- 0.9mm. However, this value refers to the total length of 3000mm, which corresponds to a maximum deviation of no more than 0.03%. In the building trade, for example for the erection of drywall, such small measurement inaccuracies are negligible and are of no consequence.

The smaller of our two measuring tapes with a length of 3 metres impresses with its very small housing dimensions of 65mm length, 70mm height and 36mm width and thus finds a place even in the smallest toolbox. The large, smooth-running locking button in bright green can be easily released with either thumb or index finger to fix the automatic tape rewind. The closed housing made of light yet sturdy plastic is covered with a non-slip rubber coating in the most important places so that the tape measure does not slip out of your hand when you pull it taut. A metal belt clip screwed to the housing, which can be easily removed if necessary, helps to ensure that the tape measure is always within reach when it is needed and can be attached to the belt or waistband in no time at all, so that both hands are free again.

The essential properties of a tape measure are its quality and dimensional stability when measuring. With a width of 16 mm and a thickness of 0.12 mm, the tape measure is extremely dimensionally stable. Thanks to a pronounced curvature, which provides horizontal stability, measurements without a solid base are also possible to a certain extent. This is extremely practical for measuring the correct distances between two fence posts, drywall stands or rafters. A nylon coating effectively protects the steel tape from corrosion. In addition, the thermoplastic plastic coating has the advantage that the fine lines of the millimetre scale do not rub off even through heavy or frequent use. Even the colour plays a decisive role with a tape measure, because a high contrast between the background colour and the graduations is important so that the tape measure can still be read reliably even in poorly lit rooms or at dusk. The colour and brightness contrast of yellow to black is significantly higher than that of white-painted steel tapes with black scales.

While a folding rule, as a folding ruler is colloquially known, can become quite inaccurate over time due to the individual connecting elements becoming loose, a tape measure stands for continuous dimensional accuracy. It is important to have a high-quality end hook that does not bend and is fastened to the tape measure with at least two rivets. In the case of our small 3-metre tape measure, the end hook can also be moved so that it can be used for measuring both external and internal dimensions without having to subtract the end hook. When used correctly, millimetre-precise measurements are always guaranteed in both cases.

Technical data of the 3 metre tape measure

  • Colour: Blue, Black (housing), Yellow (measuring tape)
  • Material Housing: Plastic with non-slip rubber coating
  • Material Tape Measure: Steel strap (nylon coated)
  • Length Tape Measure: 3 Metres
  • Width Tape Measure: 16 mm
  • Strength Tape Measure: 0,12 mm
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): approx. 70 mm x 65 mm x 36 mm
  • Scale: Metric (both sides)
  • Accuracy class: II
  • Belt clip: Yes, removable
  • Retaining loop: Yes
  • Tape return: Yes, automatic
  • Locking device: Yes, detectable
  • Sliding end hook: Yes, double riveted
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialPlastic with non-slip rubber coating / Steel strap (nylon coated)

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