Tape measure 5 metre (double-sided, metric)

The tape measure in 5 metre length with 19mm tape width is fully nylon coated for highest abrasion resistance. It has an automatic tape rewind with tape lock, as well as a measuring scale that can be read on both sides and is an indispensable measuring tool for craftsmen or in the household.

✓ Automatic tape rewind
✓ Incl. belt lock
✓ Metric measuring scale on both sides
✓ Sliding end hook
✓ With removable belt clip
✓ EC accuracy class II

The roll measuring tape is extremely compact despite a length of 5 metres and is an absolute lightweight at only 196 grams.

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5 metre nylon tape measure with double-sided measuring scale

Automatic belt return ✓ Locking system ✓ EC accuracy class II ✓

The Högert tape measure with a length of 5 metres is an extremely compact, universally applicable roller tape measure with automatic tape return and double-sided measuring scale. The high-quality measuring tape with a width of 19 mm is equipped with a nylon coating for maximum abrasion resistance and has a metric scale in millimetre steps on both sides, which is very easy to read even in the twilight thanks to the high contrast of black on yellow. The double-riveted end hook can be moved for maximum precision in both internal and external measurements. This handy tape measure offers maximum flexibility and is an indispensable measuring tool for renovation and extension work, on building sites or in the home.

The production is in accordance with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and corresponds to EC accuracy class II.

The robust plastic housing has an ergonomic shape and is equipped with a non-slip rubber coating. If the tape measure is not needed for a short moment, it can be quickly hooked onto the ladder hook thanks to the retaining loop. The removable belt clip means the tape measure is always quickly at hand and just as quickly attached to the belt again.

Features of the roller tape measure with 5 metre length

With the 5M tape measure in box design, we offer a handy measuring tool with very compact dimensions of only 70mm length, 75mm height and 38mm width. This means that despite the 5 metre length, the tape measure is also very suitable for small hands and can be easily operated with one hand, both by left-handed and right-handed people. The impact-resistant plastic housing is covered with a non-slip rubber coating in the essential places so that the useful tool does not slip out of the hand. The ergonomic shape of the housing, as well as the comparatively very low weight of only 196 grams, also contribute to improved handling when measuring. The tape measure is equipped with a removable metal belt clip and a holding loop. The automatic tape rewind allows quick measurements without the hassle of turning in the tape measure with a hand crank and can be locked with an easy-to-use lock button to prevent automatic retraction if necessary.

As a measuring tool that is equally suitable for private users as well as plumbers, carpenters or all other craftsmen, it is manufactured in accordance with the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and corresponds to EC accuracy class II with a maximum deviation of +/- 1.3mm over the entire 5000mm length. This corresponds to a measuring tolerance of less than 0.026% and can be disregarded for almost all common applications in crafts and households.

Thanks to the pronounced curvature, the tape measure with a length of 5 metres is characterised by very good horizontal stability, so that even longer distances can be measured without a firm support without the tape measure buckling. This makes one-handed measuring possible even if the tape cannot be additionally supported from below, which is particularly noticeable when erecting substructures in dry construction or façade cladding. With a width of 19mm and a thickness of 0.12mm, the yellow tape measure is significantly wider and more stable than most comparable rolling tape measures. By the way, the yellow colour of the tape measure is not only for optical reasons, because the black scales and numbers on a yellow background provide a greater contrast than with white painted tape measures. In combination with the matt surface, very good readability of the measured value is ensured even in poor lighting conditions. For maximum durability, the steel tape is fully nylon coated. This thermoplastic coating reliably protects against corrosion and at the same time offers a higher abrasion resistance of the measuring scales on the top and bottom of the tape measure, so that it remains permanently protected even under the toughest conditions.

Compared to a folding ruler, a tape measure is not only the more accurate measuring tool, but can also be used very well on uneven or curved surfaces to measure lengths. For even more flexibility, our tape measure is equipped with a sliding end hook that enables more accurate readings for inside and outside measurements. This is fastened to the steel tape with 2 robust rivets so that there is no risk of the hook coming loose when the tape measure is pulled taut.

Technical data of the 5 metre tape measure

  • Colour: Blue, Black (housing), Yellow (measuring tape)
  • Material Housing: Plastic with non-slip rubber coating
  • Material Tape Measure: Steel strap (nylon coated)
  • Length Tape Measure: 5 Metres
  • Width Tape Measure: 19 mm
  • Strength Tape Measure: 0,12 mm
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): approx. 70 mm x 75 mm x 38mm
  • Scale: Metric (both sides)
  • Accuracy class: II
  • Belt Clip: Yes, removable
  • Retaining loop: Yes, not removable
  • Tape return: Yes, automatic
  • Locking device: Yes, detectable
  • Sliding end hook: Yes, double riveted
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialPlastic with non-slip rubber coating / Steel strap (nylon coated)

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