Torx spanner set extra-long (9 pieces)

The Torx spanner set in the extended version consists of nine different Torx spanners in the proven L-shape in the most common sizes. The Torx spanners are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel and are therefore ideal for craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers with high quality standards.

✓ Chrome Vanadium Steel
✓ Extra-long version
✓ Extremely resistant to deformation
✓ Enormous wear resistance
✓ In a practical tool holder
✓ Workshop quality

The set contains the most common Torx spanners in the sizes T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45 and T50.

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Torx spanner set 9 pieces - Extra-long version

Sizes from T10 to T50 ✓ Deformation-resistant ✓ Chrome-vanadium steel ✓

With the Högert Torx key set in the extended version, we offer a high-quality set consisting of 9 different Torx keys in workshop quality. The sizes, which range from T10 to T50, are the most common sizes used in trade and household, so that the right key is always at hand. The spanners in the familiar L-shape are made of a high-quality chrome vanadium steel alloy that is characterised by extremely high resistance to deformation and enormous wear resistance.

Professional quality does not have to be expensive. Of course you can pay considerably more - but you don't have to!

The practical tool holder made of impact-resistant plastic helps to keep Torx spanners safe and tidy and can be folded down to a compact size. This makes loose spanners flying around in the toolbox a thing of the past. For easier removal of the smaller Torx spanners, it can be folded open if required. Easy-to-read labelling of the sizes also makes it easier to find the right tool.

Features of the Högert Torx spanner set

Our Torx key set is a set of nine Torx keys in different sizes in a practical tool holder. The tool holder is made of shock-resistant plastic and holds the keys securely and clearly in place when not in use. For easier handling, the tool holder can be opened to remove or reinsert the smaller Torx keys on the front side. Another advantage is space-saving storage in the tool box. As befits a high-quality tool set, the size information of the respective Torx spanners is clearly printed on the plastic of the holder. This saves time when searching for the right size.

The Torx spanners are an extra-long version that can be used on both sides. The advantages? Especially tightly fitting screws can be loosened with less effort due to the longer lever. In addition, deep-lying, hard-to-reach screws are also easier to reach with the extended spanners, where shorter screwdriving tools with a Torx drive often lose out. The aspect ratio of the L-shaped spanners from the short to the long side is approx. 1:5 for all sizes included. This means that the long side is about 5 times as long as the shorter side and thus allows optimum power transmission in combination with a high tightening torque.

Sizes of the included Torx spanners

  • T10 (ISR10): Long side approx. 82 mm, short side approx. 18 mm, Ø 2,82 mm
  • T15 (ISR15): Long side approx. 99 mm, short side approx. 20 mm, Ø 3,35 mm
  • T20 (ISR20): Long side approx. 114 mm, short side approx. 22 mm, Ø 3,94 mm
  • T25 (ISR25): Long side approx. 132 mm, short side approx. 24 mm, Ø 4,52 mm
  • T27 (ISR27): Long side approx. 149 mm, short side approx. 28 mm, Ø 5,08 mm
  • T30 (ISR30): Long side approx. 159 mm, short side approx. 31 mm, Ø 5,61 mm
  • T40 (ISR40): Long side approx. 188 mm, short side approx. 36 mm, Ø 6,76 mm
  • T45 (ISR45): Long side approx. 208 mm, short side approx. 40 mm, Ø 7,95 mm
  • T50 (ISR50): Long side approx. 228 mm, short side approx. 48 mm, Ø 8,94 mm

Thanks to the production from high-quality chrome vanadium steel, the Torx spanners are extremely dimensionally stable even in small sizes (e.g. T10 or T15) despite their increased length and do not bend even at maximum permissible tightening torques. The alloy of chrome and vanadium, which is used for tools with high quality requirements, is characterised by a high hardness and gives the tools a high wear resistance. This makes the Torx spanners ideal for applications in the hobby sector and equally suitable for professional use by craftsmen.

Maximum tightening torques for Torx screws

  • T10 (ISR10): 3,7 - 4,5 Nm
  • T15 (ISR15): 6,4 - 7,7 Nm
  • T20 (ISR20): 10,5 - 12,7 Nm
  • T25 (ISR25): 15,9 - 19,0 Nm
  • T27 (ISR27): 22,5 - 26,9 Nm
  • T30 (ISR30): 31,1 - 37,4 Nm
  • T40 (ISR40): 54,1 - 65,1 Nm
  • T45 (ISR45): 86,0 - 103,2 Nm
  • T50 (ISR50): 132,0 - 158,0 Nm

Due to its special profile shape, the Torx drive is ideal for fastenings of all kinds where higher torques have to be achieved and ensures optimum power transmission. For this reason, screws with this type of drive are used in countless areas, from car body construction and facade screws to tiny screw connections of electronic components. The fasteners themselves can be as varied as the areas of application. Here, screw length, thread type and head shape vary, as does the size of the screw itself. Torx screws are available in drive sizes from T1, where the key measures only 0.89mm in diameter, to size T100 with a key diameter of an enormous 22.40mm. However, these sizes are rather uncommon in DIY and handicraft, which is why most sets only contain the most common keys from T10 to T50.

Technical data of the Torx spanner set

  • Colour: Chrome
  • Material: alloyed chrome vanadium steel
  • Material (Holder): Plastic
  • Diameters (H x W x D): approx. 230 mm x approx. 85 mm x approx. 20 mm
  • Total weight: approx. 450 grams
  • Size: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45 and T50
  • Profile type: Torx on both sides, hexagon socket
  • Tool length (long side): from approx. 82 mm to approx. 228 mm
  • Tool length (short side): from approx. 18 mm to approx. 48 mm
  • Version: extra-long
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Materialalloyed chrome vanadium steel

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