Static mixer type MBQ for 2K systems up to 75ml

Adhesive mixer for 25ml, 50ml and 75ml adhesive cartridges with a mixing ratio of 4:1 or 10:1, which have a B-system static mixer connection.

✓ For 2K adhesives up to 75ml
✓ For B-system connection
✓ Perfect mixing result
✓ Fine, conical mixing tip
✓ For PPprofi & PEprofi

The static mixer is ideal for special adhesives PEprofi and PPprofi in the 50ml double cartridge.

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MBQ static mixer for 2K adhesives up to 75ml

For B-system connection ✓ For mixing ratio 10:1 ✓ Optimum mixing result ✓

The MBQ static mixer is a Quadro static mixer for 2-component adhesives in double cartridges with a filling capacity of up to 75ml, which have a B-system connection. The special feature of this modern connection is that the two adhesive components only come into contact inside the mixer, making it easier to reseal the adhesive cartridge after use without running the risk of the adhesive reacting and hardening at the sealing cap. The high number of mixing elements ensures perfect mixing of adhesive and activator. Thanks to the fine outlet nozzle of the mixer spout, a precise, economical application of the adhesive is ensured.

The disposable type MBQ mixer has an overall length of 91mm, making it suitable for bonding in confined spaces. The separate material inlet of the mixer has different diameters that are perfectly matched to the mixing ratio of 10:1 (compatible with mixing ratio of 4:1). For the same reason, the adhesive mixer is not suitable for mixing ratios of 1:1 or 2:1.

Buy your static mixers for 2K systems conveniently online directly from the adhesive manufacturer S-Polytec and benefit from generous quantity discounts.

Properties of the static mixer

  1. The adhesive mixer is suitable for double cartridges with B-system connection and a content of 25ml to 75ml
  2. The adhesive mixer is suitable for 2-component adhesives with a mixing ratio of 4:1 and 10:1
  3. The adhesive mixer ensures perfect mixing of the components thanks to the high number of mixing elements
  4. The modern B-system with separate material inlet means that the components only come into contact in the mixer
  5. The adhesive mixer has a tapered mixer tip for precise adhesive dosing

Technical data of the static mixer

  1. Mixer type: Static mixer MBQ (Quadro)
  2. Connection type: B-System
  3. Mixing ratio: 4:1, 10:1
  4. Mixer diameter: 5mm
  5. Mixer length: 91mm
  6. Mixer opening: approx. 2mm (unedited)
  7. Mixing elements: 16
  8. Mixer tip: conical, round

WARNING: The mixing nozzle is not suitable for double cartridges with bayonet type MA and therefore not compatible with our MMA adhesives from Plexus. For these, an MAH or MAQ type adhesive mixer is required.

Matching 2-component adhesives in our online shop

  1. S-Polybond PEprofi - 50ml double cartridge
    Special acrylate adhesive for bonding polyethylene (PE-HD, PH-HMW, PE-UHMW)
  2. S-Polybond PPprofi - 50ml double cartridge
    Special acrylate adhesive for bonding polypropylene (PP-H, PP-C)

In addition to the two-component adhesives from S-Polybond, the mixer nozzle is also suitable for a whole range of other adhesives in double cartridges from many well-known brands as well as lesser-known manufacturers. These include adhesives from Stabilo, 3M Scotch-Weld, Wiko, Technicoll and UHU, to name just a few examples. Whether a cartridge is suitable for the mixer is most easily recognised by the resealable cap, which is located on the outlet. The cap of the B-system (usually dark grey) is considerably larger than that of the simpler version of the A-system.

NOTE: Static mixers for 2-component adhesives are disposable products and cannot be reused after first use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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