PP adhesive - S-Polybond PPprofi 37ml

Our PP adhesive PPprofi from our own brand S-Polybond, is a structural 2-component adhesive especially for bonding polypropylene, for example PP-H or PP-C. Made in Germany

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Special 2-component adhesive for polypropylene

The adhesive PPprofi of our own brand S-Polybond was specially developed for the bonding of low-energetic plastics made of polypropylene and is therefore ideal for bonding PP-H and PP-C. It is an adhesive of two components consisting of resin and hardener with in a mixing ratio of 10:1 is free of solvents. The capacity of the double cartridge is 37ml and can be applied with any conventional 2K glue gun for standard adhesive cartridges up to 50ml.

Our S-Polybond PPprofi does not only bond PP with PP, it also glues polypropylene with other plastics such as PE, ABS, Hard PVC, PC, PMMA and many more. In addition, materials that are not made of plastics such as metal, glass or wood can be glued with our special 2-component adhesive. Depending on the material we recom-mend the use of our cheaper 2-component adhesives Plexus MA310 or Plexus MA300.

Properties of polypropylene adhesive PPprofi

PPprofi is because of its special formulation ideally suitab-le for bonding polypropylene to one another, or with other plastics, as well as for sealing, cast-ing or encapsulating the otherwise difficult-to-bond thermoplastic. After curing, a secure and permanent bonding of the parts to be joined can be guaranteed. The temperature resistance of our 2-component adhesive is between -55°C to +80°C after curing. The recommended working temperature is around + 20°C to + 25°C. Thanks to its very low viscosity, the poly-propylene adhesive can be perfectly mixed with the supplied mixer nozzle and applied very simply and in a targeted manner.

  • S-Polybond PPprofi is a special adhesive for the bonding of polypropylene such as PP-H and PP-C
  • S-Polybond PPprofi the optimal joint width between the substrates is ensured by tiny spacer beads
  • S-Polybond PPprofi is also excellent for bonding materials with different expansion coefficients
  • S-Polybond PPprofi makes it possible to bond the surfac-es without preparation (cleaning excepted)
  • S-Polybond PPprofi is also very easy to handle when bonding uneven surfaces

Processing of polypropylene adhesive PPprofi

To achieve the best possible gluing result, as with all gluing, even when gluing polypro-pylene, the to be glued surfaces should be cleaned of dust, grease and oil or other dirt with a suitable cleaner. With an adhesive thickness of 0,2mm to 0,3mm optimal strength is achieved. For the application of the adhesive, a glue gun for standard double cartridges up to 50ml with a slider, suitable for the mixing ratio 10:1 is required.

After application, the double cartridge can be closed again with the supplied closure. So it is possible to continue using the remaining adhesive at a later time. Clean the glued elements before the glue has cured before excess, swelling glue. Also, any contamination on the glue gun or the adhesive cartridge itself, should be removed before curing with a suitable cleaner, because once the adhesive has cured, it is difficult to remove it mechanically.

  • Temperature of the mixture: +20 °C tot +25 °C
  • Processing time: 4 - 6 minutes
  • Fixing time: 90 - 180 minutes (with approximately +25 °C)
  • Hard time: 8 - 24 hours (at approximately +25 °C)
  • Layer thickness: 0,2 mm – 0,3 mm

Suitable for polypropylen-Kleber PPprofi

  1. Professional glue gun for 2-component adhesives in 37ml or 50ml double cartridges
  2. Disposable adhesive mixer for 2-component adhesives in the 37ml or 50ml standard double cartridge

NOTE: With each adhesive catridge of our PPprofis a mixer is included. The mixers are no longer usable after a single use and must be disposed of properly.

Safety instructions for processing of polypropylene adhesive PPprofi

Please pay attention to the safety data sheets of the two components, as well as the technical data sheet before using the 2-component adhesive PPprofi. Also observe the specifications for personal protec-tive equipment. Use the PP adhesive only in well-ventilated areas and avoid contact with the skin or the eyes. Always keep the adhesive cartridge closed when not using the adhesive. Keep adhesives out of reach of children at all times.

    Danger explanations

  1. H302 - Harmful if swallowed.
  2. H317 - May cause allergic reactions.
  3. H318 - Causes extremely eye damage.
  4. H334 - May cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.
  5. H341 - May cause genetic defects.
  6. H360D - May damage the unborn child.
  7. H410 - Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Please refer for the full text of the danger statements and the safety instructions for the resin and hardener components, to the relevant safety data sheets in Section 16 (1).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeNo
filling quantity in ml37
Color designationN/A
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeCremefarben

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