Static mixer type MAQ for 2K systems up to 50ml

Adhesive mixer for 37ml and 50ml adhesive cartridges with bayonet for our 2-component adhesives Plexus MA310, Plexus MA300, as well as all double cartridges with MAH or MAQ bayonet with a mixing ratio of 1:1, 2:1 or 10:1.

✓ For 2K double cartridges up to 50ml
✓ For bayonet MAH or MAQ
✓ Optimum mixing result
✓ Fine, conical dispensing tip
✓ for Plexus MA300 and MA310

The static mixer for 2-component adhesives is available at favourable graduated prices.

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Adhesive mixer for double cartridges up to 50ml

For MAH and MAQ bayonet ✓ Ratio 1:1, 2:1 or 10:1 ✓ Optimum mixing result ✓

Our adhesive mixer for 2-component adhesives up to 50ml is suitable for all two-component adhesives in double cartridges with standard bayonet (A series). The specially developed mixing nozzle with a very high number of mixing lamellas, ensures an optimal mixing result of the A- and B-components, regardless of whether it is a matter of two-component adhesives with a mixing ratio of 1:1, such as our acrylate adhesives Plexus MA310 and Plexus MA300, or standard double cartridges with conventional bayonet connection of the type MAH or MAQ.

The static mixer has a fine, conical mixing nozzle that enables perfect, economical dosing as well as precise application of the adhesives. The outlet opening can be easily enlarged with a conventional cutter knife if required.

Buy your professional quality adhesive mixers conveniently online directly from the specialist dealer S-Polytec and benefit from our favourable graduated prices.

Properties of the adhesive mixer

  1. The glue mixer is suitable for all double cartridges up to 50ml with MA bayonet
  2. The adhesive mixer is suitable for 2-component adhesives with a mixing ratio of 1:1, 2:1 and 10:1
  3. The adhesive mixer has a very high number of mixing elements for an optimal mixing result
  4. The adhesive mixer has a conical dosing tip for precisely dosed application of the adhesives

WARNING: The mixing spout is not suitable for double cartridges with the more modern MBH or MBQ connection, where the two components only come into contact with each other inside the static mixer via a separate material inlet. These include our special adhesives PPprofi and PPprofi.

Matching 2-component adhesives in our online shop

  1. Plexus MA300 50ml Double Cartridge
    Acrylic adhesive preferably for bonding thermoplastics with metals
  2. Plexus MA310 50ml double cartridge
    Acrylic adhesive preferably for bonding thermoplastics with thermoplastics

NOTE: This static mixer, like all adhesive mixers for 2-component adhesives, is a disposable mixer and cannot be reused after use.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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