2C adhesive Plexus MA300 (plastics and metals)

2-component acrylic adhesive Plexus MA300™ especially for bonding thermoplastics with metals or metals with metals.

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2-component adhesive Plexus MA300™ for thermoplastics and metals

Plexus MA300™ is a special 2-component adhesive which is applied in a mixing ratio of 1:1 and is particularly suitable for the structural bonding of thermoplastics with metals or composite assemblies. Plexus MA300™ is particularly suitable for bonding ABS, ASA, PVC, acrylic plastics, etc. with aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

Plexus MA300™ is characterised by its very rapid curing and high strength and stiffness and, after curing, can also be used without any problems in areas with particularly low temperatures of up to -55°C. According to the manufacturer, the upper limit of the application temperature is +121°C. The two-component adhesive is particularly resistant to hydrocarbons, salt solutions as well as acids and bases (in the pH value range of pH3 - pH10).

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Properties of the 2-component adhesive Plexus MA300™

  • Plexus MA300™ bonds plastics to metals securely and permanently
  • Plexus MA300™ also bonds metals to metals (pre-treatment with primer Plexus PC120™ recommended)
  • Plexus MA300™ exhibits good chemical resistance
  • Plexus MA300™ bonds very quickly thanks to very short curing times

NOTE: Plexus MA300™ is not suitable for polyolefin (e.g. PE, PP, PTFE).

Suitable for the 2-component adhesive Plexus MA300™

Processing of Plexus MA300™

A special glue gun for 50 ml double cartridges is required for the application of the 2C methacrylate adhesive. The materials to be bonded should be cleaned of dust and grease beforehand and the surfaces should be dry in order to achieve a perfect bonding result. After application, there is a working time of 4 - 6 minutes in which the elements to be bonded should be brought together. The fixing time is only 12 - 15 minutes. After application, the adhesive cartridge can be closed again with the corresponding cap so that the remaining adhesive can be used at a later time.

  • Processing time: approx. 4-6 minutes
  • Fixing time: approx. 12-15 minutes
  • Application temperature: -55°C-121°C

NOTE: An adhesive mixer is supplied. The mixers are not to be used after application.

Please observe the safety and application instructions in the manufacturer's data sheets before using the 2-glue. Ensure sufficient ventilation or appropriate exhaust air and always keep adhesives out of reach of children.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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filling quantity in ml50
Color designationCremefarben
Color accuracyNo

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