Aluminium composite panels anthracite 3mm

Aluminum sandwich panel anthracite (similar to RAL 7016, anthracite gray) in 3mm thickness on measure with one-sided matt, one-sided glossy anthracite gray surface to buy online comfortable in the cut. The anthracite aluminum sandwich panels are UV-stable, weatherproof and equipped with protective film on both sides.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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Alu sandiwch panels in anthracite

Our aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite (similar to RAL 7016, anthracite gray) are available in 3mm thickness up to a size of 1,5 x 1,0 meters in millimeter precision cut. The sheet, which are made in a sandwich process to an inseparable rigid sandiwch panel, consist of a black core of lightweight polyethylene and approximately 0,3mm thick aluminum facings whose surfaces have been painted in anthracite color.

As with our black aluminum sandwich panels, you also have got the choice with our aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite whether you want to use a glossy or a matte surface, because the surfaces of the anthracite aluminum sandwich panel have on the one hand a degree of gloss of about 30% and are therefore matte and on the other hand a gloss of about 80% on what a radiant surface gloss brings with it.

NOTE: Due to the protective film, the difference between the matt and the glossy surface is barely visible. To make sure the right side is used, we recommend to peel off the protective film on one corner a little bit. These protective films are easy to remove, but should only be completely removed after processing to avoid scratchers in the painted surfaces.

Norms of anthracite gray aluminum sandwich panels

  • ISO 9001:2000 requirements for the certification of quality management systems
  • ISO 14000:2004 Environmental Management Systems - Requirements with instructions for use
  • Manufacturing according to ASTM (international standardization organization)
  • Production according to DIN (German Institute for Standardization)
  • REACH (EU chemicals regulation)
  • RoHS (Ordinance on the prohibition of hazardous substances in the Electrical Industry)

Thanks to our blank configurator, you can comfortable order our aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite directly in the desired dimensions.

The cutting is made exactly to your specifications on one of our ultramodern panel saws for horizontal cutting with a very low tolerance of +/- 1mm.

With our milling service, we are also at your disposal for special contour deliveries, for example round Alu baskets, rounded corners, cut-outs or very individual molds. Thanks to our CNC milling-machines, we can mill our anthracite sandwich panels in almost every imaginable shape.
How this is possible you can find out on our information page our milling service.

The sheets have got a very low own weight and still have got a very high resistance to breakage and stability. In addition, the weatherproof aluminum sandwich panels are UV-stable, so that they can be easily used indoors and outdoors, without affecting the material properties or the anthracite gray enamel.

Application examples for aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite

  • Our lightweight aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite are ideal for exterior facade cladding
  • The weatherproof aluminum sandwich panels are used for windows and door panels and weatherboards in anthracite
  • The anthracite-colored aluminum sandwich panels are ideal as interior decorative wall coverings
  • Aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite are used as signs in trade fair construction and in sign making
  • The rigid aluminum sandwich panels can also be used as balcony cladding or as privacy screens
  • and many more

Processing of our aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite

The processing of aluminum sandwich panels can be done with standard tools for wood and metal processing. Suitable for cutting are conventional jigsaws with a metal saw blade. For straight blanks we recommend a circular saw. Milling is also a common method to bring the composite panels into the desired shape. In addition, the plates can be cut on a water jet cutting machine. Engraving with a milling machine or a laser is also possible, for example, to create company signs with inscriptions.

Furthermore, aluminum sandwich panels can be laminated (glued with a foil) or can be painted. Due to the anthracite surface of the stove-enamelled aluminum topcoats, the sheets are only partially suitable for direct printing, even if this is basically possible.

Aluminum sandwich panels are UV- and weather resistant, do not rust and can therefore be used for outdoor applications.

Our aluminum sandwich panels in anthracite are comparatively light and can therefore be bonded very well over a large area. Our adhesives and sealants Parabond 600 in gray with an outstanding adhesive effect, glues the anthracite sandwich panels permanently on almost all surfaces. In addition, screwing is a common method to install balcony or facade cladding.

TIP: To avoid scratches on the surface during processing, always remove the protective films only after completion of the further processing steps.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length3050
Standard width1500
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
PlasticAlu sandwich
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7016
Color designationAnthracite grey

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