ABS for thermoforming without minimum purchase

ABS for thermoforming without minimum purchase

Do not let shortages of ABS for thermoforming stop you from satisfying your customers. Fall back on ABS stock from S-Polytec.

ABS plastic for thermoforming is produced by many extruders and is therefore quite easy to obtain.

But what about when your customers need small quantities, a sample is due in ABS and there is no stock material available or it simply has to be done very quickly?

The problem: minimum quantities from the manufacturers


For ABS plastic, the extruders need a minimum purchase of 500kg - 1,000kg to be able to accept the order. The minimum quantity varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and depending on their workload. In addition, there are other conditions such as preferably everything in one format and in one thickness. Does this also sound familiar to you?

You could decide to stock the material and thus order and store the minimum quantity of each thickness and each colour. If your customers order regularly, this can make sense, but it also requires a certain liquidity and corresponding storage capacity. Alternatively, you would have to inform the customer that you are not able to deliver small quantities or sample boards because the minimum quantity cannot be achieved.

Potential new customers, but also long-standing customers, however, will have relatively little understanding for this and will most likely look for another supplier.

The solution: stock items from S-Polytec

We supply ABS sheets cut to size - without any minimum quantities!

We know that in most cases it is not possible to purchase ABS plastic in small quantities. We also know that it can be uneconomical for you to order whole sheets of ABS plastic directly if significantly smaller sizes are actually required for thermoforming. For this reason, we have decided to make your life easier by stocking ABS sheets in thicknesses of 1mm-10mm, each in the colours black and white. In addition, we also stock grained ASA/ABS in black and in grey (RAL7040).

Another advantage for you is that by keeping ABS plastic in stock, we are able to deliver within the shortest possible time (as a rule, shipping is transferred within 48 hours). Regardless of whether you need a small sheet cut to size, or a few ABS sheets in different thicknesses.

To our ABS sheets for thermoforming

Note:Our stock range also includes other plastics suitable for thermoforming such as polystyrene, PE, PP, PETG and others.

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