Acrylic glass virus protection screen

Acrylic glass virus protection screen

The retail sector continues to struggle and is, in our view, one of the groups with the highest risk of infection due to the large number of customers. By installing a protective device made of acrylic glass sheets as saliva protection, you ensure a greater sense of security for you, your employees and your customers. Help prevent further infections! #flattenthecurve

The retail sector continues to struggle and is, in our view, one of the groups with the highest risk of infection due to the large number of customers. By installing a protective device made of acrylic glass sheets as saliva protection, you ensure a greater sense of security for you, your employees and your customers. Help prevent further infections! #flattenthecurve

#WeStayAtHome - Unfortunately, it's not always possible

The Corona crisis is in full swing, the infection rate is continuously rising. Those who cannot work in a home office and are in direct contact with customers must protect themselves from possible infection, because the fact is: Not everyone can stay at home, sometimes direct contact with fellow human beings is simply unavoidable. These heroes of the new everyday life not only receive too little appreciation, but also require the maximum possible protection to ensure basic services. For example, at the checkout of a shop, behind the sales counter or at the counselling desk. Good protection against infection is, for example, wearing a respiratory mask with appropriate typing, wearing disposable gloves and, above all, washing hands regularly and thoroughly. You can also give your customers as well as employees a safe feeling and contribute to reducing infection by using a device with shielding acrylic glass plates at cash registers and goods counters, which serve as saliva protection, in order to inhibit and prolong the rapid spread of the novel virus.

Infection with the Covid-19 virus occurs via droplet infection, i.e. through the release of viruses when coughing or sneezing. These in turn enter the respiratory tract of the other person, for example during conversations without keeping a minimum distance. Once there, the viruses multiply rapidly and can trigger the respiratory disease Covid-19, which under certain circumstances can take a severe course and even be fatal. With our transparent acrylic panels, you can ensure direct visual contact for your customers with your employees, but also provide effective protection for your team so that they do not become infected and spread the disease within the company or family.

How is a saliva guard made of acrylic glass sheets installed?

The installation of a saliva guard naturally depends on the local conditions, which means that this question cannot be answered in a general way.

If the ceiling height is relatively low, the acrylic glass panels can be attached to the ceiling, for example. Likewise, a construction from the ceiling to the service counter in the form of a clamping device is quite conceivable. This makes it possible, especially in rental properties, to attach a protective device without having to drill.

At checkouts in supermarkets and other shops, however, there is usually neither a low ceiling height nor a sales shelf for fastening. Here, however, a frame construction, which is attached to the frame of the checkout conveyor, can ensure a secure fastening of the protective walls made of acrylic glass panels. In such times, such a construction does not have to win a design award, but must fulfil its purpose. A simple substructure made of simple roof battens to which the acrylic glass panels are directly screwed may not be pretty, but it protects your employees.

Little tip: Before screwing, the acrylic glass sheets should be pre-drilled carefully, otherwise they could break. Alternatively, polycarbonate can be used, which is almost unbreakable and, with a low thickness, can also be bent around radii very well without breaking.

Suitable constructions for fastening acrylic sheets can also be developed for all other areas where saliva protection appears important. The protection of staff and customers should always be in the foreground. In addition, the device should be fixed stably so that it offers sufficient protection and yet obstructs customer contact as little as possible. When used at a simple sales counter, for example in a kiosk or at a petrol station, the saliva guard can possibly be attached to the sales shelf. Of course, this also depends on whether there is a fastening possibility on the shelf. Alternatively, you can use a saliva guard in a suitable size to stand on, as we provide in our online shop as a ready-made set, or as a free download to make yourself.

Free download of a saliva protection design

Download our simple construction drawing for a saliva guard with pass-through as PDF, EPS, DXF if you want to make your own privacy screen. We recommend acrylic glass sheets in a thickness of 3mm for the format of 60cm x 75cm. These can be ordered directly cut to size in our online shop. Payment via PayPal and collection is quicker. Unfortunately, card payment is not technically possible for us and we would like to do without cash in this day and age.

Practical tips for using acrylic sheets as saliva protection

If you would like to install the protective wall yourself, you should observe the following things:

1. For the guard to actually protect, it should cover a certain area. It is important that the saliva guard completely shields the employee's face. Ideally, therefore, you should choose acrylic sheets that are high enough and wide enough so that only the hands, which must remain free for dispensing goods and receiving payment, are not covered. The entire area around the head and upper body should be protected. When mounting and selecting the size of the acrylic glass panels, bear in mind that customers are of different sizes and that the goods also differ in size.

2. You can drill acrylic glass sheets quite easily and thus screw them onto wooden or metal brackets. It is best to use cordless screws and a conventional metal drill for drilling. For larger diameters, cone drills are suitable. It is always important to use cutting drills that do not heat the material too much. Always pre-drill the centre point for larger diameters. A low drilling speed is also important so that the acrylic sheets do not heat up. Temperatures that are too high can cause stress cracks or fractures. The thicker the acrylic sheets and the diameter of the hole, the more cooling is required during drilling. To prevent the sheets from breaking during drilling, they should lie flat on a firm surface. The distance between the edges of the holes should also not be too small, depending on the thickness of the sheet.

3. The saliva guard should be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain the protection against infection. It is important to note that acrylic glass sheets must not be cleaned with cleaners containing alcohol or benzene, as this can make them blind, i.e. opaque. Instead, use cleaning agents that are explicitly suitable for plastic. A damp soft cloth is suitable for wiping and a chamois leather for drying.

Highest hygiene standards for our and your safety

We have a large stock of transparent plastic sheets made of acrylic glass and polycarbonate that we can cut to size for you. Fast order processing and short delivery times ensure that the saliva protection reaches you promptly and the protection of your employees and customers is guaranteed as quickly as possible. This is the only way to counteract further spread.

The concern that the Corona virus brings with it does not leave us unscathed either.

The protection of our own employees is very important to us, and likewise we want to continue to be able to supply our customers with high-quality products. Our employees are therefore familiar with the current situation and sensitised to the issue themselves. Hygiene and cleanliness has always been an important aspect in our company, but through further extensive protective measures we ensure the lowest possible risk of infection within our company. All employees who do not necessarily have to work in the office work in a home office. All employees in production work strictly separated from each other. In addition, the wearing of respirators has been ordered (gloves and regular disinfection of hands/gloves has always been compulsory for us). Our customers, on the other hand, can trust that the operational processes are carried out under the applicable hygiene regulations.

We want you to stay healthy! #flattenthecurve #stayhome #covid-19

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