Adjustment of shipping options

Adjustment of shipping options

We have adapted our shipping options and expanded them to include some countries in Europe from which orders can now also be placed directly via the online shop.

Some of you may already have noticed that we have revised the shipping costs. However, we have not only adjusted the prices of the shipping service providers, but also expanded the countries to which we now deliver.

We deliver all over Europe

We frequently receive enquiries by email or via our contact form regarding our plastic sheets, adhesives and sealants. These enquiries come from a wide variety of countries around the world and preferably from European countries. Of course, we are very pleased about this and it was reason enough for us to adapt our shipping options accordingly.

In the first step, we evaluated the frequency of requests to determine which countries we should include in the shipping options.

In the second step, we checked whether shipping to the evaluated countries was possible through our shipping partners. If both shipping with the parcel service and shipping with the forwarding company are feasible at acceptable conditions, we determined the shipping costs, which was not quite so easy, because there are a number of factors to consider.

In the third step, we calculated the shipping costs - in such a way that all factors such as fuel surcharges, distance allowances or tolls to be paid are included in the price. Finally, we have staggered these according to weight in order to enable the most favourable offer possible for shipping to the other countries.

In the last step, we have provided our programming with a query that determines to which country the goods are to be delivered in order to calculate the shipping costs for the respective country. As usual for us, the dimensions and the weight play a role.

Adjustment of shipping costs for Germany

As part of the shipping costs calculation, we have also recalculated the prices for pallet shipping with our forwarder and based on partly very significant price increases, we were unfortunately forced to raise the shipping costs slightly.

The old countries

Shipping within Germany is normal for a German online shop. In addition, it has always been possible for us to deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria. However, until the expansion, there was no separation of the shipping costs for the neighbouring countries, so that the shipping costs here are now also determined on a country-specific basis, which sometimes also brings cost reductions.

The new countries

In the first move, we have expanded our shipping options to include 9 more countries within the EU.

  • Denmark
  • France
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • However, this does not mean that we cannot ship our plastic sheets to other countries. Delivery to Switzerland, Sweden or even Canada is possible, but the shipping costs have to be calculated individually depending on the order, so that we can only ship on request for the time being. The calculation factors are a bit more complicated. Perhaps we will soon find a simpler solution for this too, so that it will be possible to calculate the shipping costs via the online shop. However, we still need to have some discussions with our shipping service providers.

    As soon as we have worked out an adequate solution, we will expand the available countries even further. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greece and a few more are planned. However, if you would like us to deliver to one of these countries right now, please feel free to send us a specific request and we will calculate your individual offer including shipping costs. Our sales staff look forward to your enquiry.

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