Double suction lifter (80kg load capacity)

The double suction lifter has two Ø120mm vacuum suction cups with an enormous lifting force of up to 80kg facilitates lifting, carrying or assembling heavy facade panels, glass panes, large wall and floor tiles or furniture.

✓ Up to 80kg load capacity
✓ Safe rocker arm mechanism
✓ Two Ø 120mm rubber suction heads
✓ Sturdy plastic housing
✓ For smooth, gas-tight surfaces
✓ Ergonomic handle

The double suction lifter with up to 80kg load capacity is ideal for all smooth surfaces made of glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc.

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Double suction lifter - Safe for heavy loads

Up to 80kg load capacity ✓ Safe rocker mechanism ✓ 2 x Ø120mm suction head ✓

The double vacuum suction lifter from Högert has a very high load capacity of up to 80kg and is therefore suitable for countless uses in all areas where the carrying of heavy plates and objects is required. The two suction cups, which each have a diameter of 120mm, and the centrally arranged handle, significantly increase the carrying comfort and distribute the load perfectly on the two rubberised suction cups. When the two toggle levers are turned, the dual suction lifter creates a high vacuum on all smooth, air-impermeable surfaces, thus providing reliable and secure adhesion without the risk of the load decreasing. Especially for large façade panels, heavy glass panes, large pieces of furniture, but also for switch cabinets, painted vehicle parts or roofing for patio roofs, the high-quality suction lifter is an extremely useful aid for lifting, transporting or assembling and facilitates the work of the usually unwieldy objects. The handle with pre-shaped grooves for perfect positioning of the fingers is ergonomically shaped and, with a diameter of approx. 35 mm and a width of approx. 90 mm, is the ideal size for small and large hands.

Properties of the double vacuum suction lifter

The tool, which is aimed equally at private users and tradesmen, Högert vacuum suction lifters are characterised by very good workmanship and individual components made of high-quality, durable materials. Due to its very high load-bearing capacity, the double suction lifter is an excellent choice for a wide variety of trades, and is used in window construction, façade construction, but also in electrical and sanitary installations. Here, the powerful suction handle is used, for example, for inserting heavy windows and front doors, installing large-format façade panels, simplified carrying of switch boxes, solar panels, heating systems. The ergonomic handle allows a high level of carrying comfort even when the load is quite heavy and reduces the risk of injuries at cut edges or corners of the housing, especially when handling sharp-edged objects such as panel blanks or glass panes. The high vacuum of the two suction cups is maintained on smooth, gas-tight surfaces even over a longer period of time, so that there is no need to worry about the suction cup coming loose. Transport damage can thus be significantly reduced.

The suction lifter has an extremely sturdy housing made of robust plastic, which is insensitive to shocks and easily withstands the high load capacities. In contrast to the compact one-hand suction lifter with a load capacity of 40kg the vacuum of the suction cups is not created by pulling the two-part handle together, but by folding down the two rocker levers, which are arranged to the left and right of the ergonomic carrying handle. Also with the double suction cup lifter, a solid square bolt is retracted when the rocker arms are folded down, to which a solid, round steel disc with a diameter of 80mm is attached. These are encased in a 6mm thick, durable rubber, which with an outer diameter of 120mm have a high bearing surface. By retracting the bolts, the suction cup is drawn inwards, creating a cavity between the surface of the material and the support of the suction cup. This creates a high vacuum that allows a load capacity of up to 80kg.

Application and handling of double suction lifters

In order to be able to use the suction cup, the surfaces to which it is to be attached must meet certain requirements. They should be smooth and impermeable to gas, so that the vacuum does not drop. In addition, the material properties should have a certain inherent stiffness, because when the rocker arms are flipped to suck in the suction cups, a high negative pressure is created, which can cause deformation in the case of less rigid or very thin materials. It is also important that the double suction lifter is placed so that both suction cups are in full contact with the surface and no gaps reduce the formation of the vacuum. By flipping both toggle levers, which remain in their end position, the handle is firmly sucked onto the panel or object. Before the actual reason for use, the vacuum lifter should be checked for a firm fit by pulling or lifting it slightly. Whether the handle is arranged vertically or horizontally is irrelevant with regard to the carrying capacity and depends on the size of the object and the desired carrying position, which can play a decisive role in personal comfort when carrying or holding, especially with very heavy weights of up to 80 kg. To release the vacuum lifter, the two toggle levers must be moved back to their original position so that the square bolt with the steel disc approaches the surface again and the vacuum lifter is released.

The suction lifter makes carrying and holding heavy objects much easier and can be used both vertically, for example when inserting heavy windows or HPL panels for façade cladding, and horizontally. Examples of horizontal use are covering a terrace roof or a carport with laminated safety glass or laying large-format floor tiles indoors and outdoors. In the transport sector, for example during removals, the powerful vacuum lifter is used to carry heavy furniture and household appliances, for example a washing machine or a large cupboard with laminated high-gloss surfaces. Due to the fully rubberised support surfaces, damage caused by scratches is not to be expected even on very sensitive or lacquered surfaces. However, it is recommended to always keep the surfaces of the suction cups clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.

WARNING: The load-bearing capacity of the double suction lifter can only be ensured if both suction cups are tightly sealed to the surface and both rocker arms are flipped to generate the vacuum. It is not sufficient to suction only one rubberised suction cup. Not even if the total weight of the object is considerably less. The centrally positioned handle creates tensile shear forces that significantly reduce the loosening of the vacuum connection to the surface.

Application examples for the suction lifter with double suction cup

  • The double suction cup makes the installation of heavy HPL façade panels much easier
  • The very high lifting power means that even large panes of glass can be carried easily, safely and comfortably
  • Large-format wall and floor tiles are easier to handle and thus easier to lay
  • Perfect for smooth panels made of aluminium, steel or plastic and therefore ideal in machine and plant construction
  • The suction lifter is also suitable for lifting and carrying heavy pieces of furniture with smooth surfaces

NOTE: Dirt, dust or oil and grease build-up can significantly reduce the load-bearing capacity. To avoid accidents and to ensure the suction power of the two vacuum suction cups, the surfaces should be cleaned before using the suction lifter.

Technical data of the Högert double suction lifter

  • Design: Double vacuum suction cup
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Load capacity (max): up to 80kg
  • Vacuum area: 2 x Ø 120mm
  • Operating principle:Rocker arm lock
  • Suitability:Smooth, gas-tight surfaces
  • Weight: 520g
  • Ø Handle: ca. 35mm
  • Handle width: ca. 92mm
  • Total width: ca. 120mm
  • Total length: ca. 315mm
  • Total height: ca. 110mm (ca. 70mm aspirated)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialPlastic, rubber
PropertyLoad capacity max. 80kg

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