Suction lifter (40kg load capacity)

The one-hand vacuum lifter has a Ø120mm suction cup with a lifting force of up to 40kg and is suitable for easy lifting, carrying and positioning of plastic sheets, glass panes, tiles or cabinets with smooth surfaces.

✓ Up to 40kg load bearing capacity
✓ Simple one-hand operation
✓ Ø 120mm rubber suction head
✓ Robust plastic housing
✓ For smooth, gas-tight surfaces
✓ Ergonomic handle

The compact one-handed suction lifters are ideal for easy relocation of solar modules in mobile balcony power plants.

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Vacuum suction lifter - For smooth, gas-tight surfaces

Up to 40kg load capacity ✓ Easy one-hand operation ✓ Ø120mm suction head ✓

The compact one-hand vacuum lifter from Högert is suitable for a wide range of uses in crafts and the home. With a generously dimensioned load capacity of up to 40kg, it is completely sufficient to hang interior doors, lift wall shelves or lay wall and floor tiles. At the same time, the rubber suction cup with a diameter of 120mm has the ideal surface to easily position even larger floor and wall tiles, making installation much easier. The tight-fitting rubber coating adheres to all smooth, non-gas-permeable surfaces. These include glass panes, solar panels, mirrors, metal panels, plastic panels or facade panels made of HPL. A sufficiently high vacuum can also be generated on laminated surfaces of furniture, such as wall cabinets, display cabinets, kitchen cabinets or cupboard doors, in order to lift them safely and reliably. The ergonomic handle can be operated with one hand to create the vacuum and can be released in a similarly simple way.

Features of the suction cup vacuum lifter

Högert's vacuum suction lifter is convincing due to its high manufacturing quality and is aimed equally at professional users in industry and trade, as well as private users in the household and hobby workshop. Despite its small size, this useful tool is a real powerhouse and combines ease of use, ergonomics and work safety. Thanks to the very easy handling, large or unwieldy objects and sheet goods can be handled much more easily, which simplifies the lifting, carrying or mounting of cladding panels, glass panes or even pieces of furniture with smooth surfaces. With a load capacity of up to 40kg, which depends on the specific surface finish, the vacuum suction lifter is perfectly adequate for most applications. For objects whose own weight is higher, the maximum load capacity can be increased by using another suction lifter. Alternatively, we also carry a Double suction lifter with an increased load capacity of up to 80kg, which is characterised by an equally high quality.

The suction lifter is essentially made of robust plastic, which is characterised by very good impact resistance. The smooth-running mechanism is made of solid metal and is designed for a very long service life. The suction cup, which is significant for the high load-bearing capacity of the plate lifter, consists at its core of a round steel plate with a large diameter of approx. 80mm, to which the solid square bolt is attached. This is pulled inwards when the handle is pulled together and in this way forms a cavity. In order to create a high vacuum through the cavity formed, the steel core is enclosed with a strong rubber coating in a very high overall thickness of approx. 6mm, the outer diameter of which is 120mm and ends tightly with the surface on which the suction cup is placed.

Application and handling of the one-hand suction lifter

The principle of operation of the suction lifter is very simple. The rubberised surface of the suction pad is placed on the surface to be lifted. It must be ensured that it rests on the entire surface, otherwise no or insufficient vacuum can be created. By pulling the two-part handle together, the steel bolt screwed to it is retracted, which causes the steel plate to be pulled inwards and a hollow space to be formed. To release the siphon from the surface, the handle is simply loosened again. When retracted, the handle bar remains in the closed position due to its special design, so that one can fully concentrate on lifting, holding or carrying the object, because even though the suction lifter significantly increases the comfort when carrying, 40kg still remains 40kg.

Whether the suction lifter is used for mounting vertical panelling with HPL panels or aluminium composite panels, or whether floor tiles are to be laid horizontally, there is no significant difference in the maximum load, as long as the rubber suction cup rests completely on the surface. This makes it very easy to hang or screw in cupboard doors, even in larger formats. Opening cable duct covers integrated flush into the floor covering is also child's play with the easy-to-operate vacuum lifter. The insertion of light glazing, as well as the installation of large glass picture frames, wall mirrors or back panels of shower cubicles, is made much easier by using the compact vacuum lifter and also reduces fingerprints on the wall. Even though the carrying comfort and handling is considerably improved, one should always keep the weight and stability of the object in mind. For the transport of a washing machine, the load capacity of 40kg is no longer sufficient for most appliances. The suction cup should also not be used on screens of large, unwieldy TV sets or similar surfaces that are sensitive to bending, in order to avoid damage to the surface that could be caused by the high vacuum.

Application examples for the one-hand vacuum suction cup

  • The compact suction lifter makes it much easier to fix balcony surrounds with aluminium composite panels
  • The simple one-handed operation is perfect for lifting floor covers on underfloor cable ducts
  • The high suction power of the small one-handed suction lifter simplifies lifting, carrying and holding wall cabinets
  • The vacuum with 40kg load capacity is sufficient for large picture frames, mirrors or wall and floor tiles
  • The suction lifter can be used to insert glass panes or to carry photovoltaic modules

NOTE: The cleanliness of the surfaces contributes enormously to work safety, because contaminated surfaces can significantly reduce the vacuum formation of the suction cup. It is therefore advisable to remove any dirt, dust, oil or grease before using the suction cup.

Technical data of the simple Högert suction lifter

  • Type: One-hand vacuum suction cup
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Load capacity (max): up to 40kg
  • Vacuum surface: Ø 120mm
  • Operating principle: Bow handle
  • Suitability: Smooth, gas-tight surfaces
  • Weight: 250g
  • Handle width: ca. 92mm
  • Total width: ca. 120mm
  • Total length: ca. 120mm
  • Total height: ca. 100mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialPlastic, rubber
PropertyLoad capacity max. 40kg

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