EPDM sealing tape 110mm - 25m roll (self-adhesive)

Our wide EPDM sealing tape in 110mm x 0.8mm in self-adhesive design is suitable for sealing wide connection joints or as a moisture barrier for wooden profiles with high thickness for substructures.

✓ Self-adhesive design
✓ Airtight & Waterproof
✓ Very high extensibility
✓ Vapour diffusion
✓ Highly weatherproof

The sealing tape is supplied as a 25m roll and is easy to cut with scissors.

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EPDM sealing tape 110mm width with self-adhesion

Vapour diffusion-open ✓ Air- & waterproof ✓ Absolutely weather-resistant ✓

Our EPDM sealing tape in black with a width of 110mm and a thickness of 0.8mm is available at favourable prices as a 25m roll. Thanks to the self-adhesion, which is applied on one side, the EPDM sealing tape can be applied directly without the use of other adhesives. It adheres to almost all materials commonly used in the building sector, such as concrete, wood, ceramics, tiles, metal and most plastics (except PTFE, PE or PP). This makes it very easy to seal window profiles made of PVC or wood to masonry, for example, in order to achieve a sustainable building seal. The UV- and weather-resistant EPDM rubber sealing tape is also used for permanently elastic expansion joints and wall connection joints, as well as for moisture barrier of façade and wall cladding where a substructure made of wood has been erected. The pollutant-free EPDM sealing tape is extremely durable and is considered tear-resistant with a tensile elongation of more than 300%.

Our EPDM sealing tape is self-adhesive and an effective protection of the substructure against moisture and weathering under all types of HPL panels and fibre cement panels. In order to counteract the formation of mould on the substructure caused by accumulated humidity, our EPDM sealing tapes are open to vapour diffusion. This is an essential aspect, especially in buildings with high thermal insulation, to prevent the development of condensation, which can lead to moisture penetration of the insulation materials.

    Scope of Delivery:
  • 1 x EPDM joint sealing tape 110mm x 0.8mm self-adhesive 25m roll

NOTE: A sharp knife or scissors is sufficient to cut the EPDM to the desired length.

Properties of the EPDM sealing tape in 110x0.8mm with self-adhesion

The EPDM sealing tape is used in the trade for the permanent sealing of buildings because the permanently elastic sealing tape reliably protects against moisture, dust and weathering. The UV- and weather-resistant sealing tape is extremely elastic and has a tensile elongation of more than 300%. It is therefore not only considered tear-resistant, but also extremely resilient in terms of mechanical stress. Furthermore, EPDM is resistant to OZON and defies even the most adverse weather conditions. Even continuous strong UV radiation does not cause brittleness or cracking, which is why EPDM is extremely popular for sealing buildings outdoors, as well as for erecting moisture barriers on any type of substructure made of wood, in order to counteract the rotting of the natural material through contact with water or moisture.

Our EPDM sealing tapes are equipped with a self-adhesive backing. This means that the sealing tape can be applied without much effort or the application of an adhesive in order to achieve an effective seal quickly and easily. The 25m roll can be easily cut to size with scissors. Alternatively, a sharp knife can be used for shortening or cutting. In contrast to the processing temperature, which should not fall below +5°C, the wide EPDM sealing tape has a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications at any temperature. This means that it can be used for outdoor applications in all weather conditions. Even prolonged periods of frost with high sub-zero temperatures do not affect the elasticity of the seal. Even rapid, strong temperature fluctuations have no negative effects on the usability of the EPDM rubber sealing tape.

Technical data of the EPDM sealing tape with 110mm width

  • Material: EPDM rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Roll length: 25m
  • Roll width: 110mm
  • Material thickness: 0.8mm
  • Tensile elongation: min. 300% according to EN 12311-2
  • Tensile strength: min. 250 N/50mm according to EN 12311-2
  • Waterproofness: W1 (waterproof)
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C - +120 °C
  • UV resistance: Excellent
  • OZONE resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent

NOTE: Do not apply the EPDM sealing tape below +5°C ambient temperature. Otherwise the adhesive strength of the self-adhesive backing cannot be guaranteed.

Application of the 110mm EPDM sealing tape

EPDM sealing tapes are extremely popular for sealing buildings, because they are very easy to apply without having to pay attention to curing times, as is the case with silicone sealants, for example. Thus, airtight and watertight sealing of building connection joints and expansion joints can be achieved in no time by applying the sealing tape. Another significant advantage is the extremely long service life of EPDM rubber, which is more than 50 years. This saves long-term costs for building maintenance, because in contrast to sealing joints with silicone sealants, which should be renewed at regular intervals as maintenance joints, seals with an EPDM sealing tape have very long maintenance intervals.

When EPDM sealing tape is used for façade cladding, it is usually used as a moisture barrier to protect the load-bearing wooden substructure from moisture and rain. In order to counteract the formation of condensation, which can shorten the life of the substructure, our EPDM sealing tapes are open to diffusion. This means that humidity caused by temperature differences can diffuse through. To ensure that the substructure is not in direct contact with the attached façade panels, the sealing tape should always be applied with an overhang of approximately 5 mm.

With a width of 110 mm, the EPDM sealing tape is ideal for large-area seals or wall connections with wide joints where a 100% seal must be ensured to protect against water penetration. In addition, an airtight seal is achieved with the EPDM, which also results in an improvement in energy efficiency to reduce draughts and thermal bridges.

    Application Examples:
  • Our EPDM sealing tape with 110mm width is best suited for sealing retrofitted skylights
  • The wide sealing tape is perfect for airtight wall connection and expansion joints with larger gaps
  • The EPDM sealing tape is very suitable as a moisture barrier of wide substructure profiles made of wood
  • EPDM sealing tapes are ideal for sealing the wall side of conservatories, patio roofs or carports
  • and much more

Clean the surfaces before applying the EPDM sealing tape to achieve a permanent and tight seal. Make sure that the contact surfaces are dry, dust-free and free of grease and oil. Excessive residual moisture on wooden profiles can also reduce the adhesive strength of the self-adhesive backing.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Standart Length25000 mm
Standard width110 mm
Thickness0,8 mm
UV resistanceUV resistant

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