EPDM sealing tape 36mm - 25m roll (self-adhesive)

Our self-adhesive EPDM sealing tape in 36mm x 0.8mm for structural sealing is ideal as a moisture barrier for wooden substructures for facade cladding.

✓ Self-adhesive design
✓ Absolutely waterproof
✓ Extremely stretchable
✓ Impact and tear resistant
✓ UV and weatherproof

The sealing tape is supplied as a 25m roll and can easily be cut to size with scissors.

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EPDM sealing tape as 25m roll in 36mm width

Self-adhesive ✓ Absolutely waterproof ✓ UV- & OZON-resistant ✓

Our EPDM sealing tape with a width of 36mm has a thickness of 0.8mm and is available as a 25mm roll at favourable prices. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, the sealing tape is very easy to apply. The self-adhesive adheres to almost all materials that are common in the building sector, e.g. wood, concrete, sand-lime brick, tiles, plastic or even metal. The black sealing tape is made of pollutant-free EPDM rubber and is used to seal expansion joints, wall connections or balconies. It is also very suitable for protecting wooden substructures from moisture.

Our EPDM tape is open to vapour diffusion and is suitable as a protective and sealing tape under all types of HPL.

    Scope of Delivery:
  • 1 x EPDM joint sealing tape 36mm x 0.8mm self-adhesive 25m roll

NOTE: The EPDM sealing tape can be very easily shortened to the desired length with scissors or a sharp knife.

Properties of the self-adhesive EPDM sealing tape in 36x0.8mm

The EPDM sealing tape in 36mm width is characterised by its very long service life of more than 50 years and protects against water, dust and other weather influences. EPDM rubber sealing tapes are resistant to mechanical, chemical or biological stress. The extremely stretchable sealing tape can be stretched to over 300% of its original length and is considered to be particularly tear-resistant and absolutely impact-resistant. EPDM rubber is ozone-resistant and UV-resistant and does not crack or become brittle even after many years of outdoor use, even under the most adverse weather conditions. Due to the enormous service life of our EPDM sealing tapes, very long maintenance intervals are possible, which results in lower costs for renovation and building maintenance.

Our self-adhesive EPDM sealing tape is very easy to apply. Thanks to the small width of 36mm, as well as the low thickness of 0.8mm, the sealing tape is excellently suited for filigree, shaped objects where a seal is desired to protect against dust and moisture. The continuous service temperature ranges from -40°C to +120°C, which is more than sufficient for most indoor and outdoor applications. Our sealing tape also withstands rapid temperature changes or long periods of frost without losing elasticity. This means that it can also be used in cold stores or for sealing refrigerated trucks.

Technical data of the EPDM sealing tape in 36mm width

  • Material: EPDM rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Roll length: 25m
  • Roll width: 36mm
  • Material thickness: 0.8mm
  • Tensile elongation: min. 300% according to EN 12311-2
  • Tensile strength: min. 250 N/50mm according to EN 12311-2
  • Waterproofness: W1 (waterproof)
  • Temperature resistance: -40 °C - +120 °C
  • UV resistance: Very good
  • OZONE resistance: Very good
  • Weather resistance: Very good
  • Chemical resistance: Very good

NOTE: For optimum adhesion of the EPDM sealing tape, the application temperature should not fall below +5°C.

Processing of the EPDM sealing tape

EPDM sealing tapes are waterproof and are used to seal buildings. Thanks to the self-adhesive backing, the 36 mm wide sealing tape can be very easily applied to wooden profiles to create an effective moisture barrier. This is particularly important for exterior facade cladding to protect the substructure from rotting due to rain and weathering. No special tools are needed to apply the EPDM tape. A pair of ordinary household scissors or a sharp knife are sufficient to cut the tape to the length of the wooden beam. It is advisable to choose the width of the EPDM sealing tape so that it protrudes about 5mm on each side when it is applied. This completely eliminates the possibility of a contact surface between the wooden construction and the facade panel.

EPDM sealing tapes are also used to seal window profiles to masonry, wall connections, weatherboards or patio roofs. This creates an airtight and watertight connection between the building elements. Depending on the joint width to be sealed, different width sealing tapes are used. However, the width can be increased by overlapping. EPDM sealing tapes are also excellent for fence construction with wooden posts that are erected with drive-in ground sockets. Here, the post is protected in the lower area by an EPDM sealing tape from permanent contact with water or damp soil.

    Application Examples:
  • EPDM sealing tape is ideal for moisture barrier in timber facade substructures
  • EPDM sealing tapes are permanently elastic and suitable for airtight sealing of expansion joints
  • EPDM sealing tape can be used to seal wall closures of windows and doors
  • For patio roofing, EPDM sealing tape is used to seal the roof
  • and much more

Before applying the EPDM sealing tape, the surfaces should be cleaned of dust and dirt to ensure good adhesion. Furthermore, the surfaces should be dry and free of grease and oil. Especially with wooden substructures, make sure that the wood is dry and does not have any residual moisture. Otherwise, the adhesive effect of the EPDM tape may be impaired.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Standart Length25000 mm
Standard width36 mm
Thickness0,8 mm
UV resistanceUV resistant

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