Facade screw anthracite grey (A25.8.1) Satin Finish

The facade screws in Anthracite Grey made of A4 stainless steel are perfect for mounting Trespa® Meteon® facade panels in Anthracite Grey (A25.8.1) with a satin finish thanks to the facade approval. The size of the screws is Ø 5.5x35mm with round screw head in Ø12mm.

✓ A4 stainless steel
✓ For substructures made of wood
✓ For Trespa® in Anthracite Grey
✓ UV-resistant head varnish
✓ Conform to DIN EN 14592
✓ Ø 12mm head diameter

The anthracite grey screws in accordance with DIN EN 14592 are approved for facade cladding outdoors.

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Facade screw for Trespa® Meteon® Anthracite Grey (A25.8.1)

UV-resistant paint ✓ Stainless steel ✓ Approved for facades ✓

The stainless steel facade screws with a thread size of Ø5.5x35mm and a Ø12mm screw head, which has a head lacquer finish in anthracite, is colour-coordinated with Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS facade panels in Anthracite Grey (A25.8.1). The gloss level of the lacquer finish corresponds to the surface decor in Satin. The screws are approved in accordance with the general type approval for the installation of ventilated facade cladding and are therefore perfectly suitable for mounting the Trespa® HPL panels on wooden support battens in the outdoor area.

Individual screws? We say yes. Buy your desired quantity instead of complete cartons - with no minimum quantity at all.

We rely on the highest quality for our facade screws. The screws are made of a very high-quality A4 stainless steel alloy, which is characterised by a significantly higher corrosion and acid resistance compared to A2 steel. The screw heads are also painted with a special UV-resistant and weatherproof paint so that the dark grey colour of the anthracite grey screw heads does not fade. The production of the facade screws complies with DIN EN 14592, which is required by the general type approval of Trespa® Meteon® panels for ventilated facade systems.

NOTE: Thanks to the modern Torx drive, the screws can be processed without pressure on the screwdriver. This protects the battery and considerably reduces the risk of turning the drive round. The matching Screwdriver bit size TX20 (or ISR20) can be ordered directly, if necessary.

Properties of our HPL screws in Anthracite Grey

Facade screws are mainly used for cladding with HPL panels on exterior facades. However, not just any screw can be used for this, because there are very strict requirements that are defined by the respective construction type approval of the panel material. Our screws in anthracite are approved for mounting HPL panels of the trade brand Trespa® on a substructure made of wood. With an overall length of 37mm, of which 2mm is accounted for by the round, flat screw head with a diameter of 12mm, the screws are long enough to fit panels up to 8mm thick. As a partially threaded screw, this has a threadless shank that extends 10mm from the screw head to the thread. This leaves 25mm for the coarse thread which, with a thread diameter of 5.5mm, allows a firm anchorage in wood materials so that the heavy panels can be permanently screwed securely to the substructure.

The colour tone of the single-colour HPL panels Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS in Anthracite Grey (A25.8.1) is unique. With our screws in RAL7016, which we also offer in our online shop as mounting material for the HPL panels of our own brand, an inconspicuous mounting would not be possible, so we offer our screws in a further variant in anthracite, which is exactly matched to the Trespa® panels in terms of colour and gloss level. The gloss level matches the surface decor in the satin finish silk gloss. As a facade screw for outdoor use, the lacquering is carried out with a weatherproof lacquer whose colour is retained even in adverse weather conditions.

Technical data of the facade screw for HPL panels

  • Colour: Anthracite Grey, A25.8.1)
  • Gloss level: Silk gloss (satin finish)
  • Dimensions: 5,5x35mm
  • Head diameter: 12mm
  • Material: A4 stainless steel
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent

Mounting of facade panels with our facade screws

Especially with facade cladding in dark colours, which also include anthracite grey, care must be taken to ensure that the installation is free of constraints. Although HPL panels must always be installed with fixed and sliding points so that the panels do not warp when they expand due to heat, dark colours heat up after a short time when the sunlight hits the large panels. A fixed point must be established for each individual panel of a facade cladding. This is drilled inside the panel with a diameter of 6mm. The best results are achieved with a solid carbide HPL drill. All other holes serve as sliding points, so the hole must be slightly larger to allow the panel to expand. For facade screws, a diameter of 8mm is specified for sliding point fixings. The different diameters alone, however, do not ensure a constraint-free fastening of the panel to the substructure. When screwing, it is also important to ensure that the screws are screwed in straight and centrally within the hole. If they are tightened too much, the panel cannot expand from the fixed point, so the screw should only be screwed in until the screw head is flush with the panel surface.

In order to calculate how many screws need to be ordered in order to erect the facade cladding, you need to familiarise yourself a little with the installation requirements. Basically, however, certain distances must be maintained between the fasteners, as well as to the edge of the panel. The minimum safety distance to the edge is still quite simple, because this is 20 mm for HPL panels and is intended to prevent the hole from breaking out towards the edge. However, the screws on the outer edge must not be positioned arbitrarily far from the centre of the board. Upper limits must be observed here, taking into account the thickness of the board. As a rule of thumb, the maximum edge distance is ten times the board thickness. In the case of HPL panels from Trespa® with a thickness of 8mm, this means that the edge fixing is possible in a range between 20mm and 80mm from the edge of the panel. With small panels, mounting with screws at the outer corners may still be sufficient, but as a rule, facade claddings are achieved with large-format panels, so that the distances between the fixings must also be taken into account. These also depend on the panel material. For an 8mm panel, the distance between two screws must not exceed 700mm. If thinner panels of 6mm thickness are used, the spacing is reduced and 70cm to 600mm. If the panels are subject to additional loads, primarily wind, the distances must be shortened. Concrete information is always provided by the type approval of the panel manufacturer, which should always be taken into account before installation.

Anthracite is by far the most popular shade of grey. This is not only the case for Trespa® facade panels, but also applies to our screws, rivets, aluminium composite panels or aluminium profiles in RAL7016. In the case of the facade screws, this is a special lacquering in the Trespa® colour Anthracite Grey with the colour code A25.8.1. The HPL panels of the same colour from the manufacturer are equally suitable for interior and exterior applications and from this there are also countless examples of applications outside of facade systems. Typical examples include cladding for rubbish container storage areas, garden fences and gates, side cladding for patio roofs and carports, or wall cladding and partition walls indoors. For most applications, the facade screws can also be used, because these do not have to be screwed exclusively into a wooden beam, but can also be anchored as a dowel screw in masonry or concrete with a suitable dowel.

The facade screws of our own brand S-Polytec are not from Trespa®, but are permitted for facade cladding with Trespa®, Meteon® panels. Trespa® is a registered trademark of Trespa International.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A4
Screwsize5,5 x 35mm
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadrund, linsenförmig
Ø Screwhead12mm
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Thread5,5mm
Length screw thread35mm
Color accuracyNo information available
RAL color codeNot specified
Color designationAnthracite Grey (A25.8.1)

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