TORX-Bits (single)

Standard screwdriver bit TORX® in various sizes for installing facade panels and balcony surrounds with our HPL facade screws, our balcony screws or fischer anchor screws with Torx drive.

✓ Robust S2-Steel
✓ Magnetic version
✓ ¼ Inch drive (6.35mm)
✓ With restraint
✓ Long service life

The bits are suitable for all common bit holders with a hexagonal socket of ¼ inches.

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TORX® bits in different sizes

From 1 piece ✓ Attractive graduated prices ✓ Magnetic ✓

Our TORX® bits are available in the different sizes of TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX27, TX30 and TX40. The standard hexagon bit with a standardised bit size of ¼ inches (equivalent to 6.35mm) fits in all standard bit holders. The hexagonal shape also allows the bit to be clamped directly into the chuck of a drill or cordless screwdriver if no bit holder is available. The total length of the bit is 25 mm.

To ensure that the bit does not slip out of the bit holder when screwing, it is equipped with a C-ring notch. In addition, the bit is magnetic so that a magnetic bit holder can be used, which also ensures that the TORX® Bit is held securely.

With us you can buy your TORX® bits in any quantity. From a single bit to replace old, used bits from the bit range, to bulk packs and benefit from attractive quantity discounts of up to 50%.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x TORX® bit in selected size

NOTE: Do not continue to use a bit if it is damaged. Otherwise, both the screw and the bit may be further damaged.

Mounting material suitable for our TORX bits

The TORX®-Bit is suitable for fastening screws with a TORX®-Drive in the appropriate size and is characterised by very good power transmission. The star-shaped bit, which is often also referred to as an inner star drive, transmits the torque equally to the screw head via all six prongs. In contrast to the also very widespread cross-head screws, it is not necessary to use pressure on the bit with the TORX®-Drive. This saves power and is particularly noticeable during sustained assemblies. Slipping of the bit out of the drive is almost impossible with the TORX®-Bit once it is properly inserted into the screw. This means that neither the bit wears out excessively quickly nor the screw head is damaged.

For our balcony screws and façade screws, we deliberately use the popular inner star drive, as this ensures that the scratch-resistant head lacquer remains intact. For the screws that are mainly used for cladding with HPL panels, a bit in size TX20 is the right choice. However, we carry an extensive range of fastening solutions in our online shop, so different bits are needed here depending on the screw size and type. Which bit must be used for a screw is indicated for each individual screw in the product text or in the additional information.

In order to find the right screw not only for our screws but also for all other screws, the TORX®-Bit is offered in the sizes TX10 to TX40.

Overview of matching screws in the shop:

  • TORX®-Bit TX20: For our HPL facade screws with head lacquering
  • TORX®-Bit TX20: For our balcony screws with head lacquering
  • TORX®-Bit TX20: For our fischer anchor screws in Ø4.5mm
  • TORX®-Bit TX30: For our fischer plug screws in Ø6.0mm
  • TORX®-Bit TX40: For our fischer plug screws in Ø7.0mm

In the event that the screwdriver bit is used for our façade screws or balcony screws and the assembly must be carried out without any constraints, as is usually the case with HPL panels or also aluminium composite panels for façade cladding, the screws should not exceed the maximum tightening torque when tightened. With our HPL façade screws, the screws should not be tightened any further when the head is resting on the panel, so that the panel has the necessary clearance in the event of thermal expansion. For our balcony screws, the ideal tightening torque is between 2Nm and 4Nm.

TIP: There are handy torque spanners in small versions that are usually intended for assembling screws on bicycles. These have a hexagonal bit receptacle and are excellent for balcony screws.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialS2 Steel
Bit sizeNo
Take-up Shank¼ inch drive (6.35mm)

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