Facade screw silver grey (A03.4.0) Satin Finish

The painted A4 stainless steel cladding screws with silver grey head finish are ideal for mounting Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS cladding panels in Silver Grey (A03.4.0) with a satin finish and have a size of Ø 5.5 x 35mm with a Ø 12mm screw head.

✓ A4 stainless steel (rustproof)
✓ For wooden substructures
✓ Manufacture according to DIN EN 14592
✓ Head lacquer in Silver Grey
✓ Weatherproof lacquer
✓ Ø 12mm head diameter

The screws are permitted as facade screws for ventilated facade systems.

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Facade screw for Trespa® Meteon® Silver Grey (A03.4.0)

Weatherproof paint ✓ Stainless A4 steel ✓ Incl. facade approval ✓

The facade screws with a thread size of Ø5.5x35mm and a Ø12mm screw head, have a silver-grey head lacquer whose colour is matched to Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS facade panels in Silver Grey (A03.4.0) with a satin finish. The screws with facade approval are perfectly suited for the installation of ventilated facade cladding on wooden support battens in outdoor areas. This is made possible on the one hand by the production from a solid A4 stainless steel alloy, which impresses with its outstanding corrosion and acid resistance. The lacquering of the screw head also has very good UV and weather resistance, so that the screws can be used without hesitation both indoors and outdoors.

Annoying packaging units of 250 screws in a box? Not with us! With us you order the silver-grey screws according to your needs.

The screws are specially matched in colour and gloss level to the Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS facade panels in Silver Grey (A03.4.0) in Satin and, because they are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 14592, which is required by the general type approval of the panels for rear-ventilated facade systems, they can be used as fasteners for facade cladding in outdoor areas. The silver-grey screws are made of A4 stainless steel.

NOTE: The screws have a Torx drive for gentle handling of the screws. The fitting Bit TX20 (resp. ISR20) you can also buy from us at a favourable price.

Properties of our HPL screws in Silver Grey

Facade screws are subject to strict requirements in order to be approved for fastening facade panels. For our silver-grey screws, which are intended in particular for ventilated facade systems on wooden support battens with Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS panels in Silver Grey (A03.4.0), this means that they must comply with the corresponding type approval of the panels. This states that the screws must have a head diameter of 12mm. This diameter provides a sufficient bearing surface on the panel to hold it securely and also always completely covers sliding point holes with a drill hole diameter of 8mm. The size of the screw is also specified. The coarse thread screws must have a thread-free shaft and a coarse thread with a nominal diameter of 5.5mm. In the case of our facade screws, 10mm of the screw is allotted to the threaded shaft, which means that HPL panels with a thickness of 8mm or less can be installed. The thread, which is 25mm, ensures a high anchoring depth in the wood so that the heavy panels are held securely by their own weight or external loads. Add 2mm for the round, flat screw head and the total length is 37mm.

In order to be able to mount the high-quality Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS facade panels in Silver Grey (A03.4.0) as inconspicuously as possible with facade screws, the screws are provided with a scratch-resistant coating on the screw head, the colour of which matches the single-colour panels. There is no need to worry about the very light grey tone turning yellow, even when used outdoors, because the special lacquer used is characterised by very good UV and weather resistance. The gloss level of the lacquer is matched to the Trespa® panels with satin-finish surface decor.

Technical data of the facade screw for HPL panels

  • Colour: Silver Grey (Silver Grey, A03.4.0)
  • Gloss level: Silk gloss (satin finish)
  • Diameters: 5,5x35mm
  • Head diameter: 12mm
  • Material: Stainless steel A4
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • Uv-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent

Mounting of facade panels with our facade screws

Facade cladding with panels made of high-pressure laminate - HPL for short - must be installed without forcing so that the panels can expand at higher outdoor temperatures or in direct sunlight. This means that when screwing the panels onto a wooden substructure, care must be taken not to overtighten the screws. It is sufficient if the screw head lies flush on the panel. Drilling the holes in the panel through which the screws are screwed into the wood behind is also important for facade systems. A fastening must be defined in advance, which acts as a fixed point. This is drilled with a 6mm HPL drill. All further drill holes serve for expansion and are drilled as so-called sliding point fixings with an 8mm HPL drill. This applies to every single panel of a facade cladding and prevents the panels from bulging between the fastening points during thermal expansion.

How many screws are needed to mount a facade panel depends on the area of application, the panel size and in some areas of application also on the panel thickness. Particularly when used as a facade system outdoors, the specifications of the general type approval, which is colloquially referred to as facade approval, must be observed and strictly adhered to. This regulates the distances between the individual screw connections as well as the permissible distances between the fasteners and the edge of the panel. The maximum edge distance as well as the intermediate distance depend on the panel thickness. For Trespa® Meteon® facade panels with 8mm thickness, a maximum of 700mm applies between two fixings and 80mm distance to the edge. For 6mm thick panels, the distances are smaller. Here, a distance of 600mm between the individual screw fastenings, as well as 60mm to the edge is to be observed as an upper limit. External influences, for example wind loads or tensile loads, can have an effect on the values, so that the distances must sometimes be significantly reduced. The minimum edge distance is 20mm regardless of the thickness.

The very light facade screws in silver grey are versatile and do not necessarily have to be used for the installation of facade cladding with Trespa® Meteon® UNI COLOURS in Silver Grey (A03.4.0). The screws, for example, are very similar in colour to our aluminium composite panels in silver, so that these panels can also be installed largely inconspicuously as wall cladding or privacy screens both indoors and outdoors.

The facade screws are for Trespa® but not from Trespa® colour matched to the Trespa® Meteon® FR panel in Mid Grey. Trespa® is a registered trademark of Trespa International.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A4
Screwsize5,5 x 35mm
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadrund, linsenförmig
Ø Screwhead12mm
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Thread5,5mm
Length screw thread35mm
Color accuracyNo information available
RAL color codeNot specified
Color designationSilver Grey (A03.4.0)

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