Striking line 30m (incl. chalk)

Our marking impact cord is ideal for precisely marking straight stretches for measuring, assembling or cutting to size and, with a length of 30 metres, is also suitable for long distances, for example to assemble cable ducts, sanitary pipes or façade cladding with enormous precision.

✓ Very easy handling
✓ Tear resistant cotton cord
✓ Incl. blue chalk
✓ Marking chalk washable
✓ Compact and lightweight

The striking cord can be refilled very easily with the supplied chalk if necessary.

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Striking cord for marking straight stretches

30 metre length ✓ Incl. blue chalk ✓ Chalk washable ✓

The marking chalk line from Högert is an indispensable tool when it comes to precisely marking straight stretches for measuring, mounting or cutting to size and, with a length of 30 metres, is also suitable for long stretches, for example to align and fasten cable ducts, sanitary pipes or façade cladding with enormous precision. The included marking chalk can be filled in very easily and is very visible on almost all surfaces. The handling is very easy and saves a lot of time in contrast to freehand measuring and marking. The chalk marker is not only used in a wide variety of trades, from electrical installation and plumbing to bricklaying, painting and tiling, but is also extremely versatile for private use.

With a perfect straight line between the start and end points, the risk of mis-measurement when marking out is reduced to a minimum. This makes the strike cord perfect when precise alignment over a greater distance is required. Examples of this are the straight-line course of tile mirrors in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the installation of a kitchen unit where all base and wall units must be aligned at exactly the same height. When laying laminate, parquet or designer vinyl flooring that is to be laid across the room, a chalk line is also enormously helpful in ensuring that the individual planks are aligned continuously.

Properties of the chalk line

The light, compact housing made of robust, easy-grip plastic with the sturdy crank impresses with its excellent workmanship, which also meets the high demands of craftsmen. The tear-resistant cord made of cotton has a length of 30 metres and absorbs the chalk well so that the marking is clearly and strongly visible on the surface. A sturdy metal hook that can be hooked onto the housing when not in use makes for easy handling. This can be positioned at outside corners as well as fixed at the desired end position with a screw, a nail or some adhesive tape.

The marking chalk in a strong blue colour included in the set is sufficient for a few fillings of the case. It is a very fine chalk that can be rinsed off almost all surfaces with clean water. The dosage opening of the refill bottle, which allows the chalk to be filled very easily, can be securely closed with a tight-fitting lid so that no chalk can escape even when stored horizontally or transported in the toolbox.

Application and handling of the marking impact cord

The application of our Striking Cord Chalk Line is extremely simple and offers precise results, regardless of whether the marking is to be transferred to the wall for just one metre or over long distances of up to 30 metres. Before the chalk line can be used, however, the end points of the marking must be determined and measured. These should be marked on the wall, ceiling or floor with a suitable pencil so that the string can later be stopped exactly at this position. To transfer the chalk to the surface, the string is stretched taut and pulled from the wall with a jerky pull so that the string bounces against the surface. The chalk adhering to the string leaves a precise, clearly visible line due to the impact.

When marking saw cuts, for example when cutting a kitchen worktop, the marking chalk can also be used very well. If the small metal hook cannot be attached to any edge and it is also not possible to fix it with a small screw to maintain the integrity of the surface, the metal clip can also be fastened to the surface with a little adhesive tape. When tightening the cord, however, you should proceed carefully so that the tape does not come off the surface. In a similar way, cuts of large-format wall and floor tiles or cut-outs in wall and façade cladding can be marked easily and efficiently.

If the marking of the chalk line is only faint and less clearly visible, this is an indication that too little chalk is adhering to the cotton string. If there is still enough chalk in the case, tapping lightly against the case can help the chalk to spread better inside the case. Otherwise, new chalk must be filled into the case, which can be done in a few easy steps thanks to the refill bottle supplied with a filling quantity of 115g. The filling quantity of the refill bottle is sufficient for several fillings, so that depending on the frequency of use, there is enough chalk for several months or, in the case of use in private households, even several years.

Examples of use for a marking impact cord

  • The chalk line is used by electricians to mark the fastenings of cable trays
  • In the sanitary area, the impact cord is a time-saver for marking the routing for the installation of pipelines
  • When laying floors, the percussion cord is used for the precise, parallel alignment of tiles, parquet and laminate
  • When painting, a chalk line is used to mark the position of paint edges and wallpaper borders
  • The chalk line can also be used very well to mark wood or plastic blanks on a board
  • In metal construction, precise cuts are necessary for perfect welding seams. Here, too, the percussion cord is helpful
  • And many more

EXPERT TIP: The striking cord can be used by a single person without any problems, even for long distances. To do this, hook the metal clip at one end onto a screw on the wall and open the crank so that it can turn freely. Then walk to the desired end position of the route to be marked and pull the cord tight so that it has sufficient tension and does not sag. To prevent the string from rolling out further, hold the crank by hand. As soon as the string is taut, guide it precisely to the previously marked position on the ground and pull once briefly on the string so that it snaps back with a snap and creates the chalk line. Now it is time to reel in the line again after it has been unwound. When doing this, the line should be held tightly enough, especially at longer distances, so that it does not fall to the ground and become contaminated by dust and dirt.

Data on the Högert chalk line

  • Housing: Plastic
  • Surface: Powder coated
  • Cord length: 30m
  • Operation: Crank, manual
  • Colour (Chalk): Blue
  • Content (Chalk): 115g
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
PropertyCord length 30m

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