Universal dowel fischer UX (rimless)

The fischer universal plug UX is a versatile plastic plug made of high-quality nylon that expands in solid building materials and knots in hollow building materials and panels to ensure a secure hold at all times.

✓ Straddled and knotted
✓ Suitable for panel building material
✓ Integrated anti-twist device
✓ Expansion pressure free dowel neck
✓ High quality nylon
✓ Proven quality

We offer the high-quality all-purpose dowels in standard sizes from 6mm to 12mm at fair prices.

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fischer UX universal anchor - The all-rounder among anchors

Straddled in solid building materials ✓ Knotted in hollow building materials and slabs ✓

The UX universal plug from fischer is characterised by its secure hold in almost all walls and combines the two functional methods of spreading and knotting, which are used depending on the substrate. In concrete, solid brick and solid sand-lime brick, spreading the plug ensures a firm fit in the drill hole. The same functional principle is also used for aerated concrete. With slab building materials and hollow bricks, the principle of knotting is used instead. This makes the anchor perfectly suitable when the building material cannot be defined. The rimless version of the all-rounder is particularly suitable if the plaster layer thickness is somewhat thicker and the anchor has to be inserted deeper into the drill hole in order to anchor in the masonry. On the other hand, a push-through installation of the rimless plug, as well as its use in simply clad drywall made of chipboard or plasterboard, is not recommended. The anti-rotation device integrated into the anchor neck, which is achieved by means of clearly formed webs, prevents the anchor from turning when the screw is screwed in. Similar to the simple expansion anchor, the universal anchor also has an expansion pressure-free area on the anchor neck. This means that there is no pressure on the edge of the drill hole during expansion, so that spalling in plaster or tiles is avoided.

The fischer universal plug UX is available in our online shop as a rimless version in diameters from 6.0mm to 12.0mm in the respective standard length. UX universal plugs with a pronounced edge, with a higher anchoring depth or in other diameters are available on request. You will find other types of plastic anchors, from simple expansion anchors to intelligent fischer DuoPower anchors for all substrates, to anchors with a sealing effect, in our shop in the category Plastic Dowels.

We offer the fischer universal plug UX at favourable prices starting from a single plug!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer universal plug UX in selected size

NOTE: For drilling in stone and concrete, we recommend our SDS hammer drills with PGM test mark. For drilling in plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard, we stock HSS drill bits in profile-ground design.

Technical data of the fischer universal plug UX

  • Dowel type: Plastic dowel
  • Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Dowel size: See additional information
  • Ø Dowel: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm
  • Dowel length: See additional information
  • Operating principle: Spread and knot
  • Version: Rimless
  • Ø Drill: See additional information
  • Borehole depth: See additional information
  • Ø Screw: See additional information
  • Screw length: See additional information
  • Screw-in depth: See additional information
  • Mounting type(s): Pre-extension assembly
  • Building material: Concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, aerated concrete, natural stone, chipboard, hollow block concrete, hollow perforated brick, etc.

NOTE: The complete technical data for the selected anchor size can be found in the Additional information tab. This also includes information on the borehole or suitable screw sizes.

Installation instructions for universal plastic anchors

The fischer UX universal plug is perfect for all common installations in house construction, even if the building material on which the installation is to be made is unknown or covered by a layer of plaster. It does not matter whether it is a solid concrete ceiling, walls made of clinker, hollow bricks and sand-lime bricks, or drywall made of plasterboard or chipboard. As an all-purpose anchor, the Fischer UX lives up to its name and ensures a secure hold in almost all building materials. Depending on the composition and building material, the all-purpose anchor uses the functional principle of an expansion anchor, or knots if the building material is not solid, for example, hollow bricks or plasterboard. As a rimless version, the anchor can also be inserted deeper into the drill hole and can therefore be used with higher plaster thicknesses. For higher weights in building materials with a lower load-bearing capacity, an anchor with an edge or a higher anchoring depth (e.g. our fischer DuoPower long) is recommended.

Drilling is a matter of course for assembly with screws and dowels. A drill that corresponds to the diameter of the dowel is just as important as the clean drilling of the hole. This should always be done straight and to the necessary depth. How deep the hole has to be drilled depends on the length of the dowel as well as the insertion depth of the dowel. The all-purpose anchor in the rimless version can indeed be inserted deeper into the drill hole to avoid spreading in thicker plaster layers. In such cases, the drill hole must be made correspondingly deeper than indicated in the additional information. Furthermore, sharp drill bits that do not show high signs of wear should always be used for drilling. If suitable drills are needed, we offer a wide range in the Category Drills and Bits high-quality SDS hammer drill bits for professional requirements with PGM certification for tested drill hole quality.

For professional installation, it is essential that the right screws are used in terms of length and diameter. With our fischer PowerFast II anchor screws, we offer the right screws for every anchor. We have listed information on the correct screw size in the additional information. With our UX universal plug in rimless design, the screw length should be selected so that it is at least equal to the plug length plus the thickness of the add-on part and the simple diameter of the plug. To fix a wall light whose mounting plate is 2mm thick with a Ø6x35mm dowel, this means that the screw must be approx. 43mm (2mm+35mm+6mm) long. Whether a countersunk screw or a panhead screw is used plays a subordinate role for the length and should always be made dependent on the mounting part.

WARNING: A suitable screw should always be used with an anchor. Screws that are too short or have a diameter that is too small may not be able to sufficiently develop the functional principle of the anchor. Screws with a diameter that is too large, on the other hand, can damage the plastic anchor so that sufficient hold can no longer be ensured here either.

Advantages of the fischer universal plug UX

  • Secure hold in solid building materials thanks to powerful expansion
  • Secure hold even in hollow and slab building materials thanks to knotting
  • As an all-purpose anchor also suitable for unknown mounting substrates
  • Thanks to the anti-rotation device, the anchor is prevented from rotating in the drill hole
  • No stress damage at the edge of the drill hole thanks to the expansion pressure-free anchor neck
  • Suitable as a rimless version for invisible pre-insertion mounting

Application examples for fischer Universal plug UX

Small dowels and suitable screws are sufficient for smaller installations and attachments with low weight. Mirror mounts, wall lights and ceiling lights usually do not have a significant weight. With a universal dowel, such mountings are safe and easy to implement, regardless of what material the wall and ceiling are made of. Anchors with a diameter of 6 mm are usually the perfect choice here. For higher loads due to weight or tensile load in simple drywall made of plasterboard or hollow blocks made of porous material, an anchor with an edge can prevent the anchor from slipping through when knotting. In such cases, fischer DuoPower plugs are more suitable. However, to hang a picture frame, a wall clock or a photo strip on the wall, the universal plugs can usually be used without hesitation.

Dowels in the size Ø8x50mm are the right choice if the mounting part has to be fixed with thicker, longer screws, because these have higher load-bearing capacities than smaller screw-dowel combinations. Small shelves or cabinets that are not loaded with too much weight, as well as pipe clamps or plaster-mounted switch boxes are possible objects that can be mounted very well with an 8mm anchor. The universal anchor UX from fisher is perfect when the masonry is perforated limestone, aerated concrete or hollow bricks, because in contrast to the simple expansion anchor, this all-purpose anchor can also be used with non-solid building materials by knotting and also offers a permanently secure hold with unknown building materials.

For wall shelves, wall cabinets and sanitary facilities, both the dead weight of the object to be mounted and the additional weight due to loading or use must be taken into account. For this reason, dowels and screws with a larger diameter are advisable for mounting objects with a higher total weight in order to prevent them from falling. This is also the case with lighter loads but which are subject to heavy movement, as is the case with TV mounts. A 10 mm dowel or larger is usually a good choice for such mountings, but it is no substitute for the requirements of the installation instructions, which should always be observed.

For the installation of facade cladding with our substructure profiles, anchors with a diameter of 10mm or even 12mm should be used, depending on the weight of the facade panels. The UX universal plug from fischer is the perfect choice for any masonry and, as a rimless version, is ideal if the wall is plastered or insulated, because in these cases the plug can be inserted deep enough so that spreading or knotting occurs in the masonry and not in the insulating material or plaster. This ensures that the high load-bearing capacity of the anchor in the wall is guaranteed and is not reduced by the low load-bearing capacity of the insulation or plaster material. If an anchor is inserted deeper into the hole, a longer screw must be used to achieve the minimum screw-in depth of the screw thread into the anchor.

NOTE: How much weight an anchor can carry depends on many factors. These include the size of the anchor, the size and material of the screw and, above all, the nature of the substrate in which the anchor is used. In the Downloads tab, we have provided a table for downloading as a PDF for the all-purpose anchor, in which the possible loads are clearly shown.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Dowel sizeNo
Versionwithout rim
Length screw threadvaries
Ø Threadvaries
Screw-in depthvaries

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